Filter Internal Aquael Fan-Micro Plus

It can work in parallel with other types of Fish Tank Filters, including biological ones. Thanks to its ability to regulate the flow of water, it can also be used in smaller aquariums. Water aeration is provided by:
– heavy water movement near the surface
– nozzle at the outlet,
– additionally installed sprinkler.
The small size of the filter, relatively high performance and simple design are its additional qualities that are essential in the process of operation, especially for a novice aquarist.

The FAN-micro Fish Tank Filter is manufactured with all relevant safety standards in mind. Starting any operation related to immersion of the hand in water (installation, replacement of the filter, cleaning), it is necessary to disconnect from the network the filter and other electrical equipment available in the aquarium. It is prohibited to install a filter with mechanical damage, a crack, as well as a filter with a damaged connecting cord. The power cord must not be replaced, repaired, or installed on it with a switch or a power outlet. In case of damage to the cord, it is necessary to replace the entire pump; the filter can work only indoors and only in water whose temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. The filter is designed exclusively for aquariums, it can not be used for other purposes! The filter must be completely immersed in water, in no case should it work without water.

The filter can be installed at the bottom of the aquarium or its wall, placing it on the legs or on the suction cups. A stand with suction cups, or a magnetic suspension device offered as an option, allows you to quickly and easily hang the filter at any height, depending on your requirements. By connecting with a tube aeration valve with a nozzle, you can regulate aeration. Best results are achieved if the outlet of the pump is submerged not less than 3 cm below the water level. It should be remembered that due to evaporation the water level drops. Caution: If the pump is installed at the bottom of the aquarium, aeration does not work. In this case, the nozzle, tube, suspension and handle are not needed. With the help of a flow regulator you can regulate the pump performance in a wide range. Rotation of the lid water stream can be directed in different directions. A sprinkler can also be connected to the FAN-micro filter – as an additional element.

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Disconnect the filter before cleaning or replacing. Remove the entire filter with a slight movement from the stand and remove it from the aquarium. By unplugging the filter base, the tab can be removed and cleaned or replaced. At the same time, it is advisable to clean the filter base, filter housing, cover and pump housing. The filtering tab is made of a sponge that does not contain phenol, on which bacterial cultures develop especially quickly, removing organic impurities from the aquarium, the FAN-mikro filter is driven by a waterproof synchronous electric motor, which is very easy to maintain. At least once a month (or by cleaning the filtering tab), you must open and clean the rotor chamber. To this end, disconnect the filter base, remove the sponge, remove the regulator, ring, rotate the rotor chamber cover, remove the pump housing from the filter housing, then remove the rotor, and carefully clean the rotor and rotor housing in the housing. Reassemble the filter in reverse order. The rotor mounted on the axle must rotate without any resistance.

Used electrical and electronic household equipment must not be disposed of in trash cans. The selection, collection and proper disposal of this kind of waste contributes to the protection of environmental resources and avoids the negative impact on health, for which improper handling of waste may be dangerous. The user is the person responsible for the delivery of used equipment to a specialized reception center, where this equipment will be accepted free of charge. Information on such items can be obtained from the local administration, at the point of sale or at the manufacturer’s service.

Filter Internal Aquael Fan-Micro Plus