11 Best Filters For Aquarium

In the process of life of the fish emit a large amount of waste that pollutes the tank. For cleaning the decorative pool filters are used for aquariums. Air flows continuously into the tank and mix layers of water. This helps to normalize the temperature regime and create a healthy bio-balance for the fish.

How to choose

To choose a filter for fish you need to pay attention to 2 basic properties.


Performance indicate on the packaging – this is the amount of water that the device passes through for 1 hour. The dimensions of aquariums with which the device handles are also described there. For example, a device that surpasses 1 thousand liters per hour is suitable for a 100 l aquarium.

The highest price from Chinese manufacturers. They are durable and smooth in operation. Average for the price – German manufacturers.

What are

Fish Tank Filters vary in size, performance and device. The type of filter for the aquarium is selected depending on the volume of the tank. Varieties differ among themselves in the following factors.

11 Best Filters For Aquarium

By type of filtering


During mechanical filtration, water passes through a special filler, in which particles of debris remain in the pores of a sponge or fine mesh. The instructions for the device indicate the frequency of change of the filter element.


Chemical filtration is based on the purification of water with the help of activated carbon, which has special properties that help clean the liquid from nitrates, ammonia and other harmful impurities. This method is effective, but it is worth being careful. After a few days, it is necessary to change the filter, since the excessive accumulation of chemical elements in it leads to their backward release into the tank.


Biological filtration is performed by special bacteria in the soil. Fillers are purchased, on which colonies of beneficial microorganisms are formed. They purify water from toxins and other harmful impurities.

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By way of installation


Internal aquarium devices are installed directly in the tank. Mounted with special suction cups on the walls of the reservoir. Filter elements are sponge or foam rubber.

11 Best Filters For Aquarium

The disadvantage is the size of the device. It occupies a considerable area in the tank. In the process, a mechanical type of cleaning is used. Convenient and reliable in work. When choosing a filter for the aquarium more often choose internal devices.


External devices are used by experienced aquarists. Mounted on the outer wall of the aquarium or standing next to the bedside table. In the mechanism there are several compartments, allowing to install different types of cleaners. Equipped with two tubes. Both are in the water. One pumps out the dirty water, through the second the purified liquid flows back into the tank.

11 Best Filters For Aquarium

The subspecies – canister is also an external filter.

It supports three types of filtering at once. Mounted vertically on the floor. Designed for aquariums from 200 liters. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. When using it is required to pay attention to tightness of fasteners of pipes for drainage and water supply. Over time, the linings wear out and fluid begins to flow to the floor.

More information about how to make an external filter with your own hands and what other types are, we consider in a separate article.


In the bottom of the cleaning tubes are installed on the bottom of the tank. Top covered with a layer of soil. The cleaning process starts from the bottom filter and subsequently passes through the ground. Thus, water is purified twice. Using this method helps to prevent acidification of the soil.

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The downside is a complex installation system and low performance. It is more often used in tanks with large volume.

11 Best Filters For Aquarium

Best internal

It is worth noting again that for each aquarium the best filter should be selected depending on the parameters of the aquarium or the preferences of the aquarist, but we tried to choose the most popular models.

  1. Powerful filter EHEIM Classic. The German company EHEIM produces powerful and silent models. They are reliable and durable to use. Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums with a large volume. Among the minuses stands out the high price.
  2. Tetra tetratec. The German company Tetra, in addition to food, produces water purification filters. They are distinguished by an acceptable price and good quality. Devices of this brand are the best filters for aquarium on the market. The company produces the tetra tetratec model, which is suitable for any tank up to 500 liters.
  3. Aquael minikani. The Aquael campaign produces good filters that are suitable for small tanks. The aquael minikani model is distinguished by its reliability and ease of use. It is equipped with large volume filtration material. Models of this campaign occupy leading positions in the ranking of water purifiers.

Why do I need cleaning

In the wild, rivers are cleaned naturally with the help of the current. For household tanks, artificial filtration of water in the aquarium is acceptable. The life of pets and algae depends on this element.

Some species of fish do not tolerate dirty water, therefore, in addition to the natural purification of the liquid, snails and plants must be equipped with an additional filtration system. It will also help bring a large amount of oxygen to the tank. For water purification apparatus of various capacities and dimensions are used. Depends on the volume of the tank. With small dimensions, the action is carried out with the participation of filter bacteria. They carry out the process of nitrification – decomposition of ammonia into non-toxic particles.

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Features of use

Many aquarists, according to the instructions, do not always understand the installation and configuration process, but it is necessary to study this, since the filtration of water in the aquarium should be uninterrupted.


The internal water purifier is installed on the tank wall using suction cups. The device should not touch the bottom. Hoses are attached to the device. One end is mounted on the mechanism, and the other is brought out to supply oxygen. Next, the device connects to the network. By means of the gate the power of a water purifier is regulated.

External water purifier is mounted on the outer wall. Further, the principle of installation is the same as in the previous type.

Bottom water purifiers are installed under the ground. Before this is required to drain the water.


Internal filters need to be replaced. It accumulates bio-waste tank. The frequency of the shift depends on the duration of use and the load on the device.

External cleaners also need to be cleaned every few weeks. Used material is not suitable for recycling, so it must be replaced with a new one.

After a long period of operation, the mechanism must be cleaned of impurities and other harmful elements.


When choosing an aquarium water filter, it is necessary to take into account the volume of the tank, as well as its inhabitants. Some species of exotic fish like calm standing water. Regular cleaning will help the unit last a long time. In addition to filtering, sometimes you need to change the water in the aquarium.