External Filters For Aquarium 250 Liters

External Filters For Aquarium 250 Liters

What is the difference between external and internal filters?

The internal (or submersible) filter is installed directly in the aquarium, and the external – outside.

The internal filter consists of a compartment with a pumping pump and a filter capsule, and mounted on the wall of the aquarium with suction cups or a corner stand.

External filter for aquarium often has the appearance of a canister. It can be placed near the aquarium or in the cabinet under it. Hoses are drawn from the canister to the tank to collect and return water. Important: for the supply of hoses in the aquarium cover there must be appropriate technological holes.

External Filters For Aquarium 250 Liters

Another kind of external filters – backpack (mounted). They are mounted on the side of the aquarium. If the aquarium has a lid, then to install a filter hinged in it must be openings of the appropriate size.

How to choose an external filter for the aquarium and how to care for it

When choosing the following criteria are important:

⚫ Bandwidth. The entire volume of aquarium water should pass through the filter approximately 2-4 times per hour. For example, an external filter for an aquarium of 250 liters should have a throughput of 500-1000 l / h.
⚫ Height of the water column. This is especially important in cases where the aquarium is high and the filter is placed far below it.
⚫ Dimensions of the canister. If the filter is supposed to be placed in a cabinet, then the height and depth of the shelves should be of the appropriate size.
⚫ Availability of additional accessories and features. For example, some external filters for an aquarium are equipped with prefilters or have an automatic water pumping button at start-up, which greatly simplifies operation.

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Care of the filter is primarily in its periodic cleaning. Depending on the rate of contamination, the intervals between cleansing can stretch from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The filter canister can be cleaned with tap water. Spongy material and bio-ceramics should be rinsed in water drained from the aquarium. In this case, the bacteria that are responsible for the biological purification of water will not be affected. It is also important to periodically clean the impeller and hoses.

How to choose an internal filter for the aquarium and how to care for it

When choosing an internal filter, pay attention to:

⚫ Capacity (the rules are the same as in the case of the external filter).
⚫ Construction. There are open and closed filters. In the first case, the filter sponge is in a plastic capsule, in the second case, it is attached directly to the intake tube. The second option is preferable for aquariums with small inhabitants (shrimps, fry).

Clean the filter every 7-14 days. Spongy material should be rinsed into the water drained from the aquarium so that the bacteria living in it do not hurt (they cleanse the water of harmful organic matter). The pump impeller needs to be cleaned every few months or more often if the performance of the filter decreases.