Aquarium Cleaning

Caring for an aquarium is a very necessary and important activity. Not only to maintain cleanliness, but also to create a normal living environment for your pets. Cleaning the aquarium includes cleaning the filter, glass, soil and replacing water. Let’s talk more about each component.

Aquarium Cleaning

Cleaning the soil in the aquarium

The bottom in an aquarium is usually one of the most polluted places. It accumulates the remnants of food, as well as waste products of fish. Therefore, cleaning the bottom of the aquarium is recommended not to tighten, but to be carried out at least once a month. To understand whether the soil needs cleaning, you can do the following manipulations. Slightly move the soil in the aquarium, if air bubbles will rise to the surface, it is time to clean the bottom of the aquarium. If not, then you can postpone this question.

Cleaning the soil in the aquarium is made using a rubber tube with a hard tip (glass, plastic). The diameter of the hole in the tube should be such that water with garbage passes unhindered into it, but the ground itself cannot be absorbed.

Cleaning the water and filter in the aquarium

In order that water in an aquarium less polluted, it is recommended to use filters for water. If you use such a filter, then the water purification procedure involves cleaning (changing) the sponges in the filter. It is in these drives that all the dirt is collected, from which it is necessary to purify water. Do not use detergents to clean the filter. It is better to rinse them under clean running water.

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As for the water change in the aquarium, it should be done gradually. Twice a week you can replace 20-30% of the total water volume. Water is pre-settled for 1-2 days, or use filtered water.

Cleaning the walls of the aquarium

Glass aquarium also need to be cleaned. They are often moss formations, or particles of algae settle, which is not dangerous for fish, but it greatly affects the aesthetic appearance of the aquarium and makes it difficult to view. The frequency of cleaning formations from the glass depends on the degree of contamination of the latter. The quality of the water you pour into the aquarium, the illumination, the presence or absence of a water filter, the amount of algae can affect this.

The process of cleaning the walls of the aquarium is not complicated. You can use a special scraper. If it is not there, then the available tools will also fit. For example, instead of using a glass scraper, some use kitchen sponges (new ones), blades, kitchen spatulas, and the like.

Aquarium cleaners

It will not be superfluous to remind you that it is absolutely impossible to use any cleaning and detergents for cleaning in an aquarium. As for the devices for cleaning the aquarium, there are not so many of them. And there are only a few things that you can not do without.

Scraper for glasses. As already mentioned, it is needed to clean the walls of the aquarium. There are regular scrapers with a long handle, and there are scrapers on magnets, especially for cleaning aquariums. The advantages of the latter are that you do not even have to dip your hand into the water in order to clean the walls. It is enough to lower one part of the fixture into the aquarium, and the second to drive on the outside of the glass.

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The next tool is a pipe for cleaning the soil. It is also not expensive, and with a great desire it can be made independently from a piece of flexible tube or hose.

And, of course, you will need a water filter. Its advantages are that during operation it will constantly filter the water in the aquarium and collect foreign particles. And this contributes to less pollution and soil, and glass, and plants will not form plaque.

Aquarium Cleaning