How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

How to install a filter in the aquarium? Such a question arises, as a rule, in novice aquarists. On how correctly this procedure will be performed, it depends on whether cleanliness in the tank will be ensured. Before installing the cleaning equipment, its type and purpose are determined. After all, each model is installed in a specific order.

External filter

The external filter in the aquarium is often called a canister. After all, it includes capacity, hoses and additional components. The tubes are lowered into the tank, and the container is located outside.

How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

What is attractive?

  1. The device is suitable for cleaning large-sized tanks, non-standard containers.
  2. The process of replacing filter elements is quick and easy. Installation takes a minimum of time.
  3. Under the fillers are reserved compartments. This facilitates the operation process.
  4. Focus filters from the outside. Therefore, the aquarium space is used for phenotypes, vegetation, decorative elements.


These filters are not used by all aquarists. All because:

  • They are distinguished by their considerable size, therefore they are not suitable for small rooms and containers.
  • The cost of such equipment is high.
  • The units are characterized by increased productivity. Therefore, experienced aquarists complete hoses with nets. Otherwise, fry penetrate inside the equipment.

How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

Installation process

It is important to know the external filters for aquariums how to install. After all, the compliance with the stages depends on how effectively it will function.

  • Prior to the installation work, the following elements are prepared: a flashlight, spring support, rags. You need to put the aquarium on a flat surface.
  • Unpacking filters, visual inspection.
  • In order to know how to assemble the device, the instruction is studied. In it, manufacturers record important points. All cranes that manufacturers have on the unit, before assembling and installing overlap.
  • Fixing the tube, which is supplemented with a rounded end, its placement inside the reservoir located. With the help of such a tube is taken fluid. To drain the water using a short tube.
  • The exhaust pipe is attached to the equipment. It is fed to the unit, filled with liquid. After that, the supply to the drainage of the aquarium.
  • Filter taps gently open. The unit is brought to the network. If all actions are performed correctly, the fluid inside the tank will move.
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If the water does not move through the tubes, they are checked for the presence of air plugs. After all, they violate the performance of the entire unit.

How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

Internal filter

A distinctive feature of the internal filter is considered a small size. Such units are located inside the aquarium. As an attachment using suckers. Inside such devices there is foam or cotton wool, with which liquid is cleaned from the tank.

The internal Fish Tank Filter is chosen by experienced and novice aquarists. After all, using such units is easy.

Among the advantages are:

Why don’t everyone use internal filters?

  1. They are located inside the tank, so part of the place is occupied.
  2. It is advantageous to use them, provided that the tank dimensions are small. Otherwise, thoroughly clean the aquarium does not work.
  3. Cleaning the internal devices is a troublesome and unsafe event. After all, there is a contact of hands and aquarium water. As a result, bacteria and harmful microorganisms often get into the liquid.

Installation features

Before installing the internal filter, the instruction is studied. There are highlights in it.

Install the filter in the aquarium is necessary in a certain order:

  • After unpacking the equipment is inspected. This allows you to identify faults and damage before installation. Only a workable filter is mounted in a container.
  • Mollusks, vegetation and fish are extracted from the aquarium into which the internal filters are installed. The fluid in the tank is completely replaced.
  • Choosing a location, placement of vegetation and decorative components is considered. The unit must be concentrated so that it is covered with water. The distance between the device and the top layer is 3-5 cm.
  • For fixing devices use suckers, hooks. In the kit manufacturers enter the appropriate fasteners.
  • Drainage tube is brought out. In the process of mounting it is fixed in a certain position.
  • The unit is fed to a network or autonomous power supply. It all depends on what volume of the tank, what kind of vegetation is present.
  • To check the operation of the unit palm bring to the appropriate hole. Water should flow out of the corresponding hole.
  • Start and adaptation of fish.
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It is not enough to properly assemble the internal filter. With the established frequency they carry out a performance check, the state of the individual components.

How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

How to extend the life of the filter equipment?

To extend the term of use perform the following activities:

  • Cleaning of all elements and components is carried out in accordance with the recommendations prescribed in the instructions.
  • So that fish, mollusks and plants do not absorb toxins, harmful substances, aggregates must work constantly.
  • Starting devices is carried out only if there is enough liquid in the tank.
  • Cleaning of the unit is performed after the supply of electrical energy is stopped. Wiring disconnects neatly.
  • The study instructions, which spelled out how to install the equipment.

How To Install The Filter In The Aquarium

Additional recommendations

Before you purchase and install the internal filter in the aquarium, experienced aquarists examine the information about the manufacturers. After all, not all manufacturers comply with the standards, supply quality units.

The composition of the internal models include foam rubber. It becomes soiled fairly quickly. Therefore, once every 5-10 days, the material is washed and cleaned. If necessary, this material is replaced.

External devices are installed in large tanks. After all, through such units is carried out biological, as well as chemical cleaning. With the help of such models, better cleaning of the liquid from impurities, suspensions and foreign substances is performed.

It is not recommended to use filtering devices in containers in which beneficial bacteria are present. After all, it can cause serious harm. The selection of a model is guided by the recommendations of experienced aquarists. After all, a huge number of models are put up for sale, which differ in bundling and performance.