How To Install A Filter In The Aquarium

The article describes the varieties of filters, provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly install an internal filter in an aquarium.

A mandatory device is an Fish Tank Filter. There are these types of water filters for the aquarium:

  1. Bottom filter – This is a filter that is placed under the pebbles, which has the appearance of a plate or a set of plates, and maybe even a series of drilled tubes.
  2. Filter boxes – Automatic filters for the aquarium that can be placed inside or outside the aquarium. In the internal models of the filter-box, air is used, and in the external – air or electricity.
  3. Aerator Filters – water is sucked through a layer of sponge that is sent by the air stream from the aerator.
  4. Gas mask type filter – water enters the container, where there is one or more filter media. This water filter for the aquarium works on the network. There are external and internal models of such a filter.

Using an automatic Fish Tank Filter, you should know how to properly attach it. You can follow the instructions on how to install a filter in the aquarium.

How To Install A Filter In The Aquarium
  1. Before you decide how to install the filter in the aquarium, you need to choose it correctly, given the manufacturer’s company. By making the right choice, you will get rid of the subsequent problems that may arise as a result of operating the aquarium water filter.
  2. Specialists or vendors will help you choose the right filter, tell you in detail how to care for the aquarium and its inhabitants, how to clean it and monitor the degree of contamination.
  3. After purchasing the internal filter, unpack it and carefully read the instructions. After that you can try to install the filter in the aquarium as described in the instructions. Note that the filter must be completely submerged in water. When installing the filter, you need to pull out all pets from the aquarium.
  4. Put the filter in the aquarium. It must be completely submerged under water so that from above the water depth is about 10-15 millimeters.
  5. Attach the filter to the wall of the aquarium. As a rule, the filters have Velcro, with which they are attached to the aquarium. Velcro helps to fix the filter at a certain level, it should not move in one or the other direction.
  6. Install the filter in the aquarium should be so that went out to the tube to which the hose is attached. This tube cleans the water. Waste water flows through it, which passes through a sponge located at the end of the filter tube.
  7. In order for the filter to start working, it must be plugged in. Do not forget to adhere to safety regulations. Carefully follow how it works.
  8. Bring your hand to the top outlet. If you feel a stream of water, then the filter is functioning properly. For several minutes, follow his work.
  9. Put the fish in the aquarium and look for their reaction to the filter. If it works normally, and the fish behave as usual, then everything is in order.
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