9 Causes Of Turbidity In The Aquarium Water And What To Do Against It

Water turbidity is a common phenomenon. There are many reasons why water grows cloudy in an aquarium. Regardless of the source of the problem, such a reservoir looks unattractive, the water stinks, and the habitat becomes dangerous for all pets. Blurring can occur for biological reasons or as a result of mechanical factors. If measures are taken to restore the internal balance of water, as soon as it becomes noticeable that the water in the aquarium becomes cloudy, then the problem can be resolved quickly without unpleasant consequences.

Why does

Turbid water in an aquarium is a difficulty that many aquarists face, regardless of experience. Often this problem leads to the death of the fish. To prevent death, it is important to understand the causes of turbidity in the aquarium.


Often, the water becomes cloudy in a new aquarium, since after launch, many bacteria breed in the reservoir. This process is natural and inevitable. It is recommended that after launching a new aquarium, fish should be launched no earlier than the second day. If it is noticed that the water becomes cloudy, you should wait until the reservoir is cleaned by itself, and then run the fish. In the absence of food the bacteria will die, the water balance will be restored.

In this situation, it is forbidden to change the water, as the new liquid also becomes cloudy. To speed up the process of normalizing the environment, it is recommended to add water from the old aquarium to the new reservoir, subject to the availability of one.


The water will become turbid after the first launch of the aquarium, if unprepared soil is placed on the bottom of the tank so that the water does not become dirty, it is important to rinse the substrate well to remove small particles and dust. Rinse until water is clear and clean during flushing.

The water quickly becomes cloudy with rotting feed. Overfeeding fish leads to an increase in the amount of residues of uneaten food, the particles sink to the bottom, where they begin to rot. The stay of the inhabitants in such an environment is dangerous for their life and health. It is recommended to feed the fish so that all food is eaten in 15 minutes.

9 Causes Of Turbidity In The Aquarium Water And What To Do Against It


Another reason why the water has become very cloudy can be algae. Identified certain types of algae that are multiplying excessively, lead to turbidity of the aquarium environment, the appearance of an unpleasant smell, even after a restart. The active growth of algae is provoked by excessive illumination and the amount of organic elements, the water becomes opaque with a hint of green, in which case it can be said that the water has become turbid and has blossomed due to microscopic algae.

Water change

Imbalance in an established reservoir indicates insufficient and improper care for the internal environment. If the liquid has become poor quality and has become cloudy after changing the water in the aquarium, the cause may be inaccurate priming, with the result that all suspended particles from the substrate have risen up. It is forbidden to replace the liquid more than 1/3 of the part more than once a week. After such a substitution of the environment in the long-running reservoir biological balance will be broken.

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Filter or number of fish

If a large number of fish dwell in the reservoir and poor performance of the Fish Tank Filter is established, this can cause clouded water. In fish, such water causes intoxication by decomposition products, leading to a lethal outcome. Overpopulation with fish is unacceptable, the quantity must strictly correspond to the volume of the aquarium. A standard volume of water should be calculated for each living organism; an average of 2 liters of water should fall to 1 cm of fish body. It is recommended to leave the stock, given the growth of pets. Even the highest quality filtration system will not be able to cope with the problem of the consumption of waste products.

9 Causes Of Turbidity In The Aquarium Water And What To Do Against It

Often the reason why water gets spoiled becomes a failed filter. He can get clogged, ceasing to clean up the necessary garbage. Such a device must be thoroughly cleaned and it is desirable to change the layer to improve filtering. After a few days, the cloudy liquid will recover.

Other reasons

If, after cleaning the aquarium, the water is clouded again, the reasons may be as follows:

  • substandard decor elements;
  • bad and irregular care.

All of the above factors which result in muddy water in the aquarium, even after being replaced, are mechanical causes and are easily removable.

The materials used in the decor should not be soluble and with coloring elements. Such elements spoil not only the appearance of the reservoir, they are a mortal danger to living organisms. Often this water gets a chemical smell, so if the inside of the tank smells, you should replace the decorative objects of the aquarium. All materials must be safe.

Water color – we find the problem in the aquarium

Often, muddy water in the aquarium takes on color. The shade of the liquid may be different, each color indicates a specific problem inside the reservoir. Variations of shades:

The green color of the reservoir indicates the multiplication of algae, microscopic nature. Turbid green water in an aquarium can occur for several reasons, namely:

  • overabundance of direct sunlight of natural or artificial origin;
  • poor filtering;
  • poor quality water.

If after changing the location of the reservoir to a darker room, the green shade has not changed, you should look for the cause in the filter system. It is recommended to put a quality filter to reduce the amount of phosphates and nitrates. Water should be sent for analysis if the content of the above elements exceeds the norm, such liquid should be replaced with the most safe one. If the analysis does not show a glut of these substances, it is recommended to reduce the feeding of fish with dry mixtures. To effectively combat microscopic algae, daphnids that feed on them can be placed in a vessel.

