Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

Easy to maintain. Universal. Suspension filter + Bioceramic filter + Aeration. Quiet.

The pump broke in my toilet aquarium, not even the pump itself, not its mechanism, but the mounting plastic. Offensive failure because the working pump can not be repaired and it remains only to throw out.

Aquarium Aquael HexaSET 20 liters. Such aqua were sold about five years ago and were popular with beginning aquarists because they were immediately equipped with everything necessary (lamp, pump, filter (just a large-pored sponge in a plastic box with holes), a hot-water bottle). According to the manufacturer’s assurances, even oxygen is not needed, water was saturated with oxygen due to its passage through and over the filters. Any normal aquarist will not use such misery because it is nonsense. You can’t create a normal ecosystem comfortable for the inhabitants in such aqua, that’s why only kondovy somas and toads survived there.

When the suction pump was covered, it became completely sad. By this I decided to stop mocking the animals and threw out the whole idiotic all-inclusive system and purchased a filtration system with aeration.

Took Aquael TURBO FILTER at 500 l / h. It even happened with a margin for a 20-liter aquarium.

Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

I did not find the minuses of this system, only advantages:

Universal mounting system. Included are suckers, the filter itself is equipped with a universal hook, suitable for any aquarium.

Transformer. Can be used as a filter from a fine suspension, it is possible as a bio-filter, you can hang it all together. Aquael has several filler options for filters, you can choose to your taste. Included is BioCeraMAX Pro 600. It is possible to put some more tricky two pieces. They are in the photo below.

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Filter For Aquarium Aquael Turbo Filter 500 Professional

Aeration. Well, professional aquarists will throw in my slippers and they will say that this is not a substitute for normal oxygen, because it must be supplied from the bottom of the water. It is suitable for me, especially if you consider that before that nothing stood at all and that there was aerated through the filters. I note that the level of force of oxygen supply is regulated in a fairly wide range. The regulator is located on the filter itself.

Easy to wash. He took out, unfastened, the pump back to the water, the filter in the sink, washed, took out the pump, fastened the filters in place and that’s it. Previously, I had to crawl to the outlet in the pose of Alina Kabaeva, disconnect everything, then pull out the entire cuvette with a pump, filter and thermometer, try to pull out the wires (not wetting them) through a hole in the lid and, with all this garbage, run to the sink and irrigate around the floor, and then everything is in the reverse order.

A small piece of advice: the filter should be washed with warm water, such a nasty, warm, so as not to kill the beneficial microorganisms.

I am completely satisfied with this filter and advise him to purchase.

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