Aquarium Pump

Aquarium Pump

It is difficult to imagine a functioning room aquarium without such a useful device as a pump. It is a pump that provides continuous water supply for your fish. Also, its necessity is conditioned by ensuring sufficient pressure for the functioning of the filter installed from the outside. The pump for an aquarium with a nozzle in the form of a foam rubber sponge perfectly copes with the role of a mechanical cleaner of polluted water. Thus, it can be called a filter and a compressor.

Application and care

The main care of the pump consists of timely washing and changing the filter element. There is a trick that can facilitate the care of the device, while feeding the fish, turn off the filter. So the food will not fall directly on the sponge, which means that they will stay clean longer. The pump for aquariums can start working again an hour after the fish have eaten. Aquarium pump has a great advantage in front of the compressor. Many aquarists are forced to abandon the compressor due to the noisy operation of the pump. Most manufacturers are aimed at reducing the emitted sounds.

  • The volume of the aquarium in which the water pump will be installed;
  • Purpose of use;
  • For devices capable of filling the aquarium, take into account the level of water rise;
  • Required performance (aquarium volume multiplied by 3-5 times / hour);
  • Aesthetics.

Experienced aquarists allocate devices of foreign companies, assuring the duration of work and compliance with the necessary requirements. However, high-quality aquarium pump is not cheap.

Popular manufacturers of water pumps:

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Do not sacrifice aesthetics for the functional part. Even the smallest water pumps can do the following:

  • Create currents that in some cases are necessary for the physiological needs of the inhabitants. Its use is mandatory in aquariums with corals that live only in strong currents. Thanks to him, the polyp receives nutrients.
  • Circulate water (aquarium pump with a current or a circular pump). This action purifies water, saturates it with oxygen and mixes with aquarium water, keeping the microclimate created by the inhabitants.
  • Assist in the work of filters, aerators and other devices and units. To do this, you need to install water in a way that water from the aquarium does not fall on the body.

Pump installation

The pomp for aquariums has the complete installation instruction in a set. However, there are general rules that will help deal with your case.

There are three types:

Based on this characteristic, and need to be determined with the method of installation. The pump for aquariums marked “internal” is installed directly inside using special suction cups so that the water column is 2-4 centimeters higher. The kit comes with a small hose, which is inserted at one end into the device, with the other being taken out of the limits of your tank above the edge. Most models have a flow regulator. To begin, set the water pump to medium intensity, over time you will understand how your pets react to the flow.

As the name implies, the exterior is installed outside, and the universal can stand on both sides. Here you can choose how a pump for the aquarium will look more natural and work.