Fish Tank Filter

Internal or external filter is used for water purification. The structure of the filter can be any, but it should be convenient for cleaning, it should be well attached to the walls of the aquarium, it should be well cleaned. Usually the filter is taken for a volume that is 2-3 times larger than the real volume of the turtle aquarium (the aquarium itself, and not water). This is due to the fact that turtles eat a lot and defecate a lot, and the water should remain clean. Filters should be cleaned as they are polluted (1-2 p per week), but without soap, powder and other chemicals.

The internal filter is a plastic container with perforated side walls or slots for water inlet. Inside contains filtering material, usually one or more sponge cartridges. In the upper part of the filter is an electric pump (pump) for pumping water. The pump can be equipped with a diffuser, which allows the use of this device for aeration. All this device is immersed in water and attached from the inside to the side wall of the aquarium.
Sometimes, coal or other natural filter elements are placed instead or together with the sponge.
The internal filter can be placed not only vertically, but also horizontally or at an angle, which is convenient in turtle aquariums, where the height of the water is relatively low.
If the filter does not cope with water purification, replace it with a filter designed for a larger volume or start feeding the turtle in a separate container.

Most external mechanical filters used by aquarists belong to the so-called canister filters. In them, filtration is carried out in a separate volume, resembling a tank or canister and taken out of the aquarium. A pump — an integral element of such filters — is usually built into the upper case cover. Inside the case there are 2-4 compartments filled with various filtering materials that serve for coarse and fine cleaning of the water pumped through the filter. The filter is connected to the aquarium with plastic pipes.

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Also on sale are decorated filters – Tetratex DecoFilter, that is, when the filter is disguised as a rock-waterfall. They are suitable for aquariums with a volume of 20 to 200 liters, provide a flow of water of 300 l / h and consume 3.5 watts.

To clean the soil you can use Tetratec GC, which will help replace water and remove dirt.

How to fix the filter so that the turtles are not demolished?

You can try to change the Velcro, fill up with heavy stones. You can also try using a magnetic holder, but it has limitations on the thickness of the glass. It is quite effective to hide the filter and heater in a separate box so that the tortoise does not have access to them. Or change the internal filter to the external one.

Turtle blows down the filter.

Pulling it partially out of the water is impossible – there is a chance to burn the filter (unless of course this method of immersion is written in the instruction), it’s better to simply reduce the filter head, if this is not possible, put a flute (tube with holes on the output part of the filter), if it isn’t , direct the pressure into the wall of the aquas, and if this does not help (the filter is too powerful), then turn the filter horizontally and make the tube pointing towards the surface of the water, but the filter itself was completely in the water. By adjusting the depth of immersion, you can get the fountain up. If it does not work out – nothing terrible, the tortoise is likely to be trained over time to cope with the jet of the filter.

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Turtle breaks the filter and tries to eat a water heater.

The filter is noisy

The Fish Tank Filter can make noise if it partially protrudes from the water. Pour more water. In addition, faulty models or an empty filter that has just been installed and did not have time to fill with water may make noise.

Fish Tank Filter

Selecting an external Fish Tank Filter

External canister Fish Tank Filter got its name because of the location of the filter outside the aquarium. Only the intake and exhaust tubes of the external filter for the aquarium have been connected to the aquarium. Through the intake tube, water is taken from the aquarium, run directly through the filter with the appropriate fillers, and then, already purified and enriched with oxygen, the water is poured into the aquarium. What is convenient external filter?

  • An external filter in an aquarium with water turtles saves space and does not spoil the design. In addition, usually turtles can not break and hurt him, although there are exceptions.
  • Easy to maintain – it is washed no more than once a month, or even 3 months. An external canister filter for an aquarium also creates a flow of water, it mixes and also fills the water with much-needed oxygen for fish and plants. In addition, colonies of bacteria grow and develop in the fillers of an external filter, which biologically purify water from organic excretions of fish: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, thus external filters are biological.

Atman – Chinese company. Often referred to as the best Chinese filters. Production takes place at the same factories where JBL and other famous filters are being assembled. The CF line is well known and tested by many aquarists; there is no negative quality. The DF line was developed jointly with JBL. The rulers of these filters are fully equipped and ready to work, in contrast to the same Eheim Classic with outdated solutions, empty bundle and only a proud name. The filter is quite noisy compared to some others.
Established fillers are recommended to either immediately change or supplement with finer sponges or padding polyester.

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Aquael – Polish company. Here you can look at UNIMAX 250 models (650l / h, up to 250l,) and UNIMAX 500 (1500l / h, up to 500l). Of the benefits – fillers in the kit, the function of adjusting the performance, built-in mechanism for pumping air from the filter and tubes, as well as very quiet. Feedback is mostly negative:
Aquael UNIMAX 150, 450 l / h canister – can flow from under the cover.
Aquael Unifilter UV, 500 l / h – poorly purifies water, turbid water, can not cope even with 25 liters.

Eheim – Well-known company and very good filters, but expensive, incommensurable with competitors. The best in reliability, noiselessness and quality of water purification.

Jebo – convenient filter, visible degree of pollution, conveniently removed the cover, cleans the water well.

Tetratec – German company, you can consider two models: EX700 (700l / h, 100-250l, 4 baskets,) and EX1200 (1200l / h, 200-500l, 4 baskets, filter volume 12l). Included are filtering materials, all tubes and it is completely ready for use. There is a button for pumping water, which facilitates the start. Of the benefits note good equipment and quiet operation. Of the minuses: in 2008 and the beginning of 2009 a series of defective Tetr (leaks and loss of power) was released, with which the company badly tarnished its reputation. Now everything is in order, but the sediment remained and look biased at the filters. When servicing this filter, it is advised to additionally lubricate the sealing gum with petroleum jelly or other technical grease, as they say, to avoid.