How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

Why did the water bloom (turned green)?

Have you ever heard that the water in the aquarium bloomed or turned green, and very quickly. What to do in this case? First, you need to find out the reason, and second, learn how to deal with it.

The reasons for the appearance of green water in the aquarium

Why is the water in the aquarium green? The reason is as follows: when blue-green algae reproduce, or euglena, to wait for the landscaping of the water. You should know that these algae are single-celled and they float on the surface of the water in the form of an invisible film. Euglena is an important part of the food chain of the underwater world, and under the necessary conditions (reduction of nutrients, carbon dioxide and oxygen, a wide range of temperature conditions), it is rapidly multiplying. It is not so easy to get rid of the flowering of water, given its sudden flashes. With strong light (green algae love it), with frequent renewal of water using chemicals, the biological filtration system of aquarium water gets lost, as a result of which euglena multiplies and grows.

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

How green algae appear in water – additional reasons

Blue-green algae like long-lasting lighting, more than 10-12 hours a day. This is another reason why the reservoir blooms. When you start a new aquarium, you should light it gradually, starting from 4 hours a day, increasing the number of daylight hours to 10 hours. Also, do not forget that with an excess of fertilizers for plants, the amount of phosphorus decreases. Plants grow poorly, and the water begins to turn green. That is why it is necessary to eliminate all the errors that are allowed during the maintenance of the aquarium:

  • When starting the aquarium, the illumination is set up incorrectly, a large number of plants are planted;

Watch the video story about aquarium lighting.

  • Frequent tank maintenance (water renewal, cleaning, aeration);
  • Enhanced feeding of fish;
  • High water temperature in the tank;
  • Reverse cases – a rare care for the aquarium – not enough aeration, fresh water, no compressor.

Green turbidity of water – not a sentence

Why is water blooming not a sentence? If you know the main thing that "greens" causes ammonia released by algae, everything will quickly fall into place. New, recently launched aquariums are sometimes not serviced correctly, which causes an incorrect nitrogen cycle. The first outbreak of euglena can lead to the fact that it will be difficult to get rid of it forever. To regulate the nitrogen cycle when starting the aquarium, turn on the light for only a couple of hours for 30 days, use “old” water from the old aquarium and the used filter cartridge. This normalizes the nitrogen cycle.

There are more ways to get rid of algae. What to do:

  • Use an ultraviolet sterilizer to help neutralize euglen. Once turned on, it will destroy algae cells with ultraviolet light.

See how to choose the right UV sterilizer.

  • Install a diatom filter – an effective way when dealing with green algae.

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

  • Turn off the light in time. This method controls the appearance of "green" water, and will save time and money on additional equipment. Cover the aquarium on time. Feed the fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium for 7 hours of daylight. Healthy plants can live in water for about a week without using light. After the procedure, you can change 30% of the water to fresh.
  • The use of coagulants – small particles in a mechanical filter that removes flowering from a water tank.
  • Destroys the blue-green algae granular activated carbon added to the filter. In the process of "treatment" the filter can be cleaned 1-2 times a week.
  • The use of micro cartridges also blocks outbreaks of flowering.
  • In certain cases, combine these methods while simultaneously applying filters and ultraviolet (as an example).

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

How to deal with fish, if the water turned green?

The disturbed biological balance of the aquatic environment quickly deteriorates the health of living beings living in it. There are good recommendations that are suitable for aquariums with small fish, where the water is green, and the plants are not planted deep in the ground. To prevent the fish from getting sick, the following procedures should be performed:

  • send pets to other aquariums or tanks with clean water and similar composition of water; make sure the fish do not get sick;

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

  • transplant plants into other containers, adding methylene blue to them – the dose can be found on the package;
  • clean the aquarium from the old soil, and buy a new one, treat it from parasites;
  • dispose of green water (pour it into drains);
  • empty container should be washed, filled with new water, adding to it 1-2 teaspoons of soda, which will create alkali;
  • leave the aquarium with soda for 24 hours;
  • re-boil the aquarium snags, the grottoes and artificial decorations can be transplanted into the aquarium with soda, after treatment, rinse everything in running water;
  • After the procedure, you can start the aquarium again.
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What caused the bloom of water in aquariums?

Almost all aquarium lovers ask the same question: why is the water in the aquarium turning green? And although this phenomenon does not harm the inhabitants of the small underwater world, from the point of view of aesthetics, the aquarium view is spoiled. In addition, the green water in the aquarium will be disastrous dangerous for fish running directly from a clean pond.

We will try to figure out why water is blooming, and what to do about it.

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

Main reasons

Water blooms for various reasons, and therefore you need to have a general idea of ​​all of them. So:

  • First of all, improper lighting can spoil the water in the aquarium. This is due to the fact that the aquarist simply does not know the simplest rules of lighting. Water may bloom due to excessive lighting in the aquarium or due to improperly selected light mode for the season;
  • also, the water in the aquarium may bloom due to pollution;
  • finally, another reason for the bloom of water is improper feeding.

