Cleaning The Fish Tank Filter

Cleaning The Fish Tank Filter

Native cleaning of the Fish Tank Filter four times a year. The purpose of the procedure is not to wash the device to a sterile purity, but to release the pores of the filler from the growth of bacterial films, sludge and restore the flow of water. Never use detergents. Properly rinse the filter in water drained from the aquarium with partial water changes.

We do not recommend disabling the running filter for a long time because it is “alive”. Without an influx of fresh water, saturated with oxygen, useful nitrifying bacteria die. Anaerobic microorganisms that produce hydrogen sulphide and methane settle in a non-working raw filter. "Rested", stood a few days off the Fish Tank Filter will poison the fish.

By the way, the process of establishing biological equilibrium is accelerated if a “dirty” filter from a prosperous aquarium is put into the new aquarium or 10% of the old soil is added.

Cleaning The Fish Tank Filter

Cleaning the external Fish Tank Filter

You will need: a toothbrush, a rag, a bucket, cotton swabs. You decide to change the filter element – a replaceable cartridge or filter material.

Preparatory stage: Put a cloth on the floor near the filter. Start siphoning aquarium soil, pouring water into a bucket, after filling it, take it to the bathroom. Put the bucket next to the bathroom.

Step 1. Disconnect the filter from the mains. Shut off the cranes supply and discharge hoses. Disconnect the filter from the hoses. We eliminate a small leak of water with a rag. The filter is transferred to the bathroom.

Step 2. Open the filter cover. Gradually disassemble the components, folding in the bath, forming a chain of parts. Such an arrangement is convenient when assembling a filter so as not to confuse anything.

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Step 3. We wash the main sponge with water from a bucket or with cooled boiled water. If necessary, replace the fibrous material. Rinse other filter parts.

Step 4. In the filter cover there is a rotor, access to which we will get by turning and pulling the lock. Toothbrush and cotton swabs clean the blades.

Step 5. We assemble the filter in the reverse order, close the lid, assign the device to the aquarium.

Step 6. Place the filter in the same place. Connect the supply hose. Open the valve supply hose. Water from the aquarium by gravity flows into the filter. By filling the filter close the valve on the supply hose. Connect the outlet (exhaust) hose. Open both the tap, turn on the filter in the outlet.

The external filter, washed and assembled, begins to function properly: a flow of water is noticeable, there may be a slight murmur, and air bubbles left on the filter sponge.

If something went wrong!
Water does not enter the aquarium. An airlock has formed in the filter. To the maximum fill the filter with water and run again. thread filter. Also, the flow can be swung by alternately short-term switching on and off the filter into and out of the socket.
The whole procedure of cleaning the external filter and caring for it only from the side looks complicated. If you do this a couple of times, you yourself will do everything on the machine. Just do not forget about the preparatory actions and always be attentive.

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If interested, they cleaned the external ASTRO 2210 Fish Tank Filter. The video device is more powerful.