Can say that fishbowl very popular among lovers of fish and aquariums, as it easily fits into any interior and, importantly, very convenient and easy to install. It can be put in any, even limited by space, place.


but fishbowl entails some difficulties. Firstly, it is not so easy to decorate the equipment necessary for fish care. Secondly, if the aquarium is not large, it is difficult to find appropriate decorations and plants for it.

Do not forget also about the effect of the lens created by round aquariums, because of which your pets may experience constant inconvenience, which will affect their health, health and longevity.


Goldfish is no exception, contrary to the opinion that it should, of course, live in round-shaped aquariums. Like many other fish, she loves quite large spaces.

As a result, we conclude that a round aquarium will require certain experience and knowledge.


Recommendations for round aquariums

Even before you buy a round aquarium, think in advance what you will design and what fish you will get, how you will install the necessary equipment. In other words, such things as lighting, heater, filter, compressor – it is necessary not only to install, but also to decorate in order for your aquarium to please the eye.

Not all fish will be suitable for round aquariums, it is recommended to choose the following: cockerels, liliusy, catfish corridor, guppy. The aquarium should not be overpopulated. It is better not to contain schooling fish in it even in small quantities. Soil round aquarium should not exceed five centimeters.

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Cautions on small round aquariums

In such aquariums place everything you need for your pets even more difficult. Due to the small volume in it, it is not easy to create for the fish the shelters they need from plants, minerals and other decor. Without having sufficient shelter and the opportunity to find a separate place, the fish in the aquarium will experience stress.

The water surface of the sphere of round aquariums is small, and this affects the reduction of gas exchange. There is little oxygen in the water and the fish may suffocate. Compressed space can make the planting of many plants in the amount necessary for the conversion of nitrogen impossible.

In a small round aquarium without a filter, the water should be changed daily, but this is also an additional stress for your pets. Large temperature fluctuations due to the small volume of water, especially in the absence of thermal control equipment, in turn, is another adverse factor leading to bad consequences for its inhabitants.

In a small aquarium, more germs and bacteria are collected, and the cleaning equipment for it can be quite cumbersome.


Minimum requirements for round aquariums

The minimum volume should be at least five and a half liters and is suitable only for breeding small fish. The fact that below this limit is not humane in relation to animals and has nothing in common with small aquariums. An aquarium is not a vase or a bank.


The average volume is 12 liters.

If you plan to buy a round aquarium, do not save on your fish and get the aquarium in which they will be comfortable and convenient!