Fish Tank Filter

Modern models of mechanical filters are characterized by high performance, ease of operation and reliability. In addition to purifying suspended particles from water, the Fish Tank Filter is able to aerate water, water aeration is provided by many filter models for performing the compressor task, such filters are often called aerators, and they are well suited for small and medium sized aquariums.

Internal filter for aquarium

Aquael Fan 3 – internal filter for an aquarium with a capacity up to 250 liters, 700 l / h.

Fish Tank Filter

The filter is designed for cleaning and aeration of water in aquariums. Thanks to a properly selected sponge located on a specially designed perforated rod, the filter does not require frequent maintenance. Plastic prefilter retains larger particles and ensures stable performance.

  • perfect filtration and aeration
  • convenient and precise performance control
  • smooth control of water flow direction
  • modern design that does not require frequent maintenance
  • silent operation
  • easy installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance

The internal filter for the aquarium is attached to the glass of the aquarium with rubber suction cups, and in many models there is also a plastic holder that performs the task of the hook by means of which the filter is mounted in a suspended state behind the wall of the aquarium.

When buying a filter, it is necessary to choose a model with a holder because the suction cups are short-lived and can fail. It is forbidden to fasten mechanical filters for an electric wire in order to avoid its breakage and an electric shock. Do not clean the aquarium with the filter on, and also turn on the filter in non-water and if the filter is not completely submerged in water.

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Cleaning the filter for the aquarium is a snap. To do this, turn off the filter and carefully remove the filter from the aquarium, and in order not to pour water on the floor, we give the water from the filter to completely drain into the aquarium, but you can also substitute some kind of dishes, such as a cup, under the filter. Next, transfer the filter into the bath or sink there, disassemble the filter, remove the glass and the foam rubber sponge and rinse thoroughly with running water.

We wash the foam sponge until absolutely pure water flows out of the sponge. Next, collect the filter and install it in place in the aquarium. Before plugging in the filter, be sure to check that the cord, plug and hands are completely dry.

A lot of important feature of modern filters is the power flow regulator. This can be useful when you need to move the filter to a smaller tank. The mechanical filter is practically silent and can replace the aquarium compressor installed in the bedroom, thus solving the problem associated with insomnia from annoying compressor noise.

With all these advantages, it is safe to say the filter for the aquarium is an indispensable tool, however, compressors are also necessary for the breeding of aquarium fish, when the installation of mechanical filters is unacceptable in spawning grounds and nursery aquariums.