Buy Whether The Filter Aquael Fan

As a rule, the first filter is purchased with the first aquarium. An unadvised aquarist is little familiar with the nuances of filtering, does not understand what is important and what is not, and relies on the advice of the seller. This is the buyer’s profile of the internal filters of the Aquael “fan” line.

To explain this conclusion, you will need to consider a number of criteria that usually accompany the purchase of an Fish Tank Filter, but before that, you need to get acquainted with the subject matter of the discussion.

The line of internal filters Aquael fan includes five models (table 1).

All samples have the same layout and consist of a pump and a glass with filter media. Both parts fit tightly together in a one-piece construction. The filter design does not allow arbitrarily changing the filler, for example, to sponges from other manufacturers. The appearance of the filters Aquael fan will please the true aesthetes, but only at the beginning. Beauty has been sacrificed for its modularity and ease of maintenance. After a short work in the "field" conditions, i.e. aquarium populated by aquatic organisms, the filter will be clogged. On the face of a common illness of all commercial models, which is a small amount of filter material. The problem is aggravated by the Aquael Fan closed glass, which prevents the uniform flow of water over the entire area of ​​the sponge. As conceived by the designers, the inner lintel in the glass should trap the dirt inside the filter when removing it from the aquarium. However, in practice, the partition does not cover the entire height of the glass and some of the pollution is poured into the water.

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A standard sponge, complete with a filter, along with a small volume, has too large cells, therefore even precipitated particles fly through it with a whistle. Cleaning begins after the filter is already clogged with larger particles, the pressure has decreased and aeration has ceased.

Thus, one of the first tasks of an aquarist is the adjustment of branded sponges or simply a padding polyester to the Aquael fan pump. The following samples are born:

Buy Whether The Filter Aquael Fan

After long manipulations, the seemingly well-established construction begins to filter. Unfortunately, the following problem arises concerning the attachment of the device. The fact is that the original Aquael fan suckers wear out quickly, so the filter gradually goes down to the bottom of the aquarium. At the same time, usually with a depth of more than 8 cm, aeration stops. The aquarist faces a serious limitation, according to which the fan should be located at a depth of 3 cm from the surface of the water. A crutch to overcome the limitation is to connect an additional compressor to the filter injector (the article will help you choose the right compressor).

To break every desire to purchase Aquael fan models, let’s pay attention to alternative Aquael Turbo Filter models. Below are tables in which the performance, power and price of products are marked.