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9 Causes Of Turbidity In The Aquarium Water And What To Do Against It

If the water in the aquarium dimmed and acquired a brown tint, you should look for the reason in the wooden decorations. Elements of wood emit humus and tannin into the surrounding aquatic environment, as a result of which the liquid is colored. There is no critical danger for the inhabitants of the reservoir; however, the level of acidity may slightly change. To prevent staining, it is recommended that all new wooden elements be soaked. Water can be painted in tea color due to the presence of peat extract during filtration.

The acquisition of white water leads to the appearance of unicellular algae and their excessive reproduction. The reasons why the algae appeared, and the water became somewhat white:

  • newly launched vessel with new water;
  • there was a change of water above the norm;
  • overcrowding of the vessel with living organisms.

It happens that the water becomes whitish and muddy after the therapeutic treatment of fish. Drugs for treatment have side effects, among which is a violation of the internal biological balance. The appearance of white turbidity is a struggle between the internal biological environment and the accumulated poisons in the aquarium.

If the water in the aquarium has become cloudy and has become gray, the problem is usually the contamination of the substrate or the presence of silicates, heavy metals and phosphates in the medium. To determine the presence of harmful substances in the aquatic environment, a special indicator or litmus paper is used, which are used to confirm the level of alkali.

Getting rid of

Each owner of an artificial reservoir, as soon as he noticed that the water in the aquarium with the fish begins to grow turbid, trying to decide for himself what to do and how to deal with this phenomenon. Considering all the causes of the turbidity of water of a mechanical nature, it is necessary to apply the following ways to eliminate this phenomenon.

To carry out a good cleaning in the pond:

  • carry out the water change;
  • siphon off the bottom;
  • clean all surfaces.
  • clean and wash the filter;
  • put an additional new one or replace both filters with one powerful element.

The turbidity of the water and the green shade of mechanical origin will help to remove the filler from the padding polyester, it is placed in the filter instead of the usual sponge. Explicit changes will be noticeable after 24 hours.

Another method of eliminating turbidity is activated carbon. This absorbent eliminates pollution in the reservoir. Coal is laid in the filter and left inside for 14 days. Lack of coal – inability to absorb nitrates and nitrites. This task will cope absorbent zeolite. Zeolite – an effective means of dealing with the problem. The drug is a group of similar in composition and properties of water aluminum silicates of calcium, sodium and minerals.

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If water is contaminated in the aquarium due to biological factors, a number of important steps need to be taken to restore the balance:

  • clean the walls of the vessel;
  • clean the bottom and substrate;
  • adjust the amount of feeding;
  • weekly water change in the amount of not more than the norm.

For the rapid recovery of regulatory indicators should use specialized drugs to inhibit pests and provoke the development of beneficial bacteria.


To restore the biobalance and combat biological turbidity, the following measures are used:

  • siphoning substrate;
  • frequent water changes;
  • increased aeration;
  • adding quality water.

These measures will reduce the amount of organic material and free-floating heterotrophs in aquarium water. However, just filtering the aquarium water and adding a new part of the water when changing is not enough. For prophylactic purposes, chemicals are used.

Care products

All chemicals should be used strictly according to the instructions. Before use, it is important to ensure that all components in the composition are carried by the fish in the reservoir. Preparations are necessary for maximum purification of liquids for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Tetra medications transform fine particles into large flakes, with the result that contaminants can linger in the filter. Used for long-term cloudiness. The tetra drug in the form of granules is placed inside, if the drug is presented in liquid form, then it is instilled in the required dose. The positive effect is noticeable after 3 hours, after 12 hours of cleaning the water will be perfectly clean. The tool is safe and is used before a photo shoot of an artificial reservoir.

Sera aquaria clear is analogous to tetra. The turbidity of a related character is removed with this tool in a few minutes. The drug sera has a biological effect; the drug does not contain any active harmful components.

To get rid of nitrates and nitrites in a short time, the drug sera bio nitrivec is used. The tool is designed to run an artificial reservoir in a short period of time. The drug Bio nitrivec contains a mixture of various cleansing beneficial bacteria. After its application, the fish can be started inside after a day, the effect persists for a long time.


The water in the artificially created home pond is lively, cleanliness is ensured by the interaction of all living things inside the vessel. It is important to fix the time of occurrence of turbidity in the tank. If turbid green water (or of a different color) originated in a well-established old aquarium, it is likely that important mistakes were made in the maintenance of the underwater world and immediate measures are required to restore equilibrium in the aquarium.