How To Choose Aquarium Pump

The aquarium pump, presented in the form of a pump for constant water supply, is an extremely useful tool for arranging an artificial reservoir. Devices of this category not only pump the liquid in the tank, but also create a sufficient level of pressure for the effective functioning of the filters.



One of the most important criteria for selecting a pump for an aquarium is the manufacturer. Among the most reputable brands worth noting are the products of companies: Aquarium systems, Eheim, Aquael, Tunze, Hailea. The cost of equipment of these brands can be quite high. However, this disadvantage fully compensates for the silent operation of devices from the upper price category, as well as the absence of vibrations, which can become an undesirable irritant for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Installation Features

Internal aquarium pump for pumping water is fixed on the walls of the tank with fasteners in the form of suckers. The device is placed in such a way that the water covers the upper part of the body approximately 2-4 cm. Such a submersible aquarium pump contains a small hose designed to drain water out of the tank.

Universal models open the possibility of installation on both sides of the aquarium. As a result, the user can choose any convenient place for installation in which the device will look the most organic.

Tips for choosing

How To Choose Aquarium Pump

In order not to disturb the harmony in the interior, it is worth looking at fairly compact pumps. This will allow you to easily hide the device behind the scenery. At the same time, under the overall device will have to provide a separate cabinet.

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If the pump is purchased not only to ensure the circulation of water in the aquarium, but also to fill it, it is important to pay attention to such an important parameter as the maximum possible height of the liquid. The most productive models are suitable for the implementation of the above task, as well as for creating decorative streams and waterfalls.

Precautionary measures

  1. Check that the voltage indicated on the device matches the voltage in the home network.
  2. The device must be turned off every time when cleaning the aquarium or any other actions related to water transfusion.
  3. In case of damage to the electrical cable, it is recommended to purchase a new pump. Replacing the wire is not a safe solution in this case.
  4. When connecting the device, the cable must be connected in such a way that water droplets will flow to the outlet. In the event of a similar situation, it is necessary to completely de-energize the home network.
  5. If possible, it is worthwhile to place an aquarium pump for pumping water away from lamps, reflectors, heaters.
  6. Always unplug the appliance from the socket if it is not necessary to operate it.
  7. It is not recommended to use the pump at temperatures below zero and above 35 o C.
  8. The device should not be in working condition with no water in the system.


Choosing a pump for the aquarium, you should not save too much, because the low efficiency of the device will not allow to qualitatively update the water and create a sufficient level of pressure in the tank for further filtration. The final choice is recommended based on the required power and functionality of the device.