How To Choose An Aquarium And Where To Put The Aquarium In The Apartment

If you decide to engage in aquarism, then the first thing you should decide about is the aquarium, its volume, forms, other features and where you plan to put it. Not one aquarist, this is how you will now be called now, cannot do without an aquarium, and this is logical. After all, where the aquarium will stand, it will become for you the main place of your pastime, where you will now with enthusiasm create your unusual, attractive and interesting underwater world.
So, we will talk about the types of aquariums, about their features, about where you can put the aquarium, and where not.

How to choose an aquarium by volume (displacement)

The simplest feature, according to which aquariums are divided, is their volume. Aquariums with a volume of less than 25 liters are small aquariums. Aquariums in volume from 25 liters to 100 liters, belong to average aquariums. Aquariums more than 100 liters, belong to the big aquariums.
Strangely enough, but small aquariums are more troublesome and capricious in terms of maintaining their biological equilibrium. The appearance, the size of fish living in a small aquarium, is worse than that of relatives living in more spacious conditions. Another disadvantage of small aquariums is a decrease in the ability to reproduce in fish. In small aquariums it is more difficult to maintain the thermal regime, chemical and gas balance. We can say that a small aquarium does not have temperature inertia, which can lead to a sharp change in water temperature in it, for example, if you will ventilate the room. Also, minor pollution is more dangerous for small aquariums, if in a large volume of water small biological putrefactive processes can pass unnoticed, then in a small aquarium similar processes can undermine its entire ecosystem. As a result, the water will become useless for the maintenance of fish and plants. Maybe this may make you mighty due to the development of microorganisms and algae in it that have gone out of your control. For more information on the causes of muddy water in an aquarium, you can learn from the article "Why the water in the aquarium has become muddy."
So, in small aquariums it is impractical to contain whimsical and exotic fish, and large fish. This is troublesome and can be done only by scrupulous and obligatory professionals. If you are a beginner, then your volume of 40 liters or more. At what the maximum amount will stop, everything will depend on your desires and capabilities.

Choosing an aquarium based on the number of fish

In order to avoid crowding in the aquarium, the volume of the aquarium is calculated in this way – at least 1 liter of water should be spent on 1 cm of fish, that is, on a 40-liter aquarium, the total length of all fish should not exceed 40 cm.
Although this calculation is approximate, it is quite possible to be guided by it. In fact, here the volume of the aquarium and the number of fish in it will depend not only on the strict proportion of the displacement – fish, but also on how you will provide the microclimate in it. So the use of modern devices and equipment is able to provide a much larger number of fish than the formula given by us above. If you apply the appropriate, high quality elements in the aquarium:
– air aerator (compressor);
– water heater (heater),
– backlight;
– water filter

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and to feed the fish correctly and in a timely manner, it is possible to contain 1.5 – 2 times more fish than lie down in the volume of water.
If we talk more objectively, then each of the fish species will require not only a certain amount of water, but will also be able to get along only with compatible fish species. Detailed information about each species of fish can be found in the article "Aquarium fish".

How to choose an aquarium shape

The traditional shape of the aquarium is a rectangular shape. This is what is most common, while justified! For this type of aquariums, you must adhere to the following rule: the length of the aquarium should be greater than its height, approximately 1.3 and 2.3 times. In principle, this size is dictated by the usual proven pragmatism, namely the fact that it is with this ratio that there are televisions that we watch quite comfortably.

How To Choose An Aquarium And Where To Put The Aquarium In The Apartment

But, it is ideally. In fact, we have to look for a compromise. After all, there is the advantage of a wide and long, but low aquarium. This results in a large area of ​​water, which allows it to be better saturated with oxygen. But the disadvantage is obvious here – it is very bad to treat fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium. Therefore, the following principle applies. First choose the aspect ratio, the ones that we brought above, and then the width of the aquarium should be the same as the height. However, this recommendation is more to the manufacturer of aquariums, and the one who you take it, just have to pay attention to it.
Once again, the rectangular aquarium has an optimal shape, since it does not create refractions from the glass and the changing thickness of the water. This is an ideal case, in order to admire the underwater world in all its glory, while guaranteeing normal conditions for aquarium fish.
Of course, there are other forms of aquariums. Starting from variations on a rectangular shape, and ending with triangles, cylinders, etc. by forms. We will tell about them further.

