Fish Tank Filter Do It Yourself

How to make an Fish Tank Filter with your own hands and organize the filtration of your aquarium yourself? Whether external, internal or bottom. What tools and equipment are needed for this? All these questions you will find the answer by reading this article.

There are many options for the manufacture of different types of filters. We will consider the main ones.

Types of filters:

Internal filter

This is the easiest type of filter. Which, pretty well cleans the water (for its type). Making an internal filter with your own hands is very simple. To do this, you will need: a plastic bottle (small size)

  • piece of sponge
  • filler (pebbles, "passing" in size to the neck of the bottle)
  • compressor, hose and one suction cup

In the cover we make four large holes. In the neck, right under the lid, we make a hole into which one end of the hose must “tightly” enter (the other end is connected to the compressor). At the bottom of the bottle, in the circle we make holes for the release of purified water. Do not forget to make another hole for the sucker, slightly below the bottom of the plastic bottle.

Fill our filter (bottle) with pebbles (or other filler), twist the cap. Then we put a piece of sponge on the neck (it is desirable that it be of the correct, neat form) – this will be the bottom of our device. Insert the hose and suction cup into the corresponding holes. Place the filter in the aquarium, and turn on the compressor. Done!

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Fish Tank Filter Do It Yourself

Schematic representation of the internal filter

Hinged filter

Hinged filter for aquarium do it yourself is also not difficult. But "play" will have more than internal.

For us will require:

  • any plastic, glass, plexiglass (any neutral material is at hand)
  • compressor
  • piece of sponge (sintepon), hose

We make a container, or find a finished one (something like a long plastic pot for plants. We make partitions from plastic (we can see it more clearly in the diagram). Fill the first compartment (where water is fed) with a piece of synthetic padding, the other sections – with different or the same filler In the last compartment, at the top, we make a hole, and a groove for the release of purified water. The structure itself is suspended from the back wall of the aquarium.

Water supply is carried out using a compressor, by analogy with an external filter.

Mounted filter circuit

External filter

External or external Fish Tank Filter do it yourself more difficult to do. For its manufacture, you can use a plastic round high canister or plastic barrel with a lid. If there is none, a piece of large-diameter garden pipe can be put into action. True in this case, the lid and bottom need to attach yourself.

A plastic or metal fitting with a one-way inlet valve is screwed into the bottom of the canister. Two holes are made in the lid. One for the union with the exhaust valve, the second for the electric pump, which, in turn, is attached to the inside of the cap.

Now you need to make cartridges for filling. Suitable plastic flower pots, the same diameter as the inner part of the canister. At the bottom of these pots we make a lot of holes for water circulation.

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The first cartridge layer is placed just above the inlet fitting. And fill it with padding polyester. In the subsequent layers we place any other filler. You can use different: pebbles, coal filler, volcanic rock and others. It is necessary that the last cartridge would not touch the pump.

Pump power depends on the volume of the aquarium. The higher the volume, the more powerful the pump should be.

Fish Tank Filter Do It Yourself

External filter circuit

Bottom filter

It is worth mentioning the bottom filters. The filter element which is the soil of the aquarium. Water passes through it, thereby making a rough cleaning. The best cleaning is obtained using sandy soil. This type of filter is little used, but nevertheless we will consider it.

  • water pump
  • tubes + tubes with holes to the bottom, under the ground
  • compressor (in one of the options)

Pipes with holes laid under the ground. On top of them, you need to put a plastic mesh, with small holes, so that the soil does not clog the holes in the tube itself. The pump is located closer to the surface. Done!

In the case of direct flow bottom filter, we use a compressor. More clearly the construction can be considered on the scheme.

Bottom filter. Scheme

In conclusion, let’s say, that all types of filters are quite easy to do yourself, and at the same time save a significant amount of money. And with a more "dense" approach, you can improve and improve these options for the manufacture of filters.