How Much To Defend Water For Aquarium Tap

In the preparation of the first launch of the aquarium and the subsequent maintenance of the aquarist requires distilled water. It is strictly not recommended to pour non-standing tap water into the aquarium.

Its gulf may lead to a massive death of fish within the next five minutes, since there are impurities in tap water, the presence of which aquarium fish may not transfer.

Impurities are divided into the following types:

Defending tap water, to replace or before running the fish, helps to get rid of two types of impurities: Gaseous, which evaporate into the air, and solid, which fall as sludge to the bottom of the settled tank. Liquid impurities are not removed by settling of the water, but the concentration will not be dangerous due to the work of the city water supply system. In general, water settling is used to remove the chlorine that is present in tap water and related substances.

How Much To Defend Water For Aquarium Tap

How to defend water for aquarium tap

The way is simple. Pour water into a container for settling and leave for some time. The best choice for a settling tank is a tank with a wide surface and shallow depth. Gather water with a strong pressure from a tap or spray with a shower. This will remove most of the chlorine contained at the stage of water recruitment. Additionally, the prepared water can be filtered with an Fish Tank Filter.

How much water should be defended for the aquarium

In forums, novice aquarists encounter the following values ​​for settling time:

It is known that tap water contains solids. But, they precipitate in a few hours. Gaseous impurities in the form of chlorine volatilize when typing water or with vigorous stirring of water for a couple of tens of minutes. It can be concluded that settling water overnight or day is sufficient for an aquarium.

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Where did the week come from? I do not know, and experience does not confirm the need for water settling for such a long time, if we are talking about a home aquarium.

Do I need to defend the water for the aquarium

To defend the water need for another reason, in addition to the removal of impurities. This is the equalization of the water temperature during settling to the value of the water temperature in the aquarium. If a sufficient amount of cold tap water is poured into the aquarium, the aquarium fish are at risk of temperature shock, which will lead to poor health or mass death.

Rapid water settling with Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan

Quickly get defended water through the use of special compounds, such as Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan. The composition is added to the aquarium water, disinfecting it, volatilizing or removing impurities in the sediment. The water is ready for use immediately after adding the composition. The dosage is indicated on the package.

Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan, I recommend keeping in reserve, and water for the aquarium to defend the traditional way, if time permits.