How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

Contemplation of aquarium fish has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. These silent inhabitants of an artificial reservoir do not create special troubles to their owner, but this does not mean that they and their environment do not require care. In order to create optimal conditions for the existence of fish and other microorganisms, mechanical, chemical and biological purification of water is important. Assistant in this issue will be a good Fish Tank Filter. How to choose the best available variety of popular models is discussed in this article.

Top Internal Filters

A distinctive feature of the device is a spherical head, which provides the movement of water flow in different directions. Built-in diffuser provides enrichment of the liquid in the aquarium with oxygen. Through the power control you can change the water flow. Mechanical and biological cleaning of the liquid medium of the aquarium is carried out by means of spongy cartridges in the filter housing. The filter cloth in the filter box enhances the mechanical cleaning effect.

The design provides for such a combination of compartments (modules), at which their local washing is possible. This is important in terms of the conservation of beneficial bacteria. In addition, the blockage of one of the compartments will not affect the operation of the filter as a whole. There is a special compartment for the filtering substrate.
Features of the set: in addition to the filtering device, a holder, a nozzle for aeration, a flute, 3 suction cups are included It is advisable to use for containers from 80 to 180 liters. Capacity from 210 to 650 l / h.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The average price is 2600 rubles.

  • aeration;
  • moving head;
  • the presence of nozzles that distribute the flow;
  • modular block connection scheme;
  • the ability to replace the substrate.
  • during operation, suckers weaken and worse retain the cleaning mechanism.

The design is designed for aquariums with a capacity of 50 to 150 liters. It has a capacity of 600 l / h and a power of 7.5 watts. Fastened by suction cups in a comfortable position. An additional department ensures the integration of the thermostat.
It is characterized by the presence of a three-stage method of filtering water, including mechanical, biological, chemical. As filter materials are used:

  • double-sided sponge for mechanical cleaning – the white side is intended for screening a large conglomerate, the green one is responsible for the quality of fine filtration;
  • activated carbon – provides chemical treatment of the liquid medium, removes pollution and eliminates odors;
  • Biogubka, populated with beneficial bacteria – with its help biological water purification is realized, decomposition of harmful components is provided.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The device is easy to maintain: a monthly replacement of the biofiltration sponge is required, it does not need to be washed.
The average cost is 1060 rubles.

  • price;
  • compactness of the product, providing savings in space in the aquarium;
  • optimal cleaning of the aquarium environment;
  • no need to rinse the sponge – cartridge replacement is required.
  • aeration is not provided;
  • monthly costs for the purchase of a new cartridge.

The corner model is designed for installation on walls up to 5 mm thick. The design feature prevents shrimp from entering the filter due to the presence of a tightly mounted sponge. Sponge can be cleaned by means of a removable front cover. The sponge filter is important for mechanical cleaning. Plastic container provides the use of activated carbon and other adsorbents. Substrate Pro, included in the package, is involved in the biological treatment of fluids. Water flows out of the filter over the surface of the head in the form of an improvised waterfall. Aeration is provided, at the same time the surface film is accelerated. The large grate area for the intake provides a significant filter area on the washcloth.

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How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The design does not provide suckers. The base attachment is put on the angle of the aquarium and holds the filter on the wall. This can be inconvenient for owners of aquariums with lids: in this case, you will have to make a slot in the lid or abandon the model. On the other hand, the sucker weakens with time, and such a nozzle does not have an expiration date, it will be used for a long time (until it breaks).

The filter is designed for aquariums with freshwater or sea water with a capacity of 10 to 60 liters. Productivity – 200 l / h.

The average cost is 2139-2500 rubles.

  • silent, easy to maintain;
  • effective water purification in small tanks;
  • angular design saves space in the aquarium.
  • no suction cups, inconvenient for aquariums with lids;
    difficult access to the rotor chamber.

