Adhesive For Aquarium Types And Benefits

If the house has an aquarium, then there will be cozy. Only need to properly seal and assemble it. Glue for an aquarium will help to make it of high quality. This tool is also called sealant. On sale there are many similar mixtures, differing in composition and properties. You must select the appropriate tool.

Sealant Requirements

Elements of standard glass are glued together with ordinary superglue or other glue synthetic substances. But if it concerns the repair or manufacture of a house for fish, then not every tool will do. This is due to several reasons:

Adhesive For Aquarium Types And Benefits
  1. On the walls of the aquarium affects a huge lateral pressure of water. If the glue at the junction of the walls is hard, then there may be fractures and cracks along the seam. High-quality glue for the aquarium should be elastic.
  2. An important feature is reliability. Stretching affects glue-sealant. It is also affected by water from the inside and the air outside, ultraviolet radiation, the difference in temperature in the room and in the water. And although the biological aggressiveness of the environment is small, but not every glue is suitable for such properties.
  3. The glue for the aquarium should be non-toxic. With him there is no threat to the inhabitants. For example, construction bitumen sealant firmly connects glass, but the harmful components that are formed poison the water. The same applies to other synthetic mixtures. The glue must be harmless to fish and plants.

To purchase glue that meets these requirements, you must choose from products of proven manufacturers. Moreover, the tool can be of foreign manufacture and Russian.

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Types of sealants

Acrylic adhesive sealant for aquarium has a low level of adhesion to the surface. In addition, he is afraid of moisture. Butyl compounds can be used for glass, but they are not too durable. Polyurethane, polysulfide and bituminous products are used in construction.

Acid blends emit a small amount of acetic acid. Silicone products are considered universal, therefore they are used in everyday life. They have a high service life, they are elastic, perfectly adhere to different surfaces. Therefore, silicone glue for glass aquarium will be the best.

Silicone Blends

These tools are most effective for terrariums and aquariums. They are non-toxic, so when working with it do not need protective equipment. On Wednesday, they also do not emit harmful components, including cases of interaction with water.

Silicone glue for aquarium easy to use. It quickly freezes in 20 minutes when exposed to moisture in the air. After a day, the polymerization will be complete. The seams will be strong: to destroy them is quite difficult. Such a glue for the aquarium remains elastic, which is very important – hard seams can crack and break.

What to do when leaking aquarium?

There are cases when cracks appear in the fish house. If the lack has arisen at the top of a reservoir, then it should be covered with silicone. When the seam or the presence of a defect in the lower part, you must first remove the living creatures. If the glass is heavily damaged, then it is desirable to change it to a new one.

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How to self-seal the aquarium when leaking at the top of the seam? The stages of work are simple. It is necessary to prepare the blades, masking tape, degreasing agent and sealant. Work is performed in the following steps:

  1. The blades must be broken in half, then pierce the old sealant with it and remove it.
  2. It is necessary to degrease the glass and glue along the seam with masking tape so that nothing is dirty.
  3. Leakage must be glued with a sealant, remove the tape, and let the glue dry.
  4. It is important to check for leaks. In its absence, the aquarium is ready for use, otherwise a repeated procedure is required.

Popular brands

  • harmless to the inhabitants of the aquarium;
  • durable;
  • flexible and reliable.

The price of 1 tube (310 ml) is about 350 rubles. Popular Krass brand products. This Polish product has a cost in the range of 140-200 rubles. The level of its sealing is satisfactory.

Since 2000 Turkish products manufactured by Okyanus Kimya have been manufactured. Now the brand is in demand in many countries. Single component silicone products are in great demand. Experts confirm the high quality glue. Belgian products Soudal is used for bonding and repairing aquarium. The remedy is safe for fish. Glue has a high degree of adhesion, does not include solvents and dyes. Its cost is about 350 rubles.


In order to do the job qualitatively, you need to use the advice of specialists:

  • when gluing, the excess should be cleaned with a rag treated with acetic acid;
  • even if a flaw appeared at the top of the aquarium, it is advisable to remove the fish during the repair;
  • background film can be stuck on vegetable oil;
  • the edges of the background film can be fixed with adhesive tape;
  • eliminate the old sealant get a blade "Neva", "Gillette", "Sputnik";
  • together with stiffeners, you must install the screed, as with them the aquarium will be strengthened.
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High-quality glue securely fastens the glass house for fish. The main thing – to perform work on the instructions provided by the manufacturer.