Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

A prerequisite for the health of your pets and the beautiful appearance of the aquarium is its constant cleaning. For this purpose, an Fish Tank Filter is applied, which is selected depending on different conditions and can be internal, bottom, external, with additional filtration, ionization and aeration of water. Modern manufacturers of filtering devices create designs that can solve many problems by altering the contents of the filtration chamber. Often the choice depends on the type of fish or reptiles and their number.

What is an Fish Tank Filter?

The standard design of the filtering device includes a pump-pump, a filtration chamber, a spongy removable nozzle for collecting waste products of aquarium inhabitants. Water is taken and passed through a sponge in the water, and the remaining filter elements can be located both in the water and outside. Their efficiency or throughput depends on the performance of the pump, which pumps water into a special compartment with filter media.

Why do you need

A filtering device is necessary to collect and remove waste products from aquarium inhabitants. Additional features include the removal of excess mineral salts and the addition of ingredients that favor the growth and reproduction of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Passing through the filtering module, water can be ionized, saturated with oxygen or carbon dioxide, excess microorganisms can settle on a special filler in the filtration chamber.

How does it work

The principle of the filter is simple – the pump-pump draws water into the filtration tank. When passing through the outer sponge, fish feces and large debris linger in its pores. On the material with which the filtration chamber is filled, the deposition of unwanted microorganisms or the addition of salts and minerals occurs. Water when it passes through radiation is ionized, the compressor is saturated with oxygen or carbon dioxide and returns back. This filter works constantly, so the water in the aquarium has a clean appearance, and its inhabitants are healthy and active.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

By location, the filters are divided into:

  • external – the body is installed outside the aquarium, the inflow and outflow is made through the nozzles;
  • internal – fully or partially placed in water;
  • cascading – hung on the glass of the aquarium;
  • bottom – the filter element is located under the aquarium soil.
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Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

Fish Tank Filters vary in filtering mode:

  • mechanical – cleaning is done by running polluted water through a filter sponge;
  • biochemical – cleaning is performed by neutralizing harmful substances and impurities under the action of beneficial bacteria;
  • combined – combine sequentially mechanical and biochemical purification.

The best

Aquariums come in fresh and salt water. Each of these types requires its own kinds of filter elements. The choice of its type or filtering variant depends on the size of the aquarium, the species of fish and its other inhabitants. Every experienced aquarist knows for which fish and aquarium plants, what kind of filtration is needed. A novice fish lover should choose a universal combined filter and consider all possible options. Airlift filter module with zeolite is useful for removing ammonia from the aquarium.


The most common are mechanical filtering devices, based on drawing in water and passing it through several filters. The JBL company (Germany) offers angular filters with silent start up on 90-160 l:

  • model name: JBL Cristal Profi i80;
  • cost: 3465 rubles;
  • characteristics: ready for use, 8 W, powerful sucker, modular design, 8.5 x 8.5 x 29.5 cm, adjustable capacity 300-720 l / h;
  • pluses: high-quality suckers;
  • cons: not noted.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

Internal mechanical filtering devices are designed to clean and saturate water with air. The Polish company Aquael offers a version with a mechanical filtration, supplemented with a sterilization module with ultraviolet rays:

  • model name: Aquael Unifilter UV Power 750;
  • cost: 2080 p .;
  • characteristics: adjustment of air supply, adjustment of flow direction, double sponge, UNIUV POWER UV module eliminates the causes of most diseases, destroys algae and parasites, for volumes from 200 to 300 liters, capacity 750 l / h, filler, suction cups;
  • Pros: high quality UV LEDs;
  • cons: not seen.
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Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better


Filtering devices that combine mechanical and chemical water purification are classified as combined. The presented version of TM Aquael has the ability to expand up to 8 modules for cartridges with chemical fillers:

