Aquarium Without Filter And Compressor How To Care

What aquarium fish live without oxygen and air

And so, the fish breathe oxygen, which is contained in the water. This happens with the help of a special organ of respiration – the gills, which in turn come in various shapes. As a rule, the gill slits are located on the sides (about 4-5 pairs of gill lobes). The water washing and passing through the gills gives up the oxygen dissolved in it and carries away the carbon dioxide that has been emitted. Further, the "extracted" oxygen is spread throughout the body of the fish.

Aquarium Without Filter And Compressor How To Care

However, some species of aquarium fish can breathe skin or take in air into the cavity of a floating bladder. In addition, there is the so-called intestinal breathing, which is possessed by aquarium catfish (speckled catfish corridoratus) and loachworms, which can get air into the intestine with the help of the anus. I think that all those who have speckled catfish have seen how they rise from the bottom of the torpedo to the surface of the water and back – this is exactly the same thing – intestinal breathing!

And now we are getting to the question that interests us! Some species of fish have special organs with which oxygen is absorbed. One of these organs is the gill labyrinth, whose owners are classified as LABYRINTH FAMILIES. A labyrinth is a specialized respiratory organ that allows you to absorb oxygen directly from the air. Labyrinth fish take the air "swallowing" it from the surface of the water. Therefore, such aquarium fish aeration is not needed! However, if access to the surface of the water is closed, such a fish will soon die.

What kind of labyrinth fish can live without oxygen, here they are:

Cock, Betta or Boytsovskaya fish

This is all GURAMI

(blue, marble, kissing, honey)



Experienced aquarists prefer rectangular aquariums, while skeptics are considered to be round tanks. You can hear that the round aquarium is inconvenient to maintain, it is dangerous to the health of the fish, and caring for it does not justify itself.

In fact, the content of the flask has several disadvantages. But the observance of certain rules and knowledge of which fish are suitable, will allow for many years to ensure a comfortable life for the inhabitants. And, of course, it will be an excellent interior decoration.


For a start, it is still worth to identify the main disadvantages of a round aquarium.

  • Small volume The standard sizes of round containers are designed for 10, 20 or 30 liters. A small round aquarium may be beyond the strength of an inexperienced aquarist. A round container must also be equipped with a filter and other devices.
  • The size. The volume will not allow to keep any kind of fish. With plants to roam, too, will not work.
  • The number of inhabitants. A space of 10, 20 or 30 liters will allow you to contain two or three fish. Plus, these fish should be small in size and have a number of qualities that will be discussed below.
  • Distortion. The glass aquarium has curved walls, they will reflect the light and create a shadow, causing the illusion of movement. Fish, prone to stress, will suffer.
  • Inconvenience. Caring for such an aquarium is more difficult. It is necessary to carefully monitor the filter – it becomes dirty more quickly. Its maintenance is troublesome, and frequent water changes and wall cleaning will be an extra stress for fish.
  • Oxygen. Due to the shape of the oxygen layer in the flask is small. There will be less dissolved oxygen in the water, so the fish demanding such a parameter should not be chosen.
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Required equipment includes:

If you are interested in a round aquarium, it is worth considering its drawbacks carefully, but not to be afraid of them. First, decide on the volume. As mentioned above, the average volume of round aquariums is 10 liters, but you can buy containers for 20 or 30 liters.

You will need special equipment to create a cozy environment. This compressor, bottom filter and heater. It is also necessary to provide the glass aquarium with illumination, but it will be difficult to install it yourself. In order not to complicate your life, it is better to purchase a container with a built-in lamp.

In addition to the equipment you will need a cover for a round aquarium. She has several tasks at once:

  • prevents fish from jumping out of the tank;
  • serves as protection from curious cats that may wish to eat fish;
  • A lighting fixture is attached to the cover.

Choosing fish

gold fish


Another popular inhabitant of the flasks is the cockerel. The content of the fish is non-problematic, so lovers of round containers prefer it. In addition, cockerel often give birth to beginning aquarists.

