Aquael – Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

FAN Series Filters – ideal devices for beginning aquarists. They are easy to install and easy to maintain. All models of this series provide reliable filtration in freshwater aquariums from 3 to 250 liters.

The FAN series is represented by five models. internal filters: FAN MICRO, FAN MINI, FAN 1, FAN 2 and FAN 3.

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

Top performance internal filter is achieved when it is installed in the aquarium 3-4 cm below the water level. In the same position, full aeration is ensured. It should be remembered that as a result of the evaporation of water, its level in the aquarium gradually decreases. This should be considered when choosing an installation height. filter.

The deeper immersed in water filter, the less efficient is its aeration.
To the wall of the aquarium internal filter fixed with suction cups. For mounting, you can use the L-shaped holder that is included in the kit, it can be used together with suction cups, or separately.

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

The holder has a hole for attaching the aeration tube. It is important that its end is above the water level.

Some fish require current in order to create conditions close to natural ones in an aquarium.
The power of the flow can be smoothly adjusted with a special handle, without putting your hands deep into the water. It must be remembered that reducing the force of the flow, we reduce the aeration.

Together with by filter There are various accessories. With their help, you can change the design filter depending on their needs.

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

For effective aeration of water, the tube is connected to one side of the aeration nozzle and, on the other hand, to the aeration regulator. The amount of intake air is regulated by turning or twisting the aeration regulator.

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

If a compressor is installed in the aquarium, the hose may not be used. In this case internal filter will work absolutely silently.

To attach the suction cups, simply insert them into the holder-platform and turn it.

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Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

Thanks to the well-thought-out perforated rod design, the dirty water coming from the aquarium is evenly distributed throughout the length of the sponge, and is not concentrated in its upper part.

Especially interesting internal filter FAN PLUS MIKRO, thanks to its design, it can work even at a depth of 3 cm. This feature makes this filter practically indispensable in terrarium pools, aquaterrariums and paludariums where it can effectively purify water in conditions in which others filters will not work.

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

FAN filter maintenance

Under maintenance filter refers to the timely cleaning of the rotor, rotor chamber and sponge. Filter Regular maintenance ensures perfect water clarity in the aquarium.
To do this, follow the simple rules.

No periodic maintenance filter becomes polluted, as a result of which the flow of water through it weakens, which reduces its performance.

Getting started cleaning filter First you need to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
Then, with a slight movement, filter removed from the holder with suction cups and removed from the aquarium.

Next, the cup is detached from the head. filter, by lightly pressing it in the places indicated by the arrows in the figure.

Rinse the glass under running water.

The FAN 2 and FAN 3 models have a removable plastic prefilter attached to the glass. It also needs to be flushed from obvious contamination.
The sponge removed from the perforated rod is washed in the water drained from the aquarium approximately once a week, the frequency depends on the population density of the aquarium.
The large-pore foam rubber from which the sponge is made effectively delays the pollution formed during the life of the fish.

It is necessary to understand that this sponge performs the function of not only a mechanical, but also a biological filter. On the surface of AQUAEL bisphenol sponges ideal conditions are created for the life of beneficial nitrifying bacteria oxidizing ammonia and nitrites. Nitrifying bacteria are very sensitive to the presence of chemicals in the water. That is why the sponge should be washed in water drained from the aquarium.

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For the normal life of bacteria requires a large amount of oxygen. Therefore, a break in the filter operation lasting more than 3-4 hours, as a rule, leads to its complete sterilization (death of beneficial bacteria), as a result of which it will have to be re-washed and “started”.
It must be remembered that over time sponges wear out without losing appearance. Therefore, at least once every six months, the filter material should be replaced with a new one.

Timely replacement of sponges has a positive effect on filtration and aeration efficiency in the aquarium.

Sponge should not be washed with water from the tap, as it is the habitat of nitrifying bacteria responsible for biological filtration. Tap water kills all good bacteria.

Filters FAN plus series are powered by a hermetic synchronous motor that does not require complicated maintenance. However, approximately twice a month it is necessary to remove the cup and the lid of the rotor chamber, remove the rotor and carefully clean it and clean the rotor chamber.

After that you should collect filter in reverse order.
After installing the rotor on the axis, it should rotate freely.

Filter care schedule

Optional accessories


Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

Due to the large-pore structure, AQUAEL sponges do not lose their shape over time and look almost like new even after several months of use.

Over time, the filtration efficiency of such sponges decreases. The manufacturer recommends changing the filtering filler twice a year and using only branded sponges.


For internal filters FAN2 and FAN3 special suction cups with a shock absorber are available that reduce the vibration of the filter.

Sterilizer Mini UV

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

Water flowing through the sterilizer is exposed to short-wave ultraviolet radiation (UV-C). Which kills the pathogenic bacteria living in aquarium water, the smallest algae and other protozoa microorganisms. It is recommended to include a sterilizer for prophylaxis once a week for several hours, as well as as necessary (for example, in the case of the appearance of light turbidity caused by protozoa, or the occurrence of fish diseases).
Mini sterilizer is installed at the exit nozzle filter.
Inside the sterilizer are four ultraviolet LEDs. Ideal for of filters FAN micro, FAN mini, FAN1. The sterilizer is easy to install and does not require additional maintenance. It has autonomous power, allowing you to turn it on when needed.

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Multi UV Sterilizer

Aquael - Internal Filters For Aquarium Series Fan

For internal filters FAN 2 and FAN 3 the Universal Multi UV Sterilizer is available.
This device is distinguished by its small size and simplicity of design. A 3-w cotton light bulb is built into one of the modules (there are 4 bundled for each type of compatible filter).
When used with by filters The FAN2 and FAN3 MULTI UV module is installed between the filter head and the glass with a sponge. The device does not require additional maintenance, and the lamp life is 5000 hours (after which it must be replaced).


Thousands of aquarium lovers are convinced of their effectiveness in practice. of filters AQUAEL. Thanks to these filters in aquariums, there is always clear water and a great well-being of fish.


High-tech production ensures the quality and long life of the entire line. of filters.
Warranty period of filters FAN series is 3 years.


Distinctive feature of filters FAN is their ease of installation and maintenance.
Even a beginner will understand how to install filter to the aquarium and how to look after it in the future.


Everything filters FAN series have IP68 degree of protection – this is the maximum level of protection against water ingress, which guarantees complete safety and uninterrupted operation when fully immersed filter in water.