  • Model Name: Aquael Multi Kani;
  • price: 2 794 p .;
  • characteristics: it has a container with a chemical filler, two hoses, a set of transfer tubes, an external pump, suction cups, a deflector, a perforated nozzle, an adapter, capacity 800 l / h, power 8 W, for a volume of 30-320 l, dimensions 138 x 182 mm, weight 4 kg;
  • Pluses: high-quality cleaning;
  • Cons: filler must be purchased separately.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

For large aquariums, filtering devices with high performance are required. The Russian manufacturer TM Tetra is a variant with several types of filtration and 5 fillers:

  • model name: Tetratec EX 800 PLUS;
  • cost: 6,541 p .;
  • characteristics: pre-cleaning, valves, 5 substrates-fillers – Tetra CR ceramic rings, Tetra BF bio-sponge, Tetra BB biological cleaning, Tetra CF activated carbon, Tetra FF fine cleaning, improved hose adapter, 800 l / h, for volume of 100-300 liters;
  • Pros: high performance;
  • cons: expensive.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better


More compact and cheaper are the filtering devices of internal placement. Such equipment TM Ferplast (Italy) is cheaper with a capacity of 900 liters per hour:

  • name: Ferplast BLUMODULAR 1;
  • price: 2 645 p .;
  • characteristics: internal modular filter, adjustable flow, water volume 150-300 l, dimensions 8 x 8 x 21.5 cm, weight 500 g;
  • Pros: high performance;
  • cons: not marked.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

In addition to water purification, the filter module can heat it to a predetermined temperature. Italian brand Hydor has a protection system that will turn off the heating element in case of overheating:

  • Model Name: Hydor EKIP 250 Heat Filter;
  • price: 2 326 p .;
  • characteristics: thermocomp with filter compartment, creation of complex filtration systems, precise temperature control, for a volume of 20-60 l, weight 1 kg;
  • pluses: new heating technology;
  • cons: not seen.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better


Many aquarists do not like the design with external placement due to the need to clean the hoses. In such a device, a block with a filter tank is located outside the aquarium, and the supply and return of water occurs through the inlet and outlet tubes, as suggested by Aquael:

  • Model name: Aquael Midi Kani 800;
  • price: 4,878 p .;
  • characteristics: productivity 650 l / h, power 8 W, for an aquarium 120-250 l, dimensions 209 x 209 x 332 mm, weight 4000 g;
  • Pros: a quality option;
  • cons: not marked.
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Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

One of the most optimal in terms of price and quality are the devices of the company Eheim (Germany). We present a version of the external canister filter of this company with a high flow rate and low noise level:

  • model name: Eheim CLASSIC 2211010;
  • price: 4,665 p .;
  • characteristics: capacity 300 l / h, power 5 W, volume up to 150 l, dimensions 290 x 110 mm, weight 1474 g;
  • Pluses: high quality filtration;
  • cons: not seen.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better


A good option is to combine with the bottom filter element, which is located under the ground at the bottom of the aquarium and cleans it from bottom sediments and debris. We present a variant of the bottom filter of the Chinese company HAILEA:

  • model name: HAILEA UF -20P;
  • price: 830 p .;
  • characteristics: the size of the bottom filter element 70×30 cm;
  • Pros: low cost;
  • cons: not noted.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

HAILEA proposed a modular scheme for creating bottom filter elements of any area. The bottom filter element shown below can be created to the size of the bottom of your tank:

  • model name: HAILEA UF-24P;
  • price: 955 p .;
  • characteristics: size 85×30 cm, size of one module – 14×7 cm;
  • pluses: connects to any external filters;
  • cons: not seen.

Filter For Aquarium Which Is Better

How to choose

The initial information for choosing a filtering device is the volume of water and the required capacity. For a small rectangular or round aquarium and large fish fit mechanical internal filter. For a large size and number of aquarium fish – a combined device with tanks for biofiltration fillers is required. It will not be superfluous to install a bottom filtration element (false-bottom) – this will make clean not only the water in your tank, but also the bottom soil coating.