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Aquarium Trough

The proportions are as follows: width is half the length, height is one third of the length. They are easy to maintain gas balance and light levels. More often used for rearing.

Aquarium Screen

This aquarium has a width equal to one third of the length, and a height half the length. All fish and plants are perfectly visible in this aquarium. You can use tall plants and large fish. Since the surface of the water is relatively small, aeration is necessary to saturate the water with oxygen.

Aquarium Ball

Once very popular round aquariums have come to naught. Because of the curvature of the glass, the appearance of the fish and the entire design of the reservoir were distorted.

Aquarium – Cylinder

These aquariums have the disadvantage of an aquarium – a ball. Cylindrical and multifaceted aquariums also distort the species of fish. They are only suitable if you can watch the fish from all sides of the aquarium.

The choice of aquarium by the method of manufacture

For a very long time, aquariums have been made using the frame method. Those. first, the metal frame was welded, to which glass sheets were then glued. As you understand, all the faces of the aquarium were rectangular. These were heavy and not very beautiful facilities. Moreover, without water, the putty quickly dried out and leaks appeared in aquariums.

With the advent of plexiglass and acrylic, it became possible to manufacture aquariums of various shapes using frameless technology. Plexiglas is used for making small aquariums, because it does not have the necessary strength. Although it does not fight, it is easily scratched and eventually grows cloudy. Acrylic is a durable material that allows designers to fully realize their ideas.

How To Choose An Aquarium And Where To Put The Aquarium In The Apartment

Besides plexiglass and acrylic glass is used. But corners are always formed in the joints, and it is impossible to create a rounded glass aquarium. Rather, let’s say more cautiously, a large glass aquarium is very difficult to make. But you can create such an aquarium. Modern adhesives allow you to create strong connections.

How to choose an aquarium for the purpose of use

According to the purpose of use, aquariums are divided into decorative and special.
The form of decorative aquariums is the most diverse. Enumerate all of them is useless, because all the same there is an aquarium of that form, which we did not mention. It is these aquariums that serve to keep the fish and create the mysterious underwater world in their apartment and office.

In turn, decorative aquariums are divided into:

– common aquariums. As a rule, aquariums beginners aquarists, and people just loving fish.
– collection aquarium. It contains groups of small fishes of the same family.
– species aquarium. It contains one or two or three closely related species of fish.
– aquarium biotope. A kind of copy of a natural pond.
– dutch aquarium. The main place is occupied by plants, although there is a place for fish.
– paludarium Consists of a combination of underwater and surface vegetation.
– aquaterrarium. It contains reptiles and amphibians leading a semi-aquatic lifestyle.

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Special aquariums are designed for spawning, rearing fry and fry. They are performed in the classical form. The water level is no more than 30 cm, and the base is very wide.

Which habitat to choose for the aquarium

Freshwater aquariums. This type of aquariums is the most popular. They contain freshwater fish and plants. That is what we recommend to you if you are a beginner aquarist. For such an aquarium, ordinary purified water is used.

Brackishwater aquarium. In this aquarium the salinity of water is 1-2%. Marine aquariums can also belong to such aquariums.
Marine aquariums. As a rule, these are large aquariums, since the marine inhabitants are larger than freshwater ones. When creating such an aquarium, it is necessary to carefully select the inhabitants according to their habitat conditions.

Where to put the aquarium in the apartment

Let us rephrase the question a little, and ask it in this way – where it is impossible to put the aquarium.
The aquarium should not be placed close to heating devices, as this may disturb the heat balance. Algae will grow rapidly in the aquarium located in the sun and, again, it is difficult to maintain heat balance. In the dark, the plants on the contrary will grow poorly. The best solution is to install the aquarium on either side of the window with natural light.
The fishes do not tolerate the electric field and unnatural vibrations. Therefore, it is not recommended to have an aquarium in a room where there is a piano, a synthesizer, a powerful music center or playing an electric guitar. Well, and, of course, it is necessary to have an aquarium so that it does not interfere with the passage of people and is not accidentally dropped on the floor.

Where to put the aquarium on Feng Shui

Well, good old Feng Shui advises to have an aquarium in the east to strengthen family ties, in the southeast – to strengthen financial well-being, and in the north – for a successful career.
In general, it is best to place an aquarium where you spend the most time, so that it is in front of your eyes and you can constantly control it, and do not forget about its existence.