How To Install A Filter In The Aquarium And Properly Operate It

How To Install A Filter In The Aquarium And Properly Operate It

Types of filters

Before you install the filter in the aquarium, you need to decide what kind of it is necessary for you. They differ mainly in the method of installation of the filter in the aquarium – to the outer or inner wall (under water). At home most often used compact devices that fit inside containers with water. Their capacity varies depending on the volume of the aquarium. Other species, outdoor or bottom, are used much less frequently, usually with large volumes of water.

The principle of operation is the same for everyone. water under pressure is passed through the filtration material, in which all the dregs linger. Over time, beneficial bacteria multiply inside, which help maintain the purity of the aquarium. In addition, in some filters, special impregnation improves the chemical composition of water. Another important detail: due to the constant mixing of water in the aquarium, there will always be enough oxygen, and the fish will not constantly stay near the surface.

So, most likely, you will be dealing with an internal filter. They are smaller, cheaper and easier to take care of. Bottom now can be found very rarely, and the outside is usually used by professionals.

Filter installation

The tank should be pre-filled with water. Filter must first fully assemble, then submerge (not included in the network) and attach to the inner wall at a distance of about three centimeters from the surface (as a rule, suckers are provided in the design). If the depth does not allow you to do this, simply leave as much distance as possible on top. Below the device should not rest against the bottom. Water evaporates constantly, so the distance should be checked regularly.

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The end of the transparent tube that takes the air out of the room must be brought out. It is convenient when there is a special mount on it, with the help of which the tube is held on the glass. If you have already installed aeration system, then this part can not be used. Only after you install the Fish Tank Filter, plug it into a wall outlet. The appearance of the flow indicates that you did everything right. The wire should hang loosely, going down from the socket.

At the hole from which purified water comes, usually a valve is worn, which allows you to adjust the force and direction of flow. Observe how the water moves, and if you want to fix something, unplug the appliance beforehand.

Terms of use

First of all, you need to remember that you can turn off the filter only in order to clean it from accumulated dirt. Do not leave the device turned off in water, moreover, it is impossible to turn on the filter after it has been turned off for some time (half a day or longer), because this is the risk of poisoning your fish. Before you install such a filter in the aquarium, it must be thoroughly washed, and it is better to replace the filtration material.

Before immersing your hands in water, turn off the filter from the outlet. After manipulations (cleaning the aquarium, catching fish and so on) be sure to turn the filter back on.

A filter can only be connected to a network when completely immersed in water. From working outdoors, it will quickly break.

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To clean the filter, unplug it from the outlet, Turn off other electrical appliances, and then remove the appliance from the water.