How To Filter Aquarium Water From Organics And Turbidity

If you think that there is no difficulty in resolving this issue, then the article is not for you. You are either mistaken, and I am lazy to dissuade, or experienced. I have already said that without understanding the essence of water filtration, inexperienced novices save on the filter without using it at all or choosing a cheap simple model.

Of course, it is possible to maintain an aquarium without a filter with proper selection of fish and relevant experience. But I do not recommend, and the article is not about that.

To maintain the purity of the water, it is necessary to provide three stages of purification, which will remove the dregs, suspensions and organic garbage:

  • Biological
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical

Mechanical filtration

It retains dirt particles by passing the aquarium water through the filter media that holds debris, returning clean water to the aquarium. A foam sponge, a bundle of tangled fishing line or a synthetic winterizer is used as a filler.

How To Filter Aquarium Water From Organics And Turbidity

This cleaning system is so important that it is built into even simple and cheap filters. This is the first step towards clear water.

Biological filtration

It removes waste that is generated during the vital activity of aquarium fish and plants, such as ammonia or nitrite. Fillers, such as ceramic rings or sintered glass beads, are populated with ammonifying and nitrifying bacteria, and the task of the filler is to provide a place for these beneficial bacteria to live, which carry out biological filtration of the water flowing through the filter.

Bacteria are incorporated into the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium, processing fish urine and the remnants of rotting food into useful nitrates, which are absorbed by aquarium plants.

How To Filter Aquarium Water From Organics And Turbidity

If desired, this filtration can be neglected, since the main process of converting chemical compounds occurs in the soil. But its presence makes the biological balance of the aquarium more stable, which forgives maintenance and care errors. At least, it does not lead to fatal consequences for an aquarium.

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It removes chemical impurities that do not belong to the nitrogen cycle or remain after the treatment of the aquarium with drugs, and toxins that appear during anaerobic zones in the soil. Usually it is completely neglected or used after treatment of the aquarium to remove residual preparations or drugs.

It is widely believed that it is impossible to achieve crystal clear water without chemical filtration.

The selected Fish Tank Filter should provide two types of filtration, at a minimum: biological and mechanical. This is the standard in home aquarism, which has an explanation that has been experienced by previous generations of aquarists. Do not neglect these simple, but at the same time wise words.