Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

Regular maintenance of the aquarium

Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

And so, why do you need regular care for the aquarium, and how to carry out this care? You purchased an aquarium, put soil in it, plants, scenery, flooded the water, launched fish, adding a few snails to their company. And you got a neat, clean aquarium with clear water and beautiful fish – that is why regular care of the aquarium is needed – it seems, and so the aquarium is good.

Cleaning Fish Tank Filter
Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

Ground siphon in the aquarium (remove dirt from the bottom of the aquarium).

The second important point is soil siphon in aquarium. In other words, removing the dirt that accumulates on the bottom of the aquarium over time. For this use aquarium siphon , but it is quite possible to do with only one hose.

Cleaning Fish Tank Filter
Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

The standard type of equipment for the aquarium can be safely attributed to the Fish Tank Filter, often internal (located inside the aquarium). Like other equipment, the filter requires periodic maintenance, or rather, cleaning. It is necessary to clean the filter fillers (basically, this is a special sponge designed for filters). In such fillers is collected dirt, which absorbs the filter from the aquarium water. It is advisable to clean the filter filler in the aquarium once a week. They must be cleaned by rinsing with water taken from an aquarium. Such careful attitude to the filter fillers explains the need to clean the filler from dirt on the one hand, and to minimize the damage caused by washing the beneficial bacteria in this filler to the minimum, for the same reason, do not delay cleaning the filter.

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If in an aquarium there are

Cleaning Fish Tank Filter

living plants, then very soon you will notice that they can grow and multiply. In other words, the plants in the aquarium should be periodically weeded and also pruned. Aquatic plants can be cut with simple scissors, but most aquarists are treated with their bare hands.

That’s basically all wisdom. Actually regular care of the aquarium is precisely this, and, despite the rather long description, in general, it is quite a simple matter.

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Regular maintenance of the aquarium
How to care for the aquarium: cleaning glasses, siphon of the soil, changing the water, cleaning the filter, cutting the aquarium plants

Cleaning the Fish Tank Filter

However, over time, the filter ceases to cope with its task: the water becomes turbid and green algae begin to settle in it. This is a signal that the filter should be washed and cleaned. How to do it right?

First, remember: when you start a new filter, it takes some time for the filter to work in normal mode! Why? Yes, simply because it purifies water not so much the filter itself (device) as the colonies of beneficial bacteria that settle inside this filter. And in order for the water to become clear, the colony must grow to a certain number of bacteria.

Now go to the main topic – cleaning the filter. First, remove the filter from the aquarium. Put it on the table and open the case. Depending on the service life, you can see the following picture: the mechanical parts of the filter are covered with mucus, plant fibers and other jam.

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Naturally, all these "gadgets" greatly impede the operation of this device. The solution is to delete everything! To clean the device, you can use tools such as a banal toothbrush (old, of course), a toothpick and ear sticks.

As a rule, the maximum amount of dirt accumulates on the filter blades, so start cleaning with them. After removing the dirt and mucus, rinse the cleaned part under running water from the faucet. After washing all the spare parts, we take some kind of bowl, collect water from the aquarium into it and put all cleaned parts of the filter into it. Let lie for about five minutes, and then collect the cleaned filter back.

After the filter is again lowered into the aquarium and connected, I highly recommend adding ready-made bacteria to the Fish Tank Filter for a JBL Filter Boost filter, 25 g, powder. This type of bacteria will allow you to quickly improve the performance of your filter.

In addition, the bacteria themselves perfectly affect the quality of the soil: they absorb almost all deposits, and most importantly, they prevent the rapid accumulation of mucus on the mechanical parts of the filter. In other words, your filter will work much longer and more productively. Just carefully read the instructions that are on the box with the drug!

And the last. When you remove the filter material from the filter, you should not rinse it under running water: it contains all the good bacteria that purify the water!

It is best to put the filter pad with bacteria in the tank, where there is some aquarium water (aquarium water that you took from your tank). And after cleaning the mechanical parts of the filter – gently return the filter material in place and you can add some granules (powder) "JBL Filter Boost, 25 g".