The device is intended for aquariums with a capacity of 300 to 500 liters. Productivity of the unit makes 1000 l / hour. Its own volume is 7 liters, which is very close to that of external devices.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

A feature of the filter design is that it is fixedly embedded in the aquarium. Lack of hoses and couplings allow efficient use of pump power. The considerable volume of the device provides a considerable interval between cleanings with high efficiency. Convenience of maintenance is achieved through free access to the filter materials of the device.

Experienced aquarists model is highly appreciated, but to pay for it will have a tidy sum – from 9460 to 13750 rubles.

  • safe work;
  • high level of performance;
  • ease of care and operation.
  • considerable cost of the product;
  • fairly rapid wear of materials that provide coarse cleaning.

Model for miniature aquariums up to 20 liters. The device, having a capacity of 2 kW, is capable of processing 150 l / h.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

Mechanical filtration is possible thanks to a sponge that absorbs dirt and provides water purification. The uniform distribution of the flow of water is realized by means of a water flute system. The main feature of the model is its equipment. In addition to the nozzle water flute, the set includes the following interchangeable nozzles:

  • filtration and sprinkling;
  • circulation and filtration;
  • filtration and aeration.

Such an assortment of nozzles provides a choice of options for the movement of water flow in each case. Compact body in the form of glass is attached to the walls of the container with suction cups.
For adjustment will have to pay an average of 350 rubles.

  • value for money;
  • silent operation;
  • compact model with an expanded complete set for small aquariums.
  • the hole for the flute is larger than necessary: ​​it should be mounted with a gasket.

Top external filters

The canister filter produces a favorable initial visual impression: the case is made of stainless steel, which is the ridge of the Aqua Design Amano brand, creates for the potential user a sense of reliability and high quality of the product.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The design of the device provides effective circulation of fluid, reducing the load on the pump, which provides an increase in the duration of the filtering device. The mechanism with a capacity of 12 liters has a capacity of 16-19 l / min and a max height of water rise of 2.4-3.4 m, designed for artificial water bodies with overall dimensions of 0.9 x0.45 x0.6 m (1.2 x 0.45 x0.6 m).

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The kit comes with Bio Rio M fillers that stimulate the dissolution of oxygen in the aquarium water: this increases the activity of the beneficial bacteria and, as a result, the efficiency of the biological filtration process.

The pump is attached to the body of the device: it levels the effects of electromagnetic waves on the colonies of bacteria in the device, which contributes to their comfortable development.

The filter implements the main cleaning methods:

The first allows you to remove large particles from the liquid medium (fragments of algae, remnants of food and livelihoods of aquatic inhabitants). The second – removes pollution due to the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. Carbon is often used at the initial stage of launching an aquarium to purify water and prevent staining of the water and ammonium poisoning of the inhabitants of an artificial reservoir. Due to the fact that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is limited, for its effective use it is required to change the coal twice a month.

The third method of cleaning is given a key position. Microbial settlements in the filter are involved in the process of assimilation and decomposition of organic matter, plankton, microbes in water: nitrifying bacteria convert ammonium, which is found in fish excrement, into nitrite, and then into nitrate.

Average cost of adaptation: 75,000 rubles.

  • stylish design, stainless steel case;
  • 3 effective methods of water purification;
  • productive pump.
  • applicable only to freshwater artificial ponds;
  • high price.

The external filtering device with a volume of 12 liters and a power consumption of 19.5 W is designed for spacious aquariums from 200 to 500 liters with both fresh and salt water. Can be used in terrariums. The capacity of the device is 1300 l / h. The water column reaches a lifting height of up to 1 m 80 cm. Unlike its predecessors, it consumes up to 20% less energy.

The model is equipped with 4 containers for filtering fillers, among which are the following:

  • 1 – CR – ceramic rings – thanks to them the water flow is distributed evenly, large particles of dirt are removed;
  • 2 – BB – bio-balls – take part in biofiltration: a powerful colony of beneficial bacteria is formed on their surface;
  • 3 – BF – standard filter sponge – important for mechanical cleaning of aquarium water;
  • 4 – CF – coal filler: plays a role when chemical substances and unpleasant odors are removed from a liquid medium;
  • 5 – FF – fine porous sponge: used for fine water purification.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The average cost is from 8,300 to 11,000 rubles.

