External Filters For Aquarium

External filters for aquarium

External Filters For Aquarium

Outstanding results in cleaning aquarium water are achieved by external filters. This is a great device whose work will satisfy even the most demanding aquarist. External filters are simple and easy to use, they have several degrees of chemical and mechanical water treatment. They do not occupy space in aquariums, as they are located behind or above the aquarium.

The main advantage of the external filter can be called the fact that the debris after cleaning does not accumulate in the middle of the aquarium and this gives a chance to prevent the occurrence of rotting processes. External filters for aquarium are silent in operation, have a multi-stage water purification system, have high performance, which contributes to high-quality purification of aquarium water.

Many of the external mechanical filters that aquarists use belong to canister filters. In such devices, filtering is carried out in an autonomous vessel, which resembles a canister or tank and is taken out of the aquarium. The pump is an integral element of such filters, as a rule, it is built into the upper case cover. Inside the case itself there are 2-4 compartments, these compartments are filled with various filtering materials, which are used for fine and coarse water purification, pumped through the filter. The filter for cleaning the aquarium is connected to the aquarium with the help of special plastic pipes.

The undoubted advantage of external filters is the purification of water, divided by function (separately chemical, mechanical and biological). This will allow when cleaning the filter does not change the quantitative composition of bacteria.

Only the sponge of mechanical cleaning should be subjected to washing, but occasionally it is still recommended to do light washing of the remaining links of the filter. That is, with the help of the filter, the biomedia in the aquarium becomes more stable.

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If the external filter is of good quality, then the sections in it should be arranged in the following sequence (according to the direction of the water flow): mechanical cleaning, then biological cleaning and at the very end chemical, which is usually carried out using coal.

The disadvantages of external filters are considered to be a fairly high price, since cheap external filters are made of low-quality elements, they quickly break down and there is no point in acquiring from them.

Another disadvantage of external filters is the possibility of a flood. The flow of water, in most cases, is due to the initial improper installation or improper operation, so you need to carefully read the instructions in order to avoid negative consequences.

External filters for aquarium has several advantages, which are certainly more than disadvantages. Such a filter to clean the aquarium is a must for a professional aquarist.

Fish Tank Filters

This page presents a description of the types of Fish Tank Filters and their differences. To see photos, features and prices, click on the "filters for aquariums"(In the left green column of the catalog).

The Fish Tank Filter is the main mechanism that maintains biological balance in the aquarium. I will not describe in detail what processes occur in it, I will confine myself to the main one – all filters work on the principle of biological treatment. Even the smallest porous sponge is not able to trap a lot of the smallest bacteria that our eye perceives as dregs. They can be defeated by their fellows who settle in the filter substrate (sponges, bio rings, sintepon, etc.). Bacteria that settle in substrates, destroy bacteria that enter the filter from the external environment, that is, from the aquarium. Inside the filter between local and aliens, there is a struggle not for life, but for death, and if the water in the aquarium is clear, it means our friends, or rather allies, are winning.

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What needs to be done so that beneficial bacteria always remain winners?

1) Do not overcrowd aquarium. Try to provide a ratio of 2 liters of aquarium water per 1 cm of fish (for example, if an adult fish reaches a size of 10 cm, give it 20 liters of water).

2) Do not overfeed. Feed the fish once a day; food should be eaten in a few minutes. (2 times a day, feed only fry).

3) The filter must be of sufficient performance. A filter that pumps 3-6 volumes of an aquarium per hour is considered sufficient (for example, if the volume of an aquarium is 100 liters., Then the filter’s performance should be about 300-600 l / h). The filter should work around the clock, otherwise it will not produce good bacteria.

4) Built into the cover of the aquarium.

5) Closed bottom.

7) Filter-shore for water turtles.

Internal filters are the most common. The advantage is lower price, simplicity of construction and compactness. Disadvantages – a small interval between washes and some inconvenience when removing the filter from the aquarium. Although the device of some filters (for example, Tetra) makes it easy to remove the cartridges without removing the filter case itself.

External filters are usually used in large aquariums (from 100 liters and above). The most effective with a large interval between washes, with the ability to use different adsorbents. The external filter is located under the aquarium in the cabinet, in which there must be a hole of sufficient diameter for the output of the hoses. It does not take place in the aquarium (except the intake tube in the corner).

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There are 2 drawbacks:

1) Higher price compared to filters of other designs.

2) Though small, but the possibility of leakage (of course, it will not flood the neighbors, but it can spoil the bottom table top.

Hinged filters: – hung on the side or back wall of the aquarium. Effectively filter, do not occupy space in the aquarium, it is convenient to wash the filter material. The main drawback – you can only use in aquariums without a cover.

Bottom decorated filters: – Not visible, made in the form of decorations, thanks to two large jaws, they are washed 2-4 times less often than in the case of internal filters. With good filtration performance, do not create a strong flow in the aquarium (the jet moves from the bottom up and smoothly spreads over the surface). The disadvantage is that they are not capable of enriching water with oxygen (in the presence of a compressor, this does not matter).

To see photos, features and prices, click on the "filters for aquariums"(In the left green column of the catalog).

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