Homemade Fish Tank Filters

Homemade Fish Tank Filters

To create optimal conditions, the inhabitants of the aquarium must have water filters. It can be cleaned by external and internal devices. Consider in this article how to make external and other filters for the aquarium with your own hands.

Depending on the size of the aquarium

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External filter

Located outside the aquarium. It is more convenient to use, does not occupy space in the aquarium, it works efficiently. Filter the water in the aquarium is necessary. However, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of an expensive device. Make the filter for the aquarium itself is not difficult.

Homemade external filter for aquarium can be made from scrap materials. For the base, you can use a plastic canister or pipe. Do not do when creating it without a pump. It is with its help that the water is pumped out of the aquarium and, while undergoing purification, returns back. Another important detail is the filter element.

Homemade Fish Tank Filters

Depending on the type, it performs chemical, biological or mechanical water purification. You will need synthetic winterizer, foam sponges, ceramic and glass-ceramic fillers, coal, peat, expanded clay, bio-balls, zeolite. If you use multiple fillers, the degree of purification will increase. Hoses or pipes will be needed to take water and return it.

Also prepare taps, plugs, nuts, Fum tape, separator, silicone. Tools may require wrenches, a screwdriver, a knife, a drill. You can also think of your own version of the device and use other materials.

Homemade Fish Tank Filters


Consider how to make an external filter for the aquarium with your own hands on a specific example. We take a plastic pipe of the desired diameter and length. Top and bottom of the pipe need to make covers with holes for inlet and outlet hoses of water. For this you can use fittings. Inside by means of the union the pump is fixed.

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Further we do cartridges with the filtering material. The selected elements are laid in layers, separated by separators (trays from pots, kitchen mesh). For preliminary cleaning use foam rubber or synthetic winterizer. Then we put ceramic rings, biofilter or other materials. Hoses are attached to fittings, taps for air release are cut.

The entire structure is sealed with silicone or other sealants. Before installing it should be checked.

Internal filter

Suitable for small-sized containers. They produce mechanical cleaning, easier to manufacture than external. You will need a plastic bottle, hose, suction cup, compressor, filler (pebble), a piece of sponge. From the tools useful knife, screwdriver or drill.

Homemade Fish Tank Filters


It is very easy to make an internal Fish Tank Filter with your own hands, even for beginners. In the cap of the bottle make holes for the entrance of untreated water. A piece of sponge is put on the cover for coarse cleaning. In the neck of the bottle a hole is made to install the hose. The other end of the hose is attached to the compressor.

You also need to make a hole for mounting the suction cup. Inside you need to put a pebble or other filler. Then we put what happened in the aquarium and attach it to the glass with a suction cup.

Depending on the size of the aquarium

For a capacity of 100 liters, you can use the internal model of a plastic bottle. To do this, cut it, leaving the part with the neck. The plastic tube is inserted into it, openings for water receipt are made outside. Inside the filtering fillers are placed: sponge, synthetic winterizer, gravel. Then the hose is attached to the tube at one end, the design is fixed inside the aquarium with the help of a sucker.

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For containers of 200 liters, external canister or mounted models are usually used. How to make an external filter with your own hands, it was described above. For a mounted model, you will need a plastic or glass container. Partitions are made of plastic. In the first compartment is placed sintepon or sponge, water flows.

Other fillers can be placed in other compartments. A water outlet is made in the last compartment. Its supply is carried out with the help of a pump (compressor). For a homemade model, you can use the pump from the washing machine. The finished device is suspended from the aquarium.

In containers of 300 and 500 liters is better to use external filters. The larger the volume, the more powerful the pump requires, the larger size of the structure itself and the amount of filler. About manufacturing technology, see the video.

Other models

For water purification using an internal or external filter of different models. The choice of a particular depends on the volume of the aquarium, its inhabitants, and the problems that exist. In this case, any model can be made into the aquarium with your own hands.


Airlift filter produces water filtration with air. They are not expensive, but very effective. You must use a compressor, filter sponge, hose, suction cup, plastic tube or flask electrical tape. On top of the plastic tube is put a corner through which water will flow back. For better connection density, the tube can be wrapped with tape.

A hole is made from the bottom of the tube. Insert the hose, put the whole structure inside the sponge. With the help of a sucker attach it to the glass of the aquarium.

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Homemade Fish Tank Filters


The carbon filter helps to make chemical purification of water from unpleasant odors, yellow, drugs and other substances. However, being an adsorbent, it absorbs from the water and beneficial substances. Therefore, with plants we do not recommend their constant use. Coal can be, both as a part of a complex of fillers of external models, and separately.

Consider how to make an activated carbon filter yourself. Take a metal grid with small holes. From it to make two cylinders, one larger, the other smaller diameter. The seams can be fastened with a wire. At the bottom of the cylinder plugs are put, you can fix them with rivets.

Then the smaller cylinder is inserted into the large one, securing it with self-tapping screws. Coal is poured inside, preferably a large fraction. Top cover with a lid. We put a prefilter on top of the padding polyester. It is recommended to change the coal periodically; the longer it is used, the weaker it performs its function.

Homemade Fish Tank Filters


Canister filter is a kind of external, characterized by high performance. How to make such a device? To do this, you need a plastic pipe or canister, pump, hoses, filler, fittings, plugs, rubber gaskets, faucet, nuts. At the bottom of the device is a hole for the installation of the water inlet hose. Then the water passes through the fillers inside.

For example, a prefilter (foam sponge), then a biological filter, then a ceramic filler. On top of the cover is attached pump. It also makes holes for fixing the hose that releases purified water. Hoses can be fixed by fittings, nuts.

Video "How to make an external filter"

This video details the production of the external model.