  • everything necessary is included in the package for simple and fast installation, including fillers for filtering;
  • powerful and silent in work;
  • reduced energy consumption.
  • after a couple of years of operation, leakage is possible.

External innovative device designed for artificial reservoirs with fresh or sea water with a capacity of up to 350 liters. The pump develops a capacity of up to 1050 l / h, providing a rise of water up to 1.8 m. The filter is characterized by a volume of 7.4 l and a power consumption of 16 watts.

The device, made by the latest technologies, in comparison with models with similar performance is notable for its noiseless operation, the absence of vibrations.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

  • filtering materials for mechanical filtration;
  • fillers for bacterial biological treatment;
  • filters from harmful chemicals.

Powerful pump contributes to less energy consumption, which reduces the cost of maintaining the aquarium. The presence of a special button-pump for pumping fluid into the aquarium, ensures the simplicity and speed of the launch mechanism. The filter is easy to connect and run. At the time of purchase, it is fully equipped and ready for operation. For such a product will have to pay from 14,000 to 17,500 rubles.

  • attractive appearance;
  • decent quality workmanship;
  • pre-filter available for cleaning;
  • economical in terms of energy consumption.
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The external device, having the form of a cylindrical container with a lid, contains filter cleaning materials (in the form of sponges, ceramic liners). Also, the user is invited to the range of additional containers containing mechanical, biological, chemical inserts. They can be combined linearly or sequentially: up to eight containers can be maximally combined. Depending on their number, the design can work with aquariums from 20 to 300 liters. This filter is a good choice for those aquarists who are planning to increase the size of aquariums. The ability to expand the design will save material resources, as well as ensure the continuity of biological filtration in the aquarium, ensuring the purity of the water with which it is filled.

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

The filter mechanism is driven by an independent pump. At the request of the user can increase productivity from 650 l / h to 800 l / h.

Average cost – from 2700 to 3400 rubles.

  • possibility of expansion up to 8 modules;
  • versatility – applicable for containers from 20 to 300 liters;
  • independent external pump;
  • easy installation and operation.
  • Critical not revealed.

External filter is designed for aquariums from 60 to 200 liters. Differs in simplicity of assembly, silent work, with a productivity up to 700 l / h, profitability (power consumption is 9 W).

How To Choose A Filter Filler For Aquarium

Cleaning is carried out in three ways. The presence of the filtering material provided by the package. Replacing the pre-filter is easy. Due to its regular replacement, it is not necessary to clean the rest of the filter very often.

A considerable amount of filtering device realizes decent bio filtration performance due to the presence of various filter layers. The process of self-cleaning is possible thanks to the balls that provide biological treatment.

In places of connections hoses can rotate 360 ​​degrees. It is possible to prevent water leakage when the device is switched off due to a safety valve.

The updated model has a more spacious upper basket filter: a twice larger pre-filter appeared, which is less subject to blockages and, accordingly, does not require frequent cleaning.

Estimated cost – 8400 rubles.

  • silent;
  • powerful, economical;
  • convenience of detaching the filter from the cleaning tubes;
  • high-quality hoses and "knees" that are not clogged, do not require frequent maintenance.
  • quality of filter materials: increased sponge granularity, insufficient effectiveness of biological treatment (design of balls).


When choosing a filter, it is important to consider the volume of the aquarium. For small containers, it is better to purchase internal devices. They can include mechanical, biological, chemical elements of filtration. Such mechanisms do not create difficulties in the process of operation. Characterized by lower cost than external. But they are more noisy. Due to the low efficiency of individual mechanical filters, additional cleaning may be necessary.

External filters are characterized by high-quality mechanical, chemical, and biological cleaning of the fluid. Such devices are preferred for large-scale aquariums. Their installation will not be difficult, they are easy to maintain. But they occupy a lot of space and will be expensive.