Often, beginning aquarists, because of ignorance of the key feeding rules, themselves provoke the fact that the water is green. This may be caused by a large amount of feed. Since the fish do not eat much at once, the remains of food settle to the bottom of the aquarium and begin to rot.

That is why there is a blooming of water in the aquarium. Accordingly, in order to prevent this, it is necessary not to make the listed errors. But what if the water in the aquarium has already become green?

Elimination of provoking factors

It is clear that you will need to clean the aquarium and change the water. True, you should not just constantly change the water. The fact is that the algae will only multiply more actively. But you also need to eliminate the cause. Above, we examined the main factors that cause water blooming. If these factors are established correctly, the following measures can be taken.

If the cause is lighting

Objectively speaking, the issue of lighting is solved even during the installation of the aquarium. But if this has not been done before, you can do the following. First, try to darken the aquarium slightly. Secondly, try to ensure the appropriate light mode for the season. This means that in the winter the underwater world should receive coverage about 10 hours a day, while in the summer it will take 12 hours;

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium

If it’s pollution

In this case, you need to quickly and efficiently clean the water. In this issue you can take into account several useful recommendations.

If contamination is caused by improper feeding

Everything is very simple here. If you have accurately determined that water is polluted due to improper feeding, then you need to carefully study the relevant instructions. To properly feed the fish, you will need to strictly follow the instructions of such instructions.

Thus, to eliminate the flowering of water in the aquarium is quite simple. But for this it is important to determine why this is happening.

Why is the water green in the aquarium :: the water is green in the aquarium what to do :: Aquarium fish

Why is the water green in the aquarium?

"Flowering" of water is typical for various reservoirs, including home aquariums. Water usually turns green in the summer – in July or August, this process can be accompanied by an unpleasant smell and death of the fish. To get rid of "flowering", you need to find out its cause.

How To Get Rid Of The Flowering Of Water In The Aquarium


1. In addition to fish, snails, plants and other living creatures, plankton lives in an aquarium, causing water to bloom – filamentous and unicellular green algae. In conditions of medium or low light, low water temperature, phytoplankton multiplies slowly, the water remains clear. Some factors contribute to the intensive increase in the mass of microorganisms.

2. The most basic reason for the enhanced growth of microscopic algae is a large amount of light. If the aquarium’s lighting is too intense, the water may turn green even in winter. In the summer, there is enough natural daylight to “bloom”, especially if the aquarium is in direct sunlight.

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3. The second important factor in the "blooming" of water is the increase in its temperature. The active division of phytoplankton begins when the water temperature becomes higher than the average annual.

4. The presence of excessive amounts of organic matter in water is another factor contributing to the growth of microorganisms. If you poorly conduct aquarium hygiene and regularly overfeed the fish, phytoplankton, especially Euglena green, begins to divide in this nutrient medium.

5. The last factor affecting the purity of the aquarium is the lack of clean water. If you save on the filter and aeration, chemical-chemical balance of water suffers, which leads to the transformation of the aquarium into a “swamp”.

6. The most radical way to get rid of "flowering" – a complete replacement of water, followed by shading the aquarium. If it is problematic to completely change the water, it can be changed to a third and cover the aquarium from the light. Without illumination, phytoplankton will cease to multiply, and infusoria, for which it is food, will purify water. In addition, the aquarium can be populated with daphnia, shrimp, catfish, snails, which also feed on microscopic algae.

7. If the water is green – reduce the amount of food for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Normally, fish should eat everything in 5-15 minutes. For a day or two, you can even completely stop feeding – the fish will have enough of the food that is already in the water. Watch also for the proper operation of the devices for filtering and aerating the aquarium – this helps to avoid excessive accumulation of organic matter in the water.


Slight greening of the water for the fish is not considered dangerous, but if the “bloom” is strong enough, it can be fatal for some inhabitants of the aquarium. Green algae litter the gills of fish, and in addition, at night, phytoplankton needs oxygen, as a result of which the “official” inhabitants of the aquarium begin to choke.

water is blooming in the aquarium

Why does the water in the aquarium bloom, what to do about it.

