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Biohars For Aquarium

Biohars For Aquarium

Biohars For Aquarium

Biohars For Aquarium

How to make a filter with your own hands?

All the components that we will use to assemble the external filter with your own hands can be purchased on the construction market or in construction hypermarkets.

  1. First of all, we need quick-release garden fittings with a sealed lead-in. As well as a filter with different nozzles, plugs with sockets and sockets.)
  2. In the plug we make holes for fittings, sealed lead-ins and teats.
  3. We assemble the first part of the external Fish Tank Filter with our own hands: we install the fittings and the pressure seal with the nipples, and then fix all this with the help of silicone.
  4. Included with the filter is a special pump, it is also fastened through the adapter. The "head" of the design is ready.
  5. The next step in assembling the filter for the aquarium will be the inside. It consists of the upper filter, intermediate separators and the filter housing itself. As separators it is convenient to use ordinary kitchen nets for washing.
  6. Put a bell on the grid and draw its outlines with a marker. Cut out.
  7. We will use a capron saucer from a flower pot as the upper separator. We drill holes in it: one for the inlet and a lot of small ones around it.
  8. Install the workpiece in the socket, connect with the coupling and fix with silicone.
  9. We assemble the finished parts of the Fish Tank Filter with your own hands. Attach the "head" to the pipe and the upper separator.
  10. Begin to fill the pipe. The author of the lesson proposes to use the following scheme: a sintepon, a separator, then a bio-ball, again a separator and at the end foam rubber.
  11. Included filter has a special corner.
  12. We prepare the second cap as follows: along the edges with glue we attach rubber stoppers for medicine bubbles (similar materials can be used). Next, collect the filter.
  13. Now follows the assembly of connectors with male and female threads, and the installation of tubes. (photo 23)
  14. We assemble the fittings for the external filter with your own hands. As a rule, all the necessary details are included with the filter.
  15. We take any environmentally friendly tube and make holes in it to increase the indentation area. You will also need a suction net, a mosquito net (this will be a prefilter, you must twist it into a tube and insert it into the suction tube). The intake tube is put on the intake using a silicone gasket. A small piece of garden hose will do. Also in the kit must be a discharge socket, tap and corners. Even if you cannot find all this in the kit, there are exactly the same parts on the construction market.
  16. The arc connection for butt fittings is called "overflow". It can be made from any plastic tube or use an extension pipe of an Atman canister. The manufacturing process is simple: we fill the wet sand into the tube and slowly begin to bend it over the switched-on gas stove. As a result, you get the desired shape and the tube will not crack.
  17. Filter for aquarium do it yourself! He blows work no worse than the purchase, and will save a lot of money and space.
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How much to defend the water for the aquarium?

Most novice aquarists are interested in the question, how much water do you need to defend for an aquarium? Opinions on this score diverge – someone believes that it is necessary to defend for weeks, someone says that this does not need to be done. We will not trust the rumors, let’s look at everything in detail in the article.

Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Novice aquarists will certainly fall in love with freshwater fish. Among the variety of species, you will certainly find pets that will delight your eye with its bright color, and at the same time they are very unpretentious in care. Read more in the article.

Aquarium Sealant

Choosing a sealant for an aquarium, you should pay attention not only to its characteristics – it should be harmless to your fish, so we can’t do anything with ordinary construction. How to choose the sealant for the aquarium, read the article.

Aquarium pump

A pump is a kind of pump, through which you can easily fill your tank with water. Also, this universal device is able to clean the aquarium and create the necessary pressure for the operation of filters. Read more below.

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