For one cock you need about 30 liters of water. It is claimed that it can be contained in a 10-liter volume, but its fish will be small. The cockerel breathes atmospheric air, but the compressor still does not hurt. Do not forget to leave sufficient air gap on the surface of the aquarium for the rooster.

From the equipment will need a heater and filter. The cock likes warm, the temperature should be about 23-29 degrees. For cockerel, different types of temperature may vary. The aquarium also needs to be equipped with lighting.

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If you choose to keep a cockerel, take care of shelter for fish. The cockerel needs a place to hide for a while. In addition, the cockerel, like other fish, needs to be clean. And although it is called unpretentious, it does not mean that you need to run the aquarium, do not equip it with a filter and do not care for the fish.


Arrangement and care

At the heart of the decor is minimalism. If you overload the aquarium with plants and decorative elements, it will be difficult to watch the fish.

It is better not to take too shallow soil: in a small volume it will muddy the water a lot. Especially, if the aquarium is equipped with a bottom filter. It will look beautiful in a round aquarium with small pebbles. You can add some beautiful pebbles.

Do not forget about the oxygen layer, if you are going to keep a rooster in the tank.

Approximately 20% of water is replaced every week. Do not forget to clean the filter, it clogs faster. Sometimes a bottom catfish or a snail can help to maintain cleanliness. Full maintenance requires regular siphoning of the soil.

Glass round aquarium is not for everyone. Think carefully about which fish you want to have – a guppy, a swordtail or a rooster. Do not overload the aquarium, regularly restore order in it, do not skimp on the equipment, and for a long time your interior will be decorated with a cute little water ball.

How to keep a goldfish in a round aquarium :: how to care for a round aquarium :: Aquarium fish

The popularity of round aquariums and goldfish is due to two main factors – goldfish are among the most hardy and unpretentious aquatic inhabitants, and round aquariums are in harmony with any interior and are easy to clean. However, despite such advantages, there are several important rules that concern the content of fish in such tanks.

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Features of the content of goldfish

Goldfish are considered one of the hardiest inhabitants of aquariums. They are able to withstand fairly significant cooling of water or its heating. It is recommended to equip aquariums with special devices for temperature control, but goldfish can simply change the water more often and provide the necessary care. In their natural environment, goldfish can survive even in icy water. They are among the most enduring aquatic creatures. In an aquarium with a goldfish any aquatic plants must be present. Just a few twigs are enough. At the bottom of the vessel, you can pour gravel or place decorative balls that will turn a round aquarium into a kind of designer decoration of an apartment or office. Sand in this case is not recommended. In a round aquarium, a small area, and dust can instantly pollute the water and make it detrimental to a goldfish. It is very important to provide the aquatics with sufficient light. It is better to put aquariums in well-lit places or use additional devices. Due to lack of sunlight, the goldfish may die. Keep in a round aquarium a few goldfish is not worth it. The calculation of the required area should be made in accordance with the proportion – 1 cm of the body length of the fish per 3 liters of water. Otherwise, the inhabitants of the vessel simply do not have enough oxygen for normal life.

Features of round aquariums

Keeping a goldfish in an almost empty aquarium is not recommended. The fact is that with a minimum amount of vegetation, the walls of such a vessel create the effect of a lens. A fish in such an atmosphere will be in constant fear, which will lead to serious consequences from stress. Quite often you can see completely empty aquariums with goldfish. However, such conditions are better not to create a pet. Fish vegetation is a supplement to the main food and source of vitamins. In a round aquarium, you must create the most comfortable conditions for its inhabitants. To do this, you will need a small lighting system, a compressor for water treatment and a special heater. For round aquariums, special compact equipment is produced, which does not take up much space and does not spoil the appearance of the original vessel. Quite often, for example, you can find round aquariums with special lids in which all the necessary systems are mounted.