Filter For Aquarium Video

Filter For Aquarium Video

The duties of the filter include such necessary functions as the formation of a constant flow, which is completely absent in the artificial conditions of the aquarium and requires certain types of fish, uniform distribution of heat.

Evgenia Baslin · June 9, 2015

Properly selected filter for the aquarium will remove the film of dust and bacteria on the surface of the water, as well as saturate the thickness of life-giving oxygen.

Among the many filters with different types of filtering, one can distinguish two well-known and standard types by location: external and internal. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when choosing. We offer in more detail and separately consider the characteristics of internal and external filters.

Choosing an internal filter

The internal filter for the aquarium is a container with perforated walls and an electric pump for pumping water, inside the plastic container there is a filtering material (sponge). This device is immersed in the aquarium and attached to the side wall. One of the main advantages is considered to be a relatively low price when compared with the cost of its “external brother”. It is also necessary to emphasize the safety of the internal filter: in case of breakage or improper installation of the structure you do not need to be afraid of the flood – all the water will remain inside the aquarium. This type of filter is characterized by ease of maintenance. Caring for them is reduced to weekly washing of the filter material. Remember that flushing is carried out in a separate tank and exclusively in aquarium water. Slightly less frequently, the internal parts of the filter, its rotating elements, need to be washed. Another advantage is the relatively high performance, if we talk about the amount of water flowing. You will be pleased with the rather low noise level, which is important.

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If we talk about the shortcomings of the internal filter for the aquarium, then first of all it is worth mentioning the small volumes of filter material – a small area remains for the life-giving bacteria. All fish lovers know that the design of this type "steals" the useful volume of the aquarium. But let’s be objective – in reality, only a few percent of the volume. It should also be noted the increased load of the filter element, since the internal filter takes over both biological and mechanical cleaning. Therefore, where aerobic bacteria could settle, dirt will clog. And at weekly washing of a sponge you clear it not only from garbage, but also, unfortunately, from useful microorganisms. Internal filters will not provide you and chemical water treatment. There is a question about its aesthetic appearance. However, this disadvantage is easily corrected by shielding the foreign object with a beautiful carag.

Choose an external filter for the aquarium

Now consider the external filter for the aquarium. It resembles a canister or a tank, which also contains various filtering material inside, and in the upper part there is a pump that provides pumping of water. This device is attached to the outside of the aquarium and is connected to it with the help of plastic tubing. The main advantage of the external filter is the impressive volume of the filter element. The size and prosperity of beneficial aerobic bacteria directly depends on its size. There is also a gradual purification of water: separate biological, chemical and, of course, mechanical. The aquarium’s biological environment, when using an external filter, is in relative stability, since it is only necessary to rinse the mechanical cleaning sponge, which practically does not affect the number of beneficial microorganisms. Also, this type of filter, like its internal brother, has a relatively low noise level and an additional possibility of aerating the water column.

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As for the drawbacks of external filters for the aquarium, first of all it is a high cost. Of course, you can try and find a relatively inexpensive device, but are you ready to take a chance. After all, the external filter is one of the important and dangerous elements of your aquarium equipment. The danger is that if the equipment is of poor quality or if it is improperly installed, there is a great risk of a flood. Therefore, buying a filter for an aquarium, do not save on its quality. Not recommended and self-installation of this device, as a small mistake could lead to disastrous consequences – entrust this business specialist.

As you can see, each type of filter has its positive and negative sides, so it is impossible to say which one is better and which is worse. After watching the video about the filters for the aquarium, you will learn many interesting and useful facts about its structure and principle of operation. And remember, the final choice of filter depends on many factors, not the last one – it is the size of your tank.

Filter For Aquarium Video