Aquarium Without Filter

What is the filter for?

This is a special device designed to clean the water in the tank, where fish live. This process is called filtering. The device consists of two elements: a turbine head, a pump that pumps water, and a cartridge with cleaning material.

Filtration improves the conditions of the fish, which emit a lot of toxic waste. In nature, this is not a problem because of the large volumes of water that either takes away this waste or dissolves it. But in a small aquarium, the “population density” is significantly increased, which can lead to a gradual turbidity or water pollution, to the appearance of unpleasant odors. In addition, it is during purification that the water is saturated with oxygen, without which the fish will not be able to live long.

Given the placement, the filter can be:

You may be recommended to add activated carbon to the aquarium. It can actually be useful in some cases (it absorbs heavy metal salts, toxins, dyes and some chemically active elements), but it should be used only for certain situations and only as an element of cleaning.

Aquarium without filter

How to make your aquarium able to exist without a cleaning device? Everything is not so difficult – you just need to arrange in it a separate biosystem that independently maintains its biological equilibrium. To do this, you must purchase a quality tank for keeping fish, properly care for it, plant plants that will enrich the water with oxygen, and get the inhabitants who fit perfectly into this biosystem.

Which is better to choose?

Recently, it has become fashionable to purchase so-called nano aquariums with a capacity of 10-15 liters. However, in our case such a volume will not work – the smaller the ecosystem, the more difficult it is to achieve biological equilibrium in it. The best option is considered a model for 50 liters, but you also need to take into account the amount needed by the fish you are going to have. It is very important not to overpopulate a pond – from this it forms an excess of nitrogen-containing waste, which processing bacteria cannot cope with. If you do not want to leave your pets without oxygen or arrange oxygen starvation for them, it is better to limit the number of individuals. Even if the selected model allows you to put more inhabitants, do not be zealous in this matter.

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How to care?

Such care is somewhat specific and has its own characteristics, but it is no more difficult than caring for an aquarium with a cleaning device. The main thing is to find out before the installation if the individuals you have chosen can live without additional oxygen supply. Experts advise novice aquarists to pay attention to several important points.

  • First, it should be remembered that the biological equilibrium in a newly populated vessel will not be established immediately. It takes some time – usually about a month. Do not be alarmed if during this time the water darkens or becomes cloudy several times.
  • Secondly, you need to monitor the condition of the water. If it is not filtered, then to reduce the amount of harmful substances, it must be periodically changed. Of course, not all the water, enough to update 20-30% of the total, but it must be done weekly.
  • Thirdly, carefully examine the soil that you purchased. Before placing in an aquarium, it must be washed and disinfected as much as possible.
Aquarium Without Filter

What you need to maintain life?

A container without a filter should be planted as closely as possible with plants. This is done to enrich the water with oxygen. Experts advise the use of valisneria or pterygoid fern. These plants grow rapidly and in the process of feeding absorb substances that can harm the fish. It is also advisable to land a few echinodorus in the pond. They have a very powerful root system that helps to avoid sedimentation or acidification of the soil. You can add some types of mosses. However, it must be borne in mind that moss grows very slowly and cannot absorb all the harmful substances, it is better to combine it with something fast-growing.

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Plants in large quantities at night will absorb quite a lot of oxygen, so you need to make sure that the surface of the water has the largest possible area of ​​contact with air. For example, models without a compressor are advised to buy without a cover. For the same reason, they are best made low but wide. The room where the aquarium is installed should be regularly and well ventilated.

What fish can live in models without a filter? Care features

Many fish can tolerate the absence of a filter, you can choose for every taste. Experts recommend to get not too fastidious inhabitants. Excellent in this biosystem will feel:

  • guppy;
  • swordtails;
  • barbs;
  • danios;
  • some subspecies of goldfish.

Do not choose fish that require too complex care. For example, even professional aquarists do not always cope with dicks or scalars. To care for fish in aquariums without a filter should be the same as in the models with him. The only important difference is that in devices without cleaning, the inhabitants cannot be overfed. Because of the remnants of food in water, substances containing phosphorus are formed, which can cause excessive growth of algae, which can only be diluted in an aquarium with a cleaning device.

Professional service from the company Aqua-Store

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