Filter In The Aquarium Is Needed

Your fish want to live in clean water.

One of the most important components of an aquarium is a filter. And in this article you will find out if you need a filter in the aquarium if there is a compressor. Yours fish want to live in clean water!

As you know, the filter is necessary in the aquarium, as it cleans the water.

However, there are types of filters that contain several functions:

  • Aquarium water heating
  • Oxygen injection with clean water
  • Performance Regulation
  • Water diversion

Of course, the more functions a filter contains, the more expensive it is.

And the question follows. Do I need a filter in the aquarium if there is compressor?

If you have a compressor, then you should purchase a filter, as the compressor does not fulfill the task of cleaning the aquarium water.

Filter sera

Internal filter Sera

The internal filter of the German production at the low price.

Pumps are regulated and performance, of course, too.

However, it performs only the function of purifying water.

Simple and reliable filter suitable for aquariums from 30 to 300 liters.

Fluval filter

Filter In The Aquarium Is Needed

Fluval internal filter

These filters made in Italy are very reliable and live for a long time.

They have a powerful pump (pump) and have the ability to track the flow force.

Pretty good filter, but it has one drawback – it clogs quickly.

Filter AquaEL FAN

Filter In The Aquarium Is Needed

Internal filter AquaEL FAN

Polish water filters are also popular.

thanks to low energy consumption and excellent performance, efficiency and reliability.

Difference from other cleaners is the filter material,

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with the help of which organic substances are processed much more efficiently

and nitrogen compounds.

The only drawback is that they are quite noisy.

Eheim filter

Internal filter Eheim

These filters are the most expensive of the internal filters and for good reason. They have a lot of advantages:

  • The direction of water and air changes as you like.
  • The filter produces minimal amount of noise.
  • Water filtering sections can be swapped
  • Superbly clean aquarium water biologically

Like all devices, this filter has a minus.

The axis on which the pump impeller is located is ceramic (the others have a metal one), therefore it is very necessary to handle the filter.

In the end, I would like to say that the filter is a very important and useful part of the aquarium, necessary for all its inhabitants: shrimp, turtles, snails and other inhabitants of the aquarium, as it cleans the water from food debris, decomposition, waste and bacteria.