How To Install A Filter In A Home Aquarium

When purchasing a home aquarium, you need to take care not only of the selection of beautiful fish, but also of creating good conditions for their life. In the process of fish life, the water in the aquarium gradually becomes turbid from the remnants of food, medicinal and vitamin preparations. In addition, the fish need the presence of oxygen in the water, otherwise they will swim all the time on the surface or even get sick.

Why install a cleaning system in an aquarium?

Fish Tank Filters easily cope with water purification due to the presence of special barriers that keep pollution. According to the principle of cleansing these devices are divided into three types:

with mechanical filtration (direct retention of small dirt with a sponge or pressed crumb);

with chemical filtration (purification of water using activated carbon or other substances);

with biofiltration (water purification using bacteria).

Outside or inside?

By the way of placing the Fish Tank Filters are divided into two types – internal and external. As a rule, external ones are more powerful and are more often used for cleaning relatively large aquariums. But if you wish, a filter of any kind can be used in both small and large aquariums.

In this case, the choice is determined rather by the personal preferences of the owners. Someone more like the appearance of the aquarium with a particular type of cleaning, someone finds it more convenient for one type of attachment.

Objectively, you can select some main characteristics of different types:

How To Install A Filter In A Home Aquarium

the internal filter does not take up extra space while inside the aquarium;

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the external one is more convenient to maintain, since for its cleaning it is not necessary to transplant the fish and act in the water, pulling out and then installing the device again;

How To Install A Filter In A Home Aquarium

the external filter has a higher cleaning capacity due to the fact that it has the ability to use several filtration materials placed in different containers;

there is also an opinion that the external filter better enriches water with oxygen, therefore it is preferable to choose it for those fish species for which this moment is especially important.

Installing an internal filter

As a rule, the installation of the internal filter in the home aquarium does not cause difficulties, due to the presence of a special suction mount. There are only a few points that should be taken into account.

First, the device itself needs fully submerge. Above the top should be at least 1.5-2 cm of water.

Secondly, the flexible hose connected to the filtering part must be brought to the outer wall of the aquarium. It is through him that air is supplied to the water.

Otherwise, install it quite easily. So, How to install a filter in the aquarium:

Replant the fish in another container with water, so as not to damage them during work.

You can install only off the filter.

Attach it to the desired height on the inner wall of the aquarium.

Connect the flexible hose and secure the outer edge of the hose to the top of the aquarium (usually there is a special fastening kit for this).

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Turn on the device in the network.

We add that the air velocity regulator is better to first set to the middle position, and then to debug the work, based on the comfort of the condition of the fish. Some fish like to swim in a strong current, and some, on the contrary, feel uncomfortable in such conditions.

Never work in the water with the device included in the network! First you need to make sure that it is turned off and only then to regulate its operation. It is also impossible to leave the filter off for a long time, since its functions are very important for fish.

How to install an external filter

Here it is important first correctly assemble the structure itself. It consists of the filter itself and two hoses, one of which takes the dirty water into the purification system, and the second removes it already cleaned.

According to the instructions in the box, carefully assemble the filter. It may consist of several containers that are filled with special material. The system cover should snap into place. (If this does not happen, check to see if the containers are full.)

Only after that, connect both hoses. Hose, releasing water, shorter filler.

Then fill with water both hoses and the filter itself, and only after that it will be possible to connect the device to the network.

Summarizing, we can say that installing a cleaning system for an aquarium does not cause any particular difficulties. You just need to choose the right model, follow the instructions and follow basic safety rules:

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Do not leave the device turned off for a long time in water. Moreover, do not turn it on after not cleaning it. Otherwise, the fish may be poisoned.

All manipulations in the water spend only after disconnecting the device from the network.

Never turn on the filter, not immersed in water, otherwise it may fail.

Do not forget to periodically clean the entire system.