Best External Fish Tank Filter Review

The idea of ​​creating local and miniature reservoirs came to man for a long time. And if in habitual conditions the nature itself supported the ecosystem, the artificial aquarium required additional equipment. One of the most important elements of the latter is a special filter.

It purifies water and retains in itself numerous biological wastes. And this is only its main function. Modern internal and external filters for the aquarium can not only fight off pollution, but also supply the local ecosystem with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, as well as maintain the necessary temperature balance and oxygen proportions. Naturally, the more functions a device has, the more expensive it is.

Types of filters

In total there are two main types of similar systems – this is an internal and external filter for an aquarium. Which one is better in a given situation depends mainly on the volume of your mini-reservoir. The first group of devices is located inside the tank and works almost silently. But the most serious drawback of such models is the space occupied in the tank. This option is good for large aquariums, but not every city dweller can afford to climb precious square meters of already small apartments by installing a bandura of 800 liters.

Therefore, external filters for the aquarium are more practical in terms of saving space in the apartment and at the same time increasing the usable space of the tank. In addition, the fish and other animals in your mini-pond, they are not afraid, as opposed to internal. Just about the external type and will be discussed in our article. We start with the manufacturers of such devices, and then move on to specific models.


You can make an external filter for the aquarium and do it yourself, but it takes time, a certain amount of knowledge and related components. In financial terms, this is a noticeable benefit, but few have the strength and patience for this enterprise. In addition, the external filter for the aquarium with your own hands is far from being a factory apparatus, which has received patents, has some innovative solutions and passes through multi-level Quality Control Department.

So a good half of consumers are much more interested in buying factory devices, rather than doing it themselves. This is where the question arises: which external filter for the aquarium is better and which manufacturers to pay attention to. Apparatuses of such a plan are produced by many companies, but not all of them have high-quality and deserving models. For some, the production of filters is only a small branch in the general stream, and someone, as they say, ate a dog for this business. On the latter, we just talk.

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Manufacturers of the best external filter for aquarium:

Aquael MINIKANI 80

As the name implies, this model is designed for aquariums whose capacity does not exceed 80 liters. Despite the estimated displacement, the efficiency of the device is impressive – 300 l / h. Fish, turtles and other animals in your mini-pond will feel great.

Best External Fish Tank Filter Review

It should also be noted that the external filter for the Aquael aquarium can be placed both above the water level and below – this does not affect the efficiency in any way. The device is equipped with a large number of cleaning elements. Moreover, the filtering filler can, if necessary, be replaced by a similar one from another manufacturer.

Features of the device

The device must be serviced at a certain frequency, which depends mainly on the quality of the water. The device supports three types of filtering – physical, chemical and biological.

  • the best option for small aquariums and terrariums;
  • easy access to the main elements of the filter (you can easily replace);
  • significant increase in efficiency when paired with a bottom filter;
  • three types of cleaning;
  • almost silent operation.
  • the price is high with a volume limit of 80 liters.

Estimated cost – about 3500 rubles.

Eheim 2073 Professional

External filter for aquarium Eheim 2073 Professional – one of the most popular and versatile models in the domestic market. One of the main features of the device is the presence of pre-filtering. That is, the operational life of the main cleaning element is significantly increased here, thanks to such assistance.

Best External Fish Tank Filter Review

As for versatility, the device can “digest” both 200 and 300 liters. The external filter for the aquarium is also equipped with an independent pumping button and individually filled boxes. In addition, the device can also be called practical. Consuming only 16 watts, the engine can process about 1000 liters of water per hour. Such an external filter for aquariums per 200 liters would be ideal in terms of efficiency.

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Distinctive features of the model

  • mechanical, chemical and biological cleaning;
  • the presence of pre-filtering, as well as the long operational life of the main cleaning element;
  • economical power consumption;
  • independent pumping button and individually filled boxes;
  • adequate cost with the available characteristics.
  • with rare exceptions comes marriage (leakage);
  • cost

Approximate price – about 15,000 rubles.

JBL Cristalprofi E1501 Greenline

External filter for aquarium JBL E1501 – this is one of the most successful devices in the series. The relatively high cost is due to the enviable range of processed volumes. The device perfectly copes with the cleaning of both medium-sized aquariums per 200 liters, and large tanks of 700 liters.

Model features

Despite the declared volumes, the advantages can also be attributed to the efficiency of the device along with the pump power. In addition, many owners rated the exterior of the model with five plus. The appearance of the filter is a mixture of classic and hi-tech, so the device will look great in almost any interior.

  • wide range of processed volumes (from 200 to 700 liters);
  • effective three-level cleaning;
  • German build quality;
  • powerful and at the same time economical pump;
  • nice looking design.
  • The price is high for the domestic consumer.

Estimated cost – about 15 000 rubles.

Tetra EX-1200

The model is designed for tanks with a volume of 200 to 500 liters. The device as well as in the case of Eheim 2073 is equipped with a primary filter to hold large particles, so the main cleaning element lasts much longer than usual.

Best External Fish Tank Filter Review

Inside the model are four containers with different fillers. They provide effective three-level filtration from mechanical, chemical and biological elements. The power of the model is 19.5 W, and the output varies within 1200 liters per hour.

Distinctive features of the device

  • effective filtering;
  • three-level chemical, biological and physical purification;
  • silent operation;
  • rich set of delivery;
  • more than democratic price tag for the available characteristics.
  • some models begin to leak after 1-2 years (approximately 2 out of 10).

Approximate price – about 11,000 rubles.

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Aqua Design Amano (ADA) Super Jet Filter ES-600

This is perhaps the best that the premium segment can offer in the category of devices that process up to 200 liters of water. The filter itself looks like a canister, and the body is made of stainless steel. A connected pump significantly reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on beneficial biological organisms.

Best External Fish Tank Filter Review

The high-tech design fully provides three types of filtration – chemical, biological and mechanical. The first works with the help of activated carbon, the second relies on the chosen filler, and the latter purifies water from waste and other fine dirt. Moreover, biological filtration is not only responsible for water, but also processes algae, ammonia and microbes.

Model features

The filter is very powerful and saturates the water in the tank with oxygen plus properly distributes it into layers. This is particularly positive for the health of small fish and other living creatures in the aquarium. That is, the device really creates and maintains this ecosystem in the conditions of the reservoir.

  • very effective three-stage filtering;
  • creating a natural ecosystem in reservoir conditions;
  • stainless steel case;
  • almost silent work;
  • long operational period.
  • The price is high for the domestic consumer.

Estimated cost – about 60 000 rubles.


Choosing equipment of such a plan, you must first look at the volumes of your aquarium. It is best to take the devices, as they say, with a margin. That is, for example, for a tank of 200 liters, it is necessary to take a device designed for at least 250 liters. This will not overload the device and significantly increase the operational life of the product.

Beginners who are just discovering the amazing water world with its equally attractive inhabitants should not spend money on fastidious and rare representatives of the fauna, as well as on an expensive aquarium with a filter. Start small, and if you are carried away by this direction, then smoothly move to more technological and expensive equipment.

The list above is precisely the path from the novice to the specialist, where the first apparatus is intended mainly for amateurs, as well as unassuming fish with turtles, and the latter is a purely professional model for experts in their field.