Antonina Buyanova

The flowering of water in the aquarium indicates the massive development in the water of plant microorganisms. Some species of plant organisms dye water green, others yellow, brown, brown. Typically, water blooms occur as a result of the accumulation in water of various nutrients, in particular nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, as well as in case of excessive illumination of the aquarium, which contributes to the very rapid development of vegetation. The number of plant microorganisms in the water is also determined by the composition of the soil in the aquarium and the presence of higher aquatic plants. Algae can develop massively if there is a lot of organic matter in the water.
An optimal combination of various factors is necessary for the mass development of plant organisms. These are sharp daily fluctuations of the amount of oxygen in water, as well as indicators of acidity and hardness. Of great importance is temperature and especially lighting. Water blooming Contribute to the decomposition of food in the aquarium and the availability of metabolic products.
The duration of the mass development of plant microorganisms is different. Usually, water blooms in an aquarium in bright sunlight and with strong artificial light for no longer than three weeks. In the summer, green and blue plant microorganisms predominate, in winter, silicon microorganisms.
But is the water so painted that it is harmless, as it is often said and written about? During flowering in water, an excess of oxygen is formed, which has a detrimental effect on fish, especially during breeding and in the period of feeding of fry.
With mass development, plant organisms absorb the light needed by higher plants. Sometimes when the water in the aquarium blooms, all the plants die.
To combat the flowering of water in an aquarium in several ways. In some cases, it is enough to filter the water. In others, for the destruction of very small plant microorganisms, it is recommended to launch large daphnids into the water. Reducing the temperature and reducing the light – are also very effective ways to combat the flowering of water in the aquarium.

Igor and

Pick up 2 values, lamp power and the time of the water refill. .
algae, a rule like a long day and dim lighting.
the option is possible when the light enters the water from the outside, from a window, for example,
In this case, it may happen that you will not be able to lower the light level in the water.
To the desired boundary, you have to shade the water.
if fouling in aqua brown indicates a lack of lighting, green ones are the opposite.
focus on this pick lighting. .
The growth of algae is also affected by an excess of organic matter in the water, i.e., "dirty aqu."

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How to get rid of flowering aquarium ?? ? the aquarium stands in the dark filtering is good – there are catfish and snails of living plants

Valeria Mareyeva

Causes of diseases of aquarium plants

Not only fish are subject to various diseases, but also live plants in the aquarium. However, due to the fact that their life is proceeding at a much slower pace, this does not manifest itself immediately, but gradually.
Plants are sick and can die from both adverse external factors, and from the parasites settling on them.
In this section, we suggest that you consider some very common diseases of aquarium plants that are caused by protozoa.

Algae in the aquarium

Virtually all microscopic algae enter the aquarium with live food and plants from natural water bodies. Whether you like it or not, they will always be present in your tank.
Another question is how they will affect the life of fish and higher plants. If the breeding process is under control, then everything is in order. If not, then there may be trouble, such as the rapid flowering of water.
But this is probably the most harmless disease that can be treated by the following methods:
– during the flowering period, it is necessary to refuse feeding fish (at least for 2-3 days);
– It is necessary to shade the aquarium as much as possible for 2-3 days;
– for 2-3 days, do not change the water in the aquarium;
– organize good filtration with a turbine or biofilter.

The appearance of blue-green algae in the aquarium is not good for its inhabitants. In this case, they say that the aquarium is “sick”.
Algae gradually begin to cover the ground, the walls of the aquarium and the leaves of living plants.
The disease begins with the appearance on the walls of dots of dark green color, which eventually merge and form a dense crust, which is very difficult to scrape off even with a stiff brush.
Living plants are very hard to get sick when they get on their leaves of algae, they gradually stop growing, over time, individual leaves rot.
The reasons for the appearance and development of blue-green algae in an aquarium are:
– bringing them with live food;
– unsteady biological balance in an aquarium;
– weak aeration in the aquarium;
– excessive aquarium lighting;
– increased water temperature;
– slightly alkaline reaction of water.
To get rid of algae, you must apply a set of measures:
first, the mechanical cleaning of the plants and the walls of the aquarium with brushes, but so as not to damage the plants themselves;
secondly, it is imperative to have catfish sticking in the aquarium (antsistrusy, brocade catfish, loricaria, etc.), which feed on green fouling;
thirdly, to increase the aeration of water and reduce the level of illumination of the aquarium. In extreme cases, it is necessary to use drug treatment with, for example, antibiotics (penicillin at the rate of 10,000 IU per liter).

the water in the aquarium grows cloudy and greener

"Water" blooms in the aquarium, the reason and how to fight?

Harley casey


First, the ingress of sunlight into the aquarium.
Second, dry food is used for feeding fish.

Rearrange the aquarium in a shaded place, use for lighting fluorescent lamps.
Feed the fish with live food, you can moth, it can be frozen and give potions. I had one block for a week.

Also in the aquarium should be a filter with aerator.


There is something to eat and light. Try to fight with organic matter (regularly siphon the soil, daily water changes up to 1/3 of the volume). It would be good to plant something quickly growing out of the grass, which would create a tough competition to algae. And control the number of zhrachki given to the fishes.

Natalia A.

Too much organic matter in the water, either sunlight or too long daylight hours, reduce to 8-10 hours .. 1/3 of water every day is a lot, normally 10-15%, increase filtration and aeration, plant the aquarium with live macrophytes that suppress growth algae and regularly siphon the ground.