How To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

Cleaning the filter in the aquarium is no less responsible work than cleaning the aquarium or the ground. A properly working filter ensures fish viability by filtering toxic waste and saturating water with oxygen. But unfortunately in the instructions for this technique is not always described the process of caring for her, on this offer to use the information below.

How often to clean the filter in the aquarium

It depends directly on the type of filter. Rare cleaning requires subgravial filter, it is good for beginner avkaryumistov. With proper circulation at the bottom and timely disposal of the remnants of dead plants, such a filter will need to be cleaned no more than once a year. But such a filter is ineffective in large aquariums, densely planted with plants.

In general, it will be correct in this situation to observe the rate of clogging, since filter size is also affected. On average, internal and external filters should be cleaned once every 3-4 weeks. For small aquariums, internal filters are fine, they are cheaper and do an excellent job with their workload.

1. Mechanical filtration is the constant passage of water through a porous material, in which remains of food, dead plants and other coarse particles settle. The washcloth should be periodically rinsed, and often changed.

2. Biological filtration is very important for the health of aquarium dwellers. It is no secret that dead plant particles, food remains remain on the bottom and rot, releasing toxins that poison living organisms of the aquarium. So that this does not happen, the water filters fill the good bacteria that die with improper care.

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How To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

3. Dry cleaning is rarely necessary. This is an extreme case, for example after treatment of fish or in case of poisoning. Water in this case is driven through activated carbon, which, due to the density of pores, retains all harmful substances. If there is no urgent need for such cleaning, it is better not to resort to it.

How to clean the filter correctly

As we have said, the filter washcloth is inhabited by special bacteria that help to avoid intoxication. For this, wash the washcloth thoroughly is not recommended, you can simply wash off the entire microflora. Moreover, it is not recommended to do this during changes in the aquarium – replacing most of the water, launching a new fish, introducing a new feed, etc., i.e. in the period when there is a probability of imbalance. A filter is a fundamental part of this balance.

Fish in nature do not live in crystal clear water, but this environment is not isolated, unlike the aquarium. Therefore, our task is to save the fish from the remnants of the decay products of the life of the aquarium. For example, from ammonia. This is facilitated by the bacteria on the filter washcloth. Therefore, it is unreasonable to wash them off. They are also killed by a sudden change in temperature, water hardness or tap water with the addition of chlorine. Therefore, it will be optimal to wash the washcloth with the same water from the aquarium, just rinse several times, achieving relative purity.

How To Clean The Filter In The Aquarium

How often to change washcloths

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For the same reasons of preserving good bacteria, we do not recommend changing washcloths often. Only when they lose their functional properties or will not hold the form. Most likely it will be no more than once a year. There are several washcloths on the internal filters, and there is still no need to change everything at once; it is necessary to do this by gradually replacing them one by one. A difference of two weeks is quite acceptable.

The most common problem with filter breaks is a contaminated impeller. Over time, it acquires algae and bacteria, which interferes with its work. This impairs the flow of water. There is no difficulty in cleaning it, you need to remove it from the pin and rinse well under running water. The pin is enough to wipe with a rag. The most important thing in this process is to remember to do this. For convenience, you can make a calendar and mark the days of cleaning and replacement of filter components in it.