How To Choose A Filter For The Aquarium

For lovers of fish, you should know everything about aquariums and their care. Naturally, a good and caring owner of their pets first of all takes care of the filter of the aquarium.

Aquarium fish need to feel:

  • comfort;
  • space;
  • Fresh air;
  • clean water.

To prevent this from happening, you should read this article and find out which filter for the aquarium is better to choose.

How to choose the power filter

First of all, you need to take into account the number of fish and their size. If the fish are small, then you should not buy a filter device with great power.

How To Choose A Filter For The Aquarium

In this case, you should choose an internal filter that is designed for aquariums up to 50, 100, 200 liters. For an aquarium with a volume of up to 300 liters, an external filter is required (mounted), which with the help of a pump cleans the water and has good functionality. This filter can be used for volumetric filters of about 1000 liters.

What kind of filter is suitable for you

Filters for the aquarium how to choose – a difficult question, especially if you consider such an element as a filtering mechanism. There are several types:

simple and fairly effective in the case of a small number of fish. This type of filtration works with the help of a motor and a sponge; it completely cleans the aquarium of unnecessary residues and a mule;

works thanks to the absorbent, or in other words, aquarium coal, and are very practical. They are able to clean the tank from even the smallest particles of waste;

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with the help of a special compartment, bacteria are cultivated, which are useful, and unnecessary ones are removed;

combines the use of different types of water filtration. That is, it has the functions of all the above types.

Noise filter aquarium

If you are interested in what filter is better for an aquarium, then an important criterion that should be considered is the noise level. Of course, you would not want to hear a terrible noise and disturb your peace.

Sponge volume is an important detail.

Be sure to ask the sales assistant, what kind of sponge has an internal filter.

Sponges are divided into two types, large, and small-pore. The first type removes all large waste, and the second type – smaller ones.

If the volume of the filter sponge is large, then cleaning will be better.

Proper care is the key to a clean filter.

  • The peculiarity of bottom filters is that water passes through the ground very slowly. This type of filter is not easy to clean, so if you buy it for the first time, the bottom will not be very convenient.
  • The internal filter has to be cleaned every two weeks, while you spend only ten minutes, because they are very small.
  • Very rarely do you need to clean the external filter, which saves waste inside, and thus does not harm the aquarium’s bioflora.

In order not to harm the fish, it is necessary to take into account the rules of care for the filter.