Features Of The Choice And Use Of The External Filter For An Aquarium

Features Of The Choice And Use Of The External Filter For An Aquarium

In today’s article we will try to deal with such important equipment for the aquarium as an outdoor water purifier, which is often called a “canister” or “bucket”. For large domestic ponds, this device is simply indispensable. When selecting a cleaner, it is necessary to take into account not only the quality factor and the total area of ​​the model, but also the practicality of its use.

Device and principle of operation

To begin with, we will understand what an external filter is for an aquarium, how it is arranged, and also consider the principle of its operation.

Device. An external (or external) cleaner is a container in which the cleaning system is placed. This is a more advanced mechanism than domestic cleaners; it makes water as clean as possible for the life of aquatic vertebrates. The device itself is located outside the vessel with fish (usually below the water level, in the dresser under the tank), and two hoses are placed in the aquatic environment for collecting dirty water and returning it clean. Thus, the equipment does not occupy valuable space inside the domestic pond. External cleaner is often called canister (this is the same external mechanism, only with greater capacity; it is used for large and densely populated vessels).

Features Of The Choice And Use Of The External Filter For An Aquarium

Modification of almost all external filters is combined. They have a compartment for the automatic filtration of water with a synthetic web or hose that absorbs the mud deposits. In addition, there is an additional department in which the so-called biomaterials are located – a source of bacteria that are significant for the vital activity (coal, ceramic granules). Without these bacteria, it becomes impossible to maintain the desired biological balance. Bacteria allow you to create the necessary balance of indicators of hardness and acidity of water. Thus, the upper section of the equipment is responsible for automatic functioning, and in the lower section there are auxiliary biomaterials.

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Also in the bucket of the cleaner is usually provided for the presence of several baskets, in which the filter mechanism is lowered.

Operating principle. The external cleaner performs several important tasks in parallel – automatic, biological and chemical treatment of water, as well as the absorption of various elements. Through the suction hose, water from the container enters the purifier. A motor (pump) pumps water into a bucket. Then the water passes through several layers of various filtering mechanisms, and again through the pipe, already clean water, is pumped back into the vessel with the fish. Water can go from top to bottom or vice versa (it all depends on the brand and model of the device).

Features Of The Choice And Use Of The External Filter For An Aquarium

What is the difference from the internal

Almost every amateur aquarist has a difficult task: what kind of filter for the aquarium to choose, internal or external. To help in this matter, we give the differences between these two types of cleaners, as well as consider their pros and cons.