Fish Tank Filter How To Set

Internal filters SICCE (Italy)

The best internal filters for aquariums with a unique design.

Four versions with different capacities from 300 to 800 l / h for aquariums of 10-200 liters.

The stocked magnetic communication system (MCS) (except micron) is patented and adjusts the air flow in 4 positions to compensate for greater aeration with the least movement of water in the aquarium. Modular system with replaceable cartridges with activated carbon, microporous sponge and razor clams. Shark ADV filters are suitable not only as a single filter, but also as an auxiliary pump for moving large aquariums, especially marine ones.

  • Magnetic Communication System (MCS);
  • Sucker for wall mount support with quick release;
  • Water flow adjustment;
  • Filter adjustment for greater control of water flow and to prevent accidental entry of fish.


Fish Tank Filter How To Set

Lifting height: 0.85 l

Dimensions (LxWxH): 42x48x135

Shark ADV 400

Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x78x225

Shark ADV 600

Filler: sponge, bioceramics

Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x78x225

Shark ADV 800

Filler: sponge, bioceramics

Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x78x285

JEBO Internal Filters (China)



JEBO AP 1200 F

JEBO AP 1400 F

JEBO AP 1700 F

JEBO AP 1900 F

JEBO AP 2100 F

Internal filters AQUAEL (Poland)

Internal filter Aquael – designed for cleaning and oxygenation of water in aquariums. The horizontal arrangement of the rotor chamber facilitates its cleaning, without the need to dismantle the filter. Perfect for pallidariums and terrariums with turtles (it can work in a horizontal position).

-perfect filtration and aeration
-convenient and precise performance control
-smooth control of water flow direction
-durable and trouble free operation without the need for frequent cleaning
-exceptionally quiet operation
-easy installation and maintenance

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FAN micro plus

FAN mini plus

FAN 1 plus

FAN 2 plus

FAN 3 plus

Designed to clean and saturate the water in aquariums with air. They have adjustable air supply, the direction of the water jet and its power.

2 alternative installation methods.

Convenient removable mount.

Free access to the rotor, without the need for disassembling the filter.

Injector for air.






Internal filter Aquael – designed for cleaning and oxygenating the water in aquariums and for sterilizing water V / F rays. Qualitatively filters water and additionally sterilizes it, thanks to the presence of ultraviolet LED diodes. Destroys floating algae (muddy green water), protozoa and bacteria, increases the transparency of the water, and also cares about the health of the fish swimming in it:

-LED UV Diode
-performance adjustment
-air adjustment
-water flow direction adjustment
-Bio container with biological filler (for model Unifilter UV 1000)
-double sponge
-two ways of placing in the aquarium
-ease of maintenance
W / F module "UNIUV POWER"
Eliminates the causes of most diseases, destroys algae and parasites; provides water sterilization with f / rays; low energy consumption; long service life of UV diodes; adapted to work with unifilter; self-powered.

Filtration containers are completed with BIOCERAMAX 600 ceramic filler, this substrate conducts denitrification of the medium in the aquarium, removing ammonium and nitrites. The system of joining several filtration containers is also improved. After purchasing additional containers, the volume of filtration material can be increased and, accordingly, the filter can be used for large aquariums (or densely populated aquariums).

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All Turbo filters are equipped with a smooth water flow control system, in the form of an ergonomic regulator mounted on the pump outlet channel. High performance; the ability to fully saturate water with oxygen; noiselessness and low energy consumption; the highest quality of mechanical filtration; two-level biological filtration; a smooth and comfortable performance regulator; the ability to install additional containers.