How Often Do I Need To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

How often should I change the water in the aquarium?

After the aquarium is planted with plants and populated with fish, an amateur should strive to maintain a sustainable regime in it. For the normal development of fish and the prevention of a number of diseases, a certain chemical composition and biological equilibrium, maintained for many years, are necessary in water.

Water should be refilled as it evaporates, cleaning the glass, the soil of the aquarium only partially no more than 1 / 5-1 / 3 of the volume of the aquarium. Moreover, even a partial replacement of water should not drastically change both its gas and salt composition.

How Often Do I Need To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

In aquarium fish farming, complete replacement of old water is extremely rare. Even with the massive death of fish it does not completely change. When completely replacing the water, it is necessary to be sure that the new water meets all the hydrochemical parameters required for the existing fish species.

Completely change the water in the aquarium in exceptional cases: when introducing unwanted microorganisms, the appearance of fungal mucus, rapid flowering of water that does not stop when the aquarium is darkened temporarily, and when the soil is very dirty. From the complete change of water plants suffer: there is discoloration and premature dying of the leaves. If the aquarium is biologically correctly populated, then plants, fish and bacteria in the soil and water can replace a good filter.

A common opinion among novice aquarists about the need for frequent water changes as a prerequisite for the normal maintenance of exotic fish is deeply mistaken. Frequent changes of water in the aquarium can cause illness and even death of fish.

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In most cases, a water change — although a regular change of 1/5 of the water in an aquarium is always desirable — does not have a living stage of a room pond. This life in the aquarium, depending on our skills and desires, can last from several days to 10-15 years.

What does that require? Replacing water by 1/5, up to certain limits, of course, (topping up with non-living tap water) will shake the equilibrium state of the environment, but after two days it will be restored. The larger the aquarium, the greater the resistance in it against our inept interventions.

How Often Do I Need To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

Pseudotrofaus zebra (Maylandia zebra)

Replacing half of the medium will break the equilibrium stability, some fish and plants may die, but after a week the other homeostatism of the medium will again be restored.

Replacing all the water with a plumbing can completely destroy the environment, and everything will have to start over.

* If you decide to start an aquarium, and have not dealt with it before, but there is a desire to arrange everything not hastily and somehow, start with a small reservoir of 100-200 liters. It is just as easy to establish biological balance, to form a living environment, as in a small one, and to destroy it with its inept actions will be much more difficult than in an aquarium with a capacity of 20-30 liters.

In an aquarium, we do not contain aquatic animals and plants, but aquatic habitats, and the main task of an aquarist is to maintain an equilibrium, healthy state of this particular environment, and not its individual inhabitants, because if the environment is healthy, then the inhabitants of this environment will be well . The habitat in the period of its formation (when plants were planted in the ground, and a week later the first fish were launched) is extremely unstable, therefore it is strictly prohibited to interfere with the work of the aquarium at this time. What do we have to do?

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Within two months, it is impossible to replace water: what’s the point, instead of semidiving water, which is just turning into residential water, to bring in a sterile water supply again? In a large aquarium, changing water will slow down the formation of the habitat, while in a small aquarium this intervention will cause a catastrophe and everything will have to start over.

How Often Do I Need To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

Pseudotropheus zebra (Pseudotropheus zebra)

After two or three months, the emerging aquatic habitat in the aquarium will enter the youth stage. From this point until the complete reorganization of the aquarium, it is necessary to start again by replacing 1/5 of the volume of water once every 10-15 days, or monthly. It is as if the inhabitants of the aquarium do not need such a renewal of the environment, but the habitat requires it to prolong youth and maturity. During the water change, you can clean up with a hose to collect debris from the ground, clean the glass. In an aquarium with a capacity of more than 200 liters, tap water is poured into a thin stream. For small ponds, the water must be defended in the room or heated to 40-50 °.

After six months comes the maturity of the habitat. Now only a rough intervention can ruin the existing biological balance in the aquarium.

After a year, it’s time to help the habitat not get old. It is necessary to remove accumulations of organic matter in the soil, that is, to clear the soil. For two months regularly washing the soil, it is necessary to ensure that the total mass of removals with water debris does not exceed 1/5 of its volume in the aquarium, even in the largest domestic pond it is possible to wash all the soil. But we rejuvenate the environment for a whole year, and a year later we repeat this operation again.

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In this way, habitat degradation is prevented and the aquarium gives joy to its owner without major rebuilding for many years.

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