Aquarium 200 Liters

The aquarium of 200 liters can be of various shapes, so, despite the rather large volume, you can always choose an aquarium that fits well into your interior.

What could be an aquarium 200 liters

Aquarium can be:

  • rectangular;
  • angular;
  • panoramic;
  • hexagonal;
  • in the form of a tower.

Since such an aquarium weighs a lot, you need a special pedestal for an aquarium of 200 liters, which can be of different designs and different shades.

Aquarium design 200 liters

A good design of an aquarium implies that the composition is well thought out and that all elements of the overall concept are consistent. Possible design options:

  • Amazon (river bank);
  • tropical lagoon;
  • zen garden, etc.

At registration of an aquarium it is chosen:

  • appropriate soil (for example, marble crumbs or quartz sand, which many cichlids like to dig for, suit the Malawian cichlids);
  • decor (shells, gorgonians and corals – for the sea and pseudomorie, snags and small pebbles – for the river);
  • plants (live or artificial);
  • types of fish.

Since there are a lot of options for decorating an aquarium, a photo will help to decorate an aquarium 200 liters beautifully.

Aquarium 200 Liters

Aquarium 200 Liters

Run aquarium 200 liters

After the acquisition of aquarium, soil, scenery and equipment should be:

  • put up the level of the cabinet, between the aquarium and the cabinet put a sheet of foam;
  • install an aquarium, fill it with prepared soil, place decorative elements;
  • pour water;
  • install and enable hardware;
  • plant the plants;
  • in 2 weeks run snails or unpretentious fish (for example, guppies).

Fish for aquarium 200 liters

This aquarium can contain:

  • all types of viviparous fish;
  • labyrinth fish;
  • Asian cichlids (parrot and etroplus spotted);
  • American cichlids (with the exception of astronotus, earliest);
  • African cichlids (with the exception of frontose, Queen of Tanganyika, which requires a larger aquarium);
  • all types of haracin and gluttonus, as well as piranhas;
  • catfish, catfish and lovers (the exception is Acantikus Adonis, Pangasias vulgaris, fractocephalus and horabagrus);
  • most types of atherine, bryzgunov and argus.
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Filter for aquarium 200 liters

The filter can be:

For a large aquarium, an external filter is preferable.

A well-designed aquarium of 200 liters will add charm to your home and create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.