Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

A filter is a device for purifying (filtering) any medium. Accordingly, the Fish Tank Filter is designed to clean the water in the house for fish. Like any other device, filters for aquariums are of different types. When buying, it is important to immediately select the device that is really suitable for this aquarium.

Why do I need cleaning?

The aquatic environment in the home water is always required to filter. This is an axiom that does not require proof. If in nature, running water is filtered naturally, then a fixed aquarium environment must be cleaned forcibly.

On this depends the normal existence of ornamental fish and aquarium plants. Ideally, an aquarium cleaner should:

  • be small;
  • have high reliability, ease of maintenance;
  • and the efficiency of its work should correspond to the volume of water being purified.

Types of Fish Tank Filters

By their constructive arrangement, filtering devices for aquariums can be:

Phytofilters can be used as an auxiliary biological filter.

Internal filter device

Located directly in the tank, is perhaps the most popular in the home aquarium.

Such filters are the cheapest and easiest to use. The only drawback – they occupy a useful volume of aquarium space.

Previously, airlift filters were popular. They are used to this day in spawning, as they create a soft current and do not suck in the fry. They carry out the filtration and aeration of water. To create an airlift filter, you need a compressor, a sponge and a curved tube. Water is driven by an aerlift thrust generated by a compressor.

Now mainly pumps are used to pump water through a sponge. They are easy to maintain, provide effective filtration and strong flow.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

Pump with ceramic filler.


Some aquarium owners prefer external filters. The device itself (aquarists call it a bucket) is located on the outside next to the tank, and two tubes are put into the aquatic environment to pump out the dirty water and pump clean after filtration.

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The advantage of such devices is their high performance. In addition, they do not occupy a useful place inside the aquarium. Disadvantages: relative high cost and large dimensions.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

One of the schemes of the external filter.

Mounted Fish Tank Filters

This is a compromise when the device is attached to the wall of the aquarium, and the filter element is located in the water. However, such devices are not very popular.


A very interesting type of filters for the aquarium. Another name for the bottom filter is counterfeit. In this device, a flat filter element (a plate with tubes and holes) is placed on the bottom of the aquarium and sprinkled on top with soil.

Water purification goes from the bottom up, and the water passes a double purification: not only through the filter element, but also through a layer of soil. The disadvantages of such devices is their low productivity and complexity in maintenance. In large aquariums, they are usually not used.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

One of the options for the bottom filter.


Large fish in the aquarium often very dirty water. Vegetation is practically incompatible with American cichlids, and organic pollution is quickly formed in the water. To ease the task and not to resort to frequent water changes, aquarists install a fit filter.

With the help of a pump or airlift thrust, water is taken from the aquarium and is passed through the sump, and then poured back from the other side of the sump. In the pallet there is an expanded clay in which the plants are planted. Flora can be very different, from ordinary indoor plants, to greenery to the home table. The vegetation feeds on organic matter obtained from polluted water, cleaning it.

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Types of filter elements

Aquarium water filtration itself is

  • mechanical (separation of small debris particles)
  • biochemical (neutralization of harmful impurities and substances).

Such problems are designed to solve filter materials in the aquatic environment.

Sponge filter

The most common filtering element is a special sponge, fine and porous. Water, forcibly passing through the pores of the sponge, leaves mechanical debris in it (remnants of food, plants, and other foreign substances).

After about 6-7 days of work on the sponge, colonies of beneficial bacteria are formed that carry out biological treatment (for example, from excess nitrates and nitrogen compounds). Such sponges should be cleaned of accumulated debris after about 2 weeks of operation.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

Filter with foam filling.

Activated carbon

Another type of filter filler is activated carbon. Due to its chemical properties, it purifies water more qualitatively.

But with such filters you need to be extremely careful: with the full saturation of activated carbon with harmful impurities, it spontaneously produces their release into the environment. This phenomenon can in the worst case even lead to the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Activated charcoal should be used only for water purification from drugs.

Multipore ceramic bio fillings

Get more widespread. This may be special ceramic balls. Beneficial bacteria quickly settle on such a surface, creating large colonies.

The effectiveness of biological treatment of the aquatic environment increases many times. Naturally, such filter elements are used in conjunction with mechanical cleaning filters.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

Peat Fillers

Some fishes (for example, a characteristic) like soft acid water. For these purposes, granulated peat is used. It oxidizes water, makes it softer and can also tint slightly, giving it a light tea color. This property of peat is highly valued by aquarists, seeking to recreate certain biotopes.

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What device to buy? Criterias of choice

All commercially available Fish Tank Filters perform their functions well. What brand of device to give their preference? An exact and unequivocal answer to this question is difficult to obtain.

If the aquarium is large enough, you can purchase an internal filter. So, the internal filters are well established. Aquael fan Polish production. They are easy to install, but in overcrowded aquariums, it is better not to use them, as they often become clogged and stop aerating the water.

Filters For Aquarium Which Is Better

Filter Aquael Fan.

A good pump produces a Chinese company Sunsun. They are durable, create a powerful flow of water, which, however, can be adjusted. The disadvantages include excessive noise of the device.

Products of the German company are in good demand. Eheim. The line of silent filters of this manufacturer is designed for aquariums of any capacity.

According to a number of aquarists, Polish external devices Aquael UNIMAX represent the optimal combination of quality, efficiency and price.

German company external filters Tetra developed using the latest technology of bio-purification of water. They work reliably without changing filter elements for at least 6 months.

Many aquarists who prefer bottom filters use Chinese-made devices from the company. HAILEA. Prices for such filters are quite reasonable, but their maintenance requires more time.

Thus, the criteria for choosing a filter are: the volume of the aquarium, the price, simplicity and reliability of the device. In any case, before buying an Fish Tank Filter it is better to consult with experienced owners of ornamental fish.