How To Open The Fish Tank Filter

Due to the fact that in the natural composition fertilizers are actively used for the substrate, CO2 is applied, soil and internal filters are not suitable for use. Therefore, in Natural Aquarium are set external filters, producing the necessary flow of water, but at the same time, their design does not remove CO2. The external filter retains particles floating in water, removes and absorbs dissolved pollutants, decomposes and disinfects harmful substances.

As you know, in the aquarium there three types of filtering: mechanical, chemical and biological.

Mechanical filtration is provided with a sponge in the filter, as well as adding to the water air conditioners company ADA.

Chemical filtration provides decomposition and removal of harmful particles in water and is achieved by using activated carbon. Fillers from coal in the Natural Aquarium are introduced at the stage of the biotope launch and the installation of the substrate, as they purify the water, eliminating the biotope from such problems as water staining and ammonium poisoning of fish, what can happen during the starting period after starting the aquarium. The presence of coal is necessary in the Fish Tank Filter. Due to the fact that the adsorption capacity of coal is limited, it should be replaced in the filter every two weeks.

But the most important type of filtering in the Natural Aquarium is biological. Biological filtration is realized by bacteria and protozoa that break down organic matter, ammonium and nitrite.

How To Open The Fish Tank Filter

Ammonium, fish’s excrement, in high concentrations dangerous to aquatic organisms, becomes harmless due to the action of bacteria that turn it first into nitrite and then in nitrate, which, in turn, is consumed by plants as a nutrient. With the stable operation of a biological filter, organic matter and hazardous ammonium formed from this organic matter quickly decompose, and the environment of the Natural Aquarium is maintained in excellent condition for a very long time.

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Company ADA offers a series of filters SUPER JET, designed specifically for Nature aquarium, as well as fillers for filters.

The main filler for biological filtration is Bio rio or Bio cube, containing spores of bacteria, which immediately after being placed in the filter begin to multiply and process organic matter. Gradually, the biological filter starts to work better, which leads to stabilization of conditions in the aquarium. Bio Rio or Bio Cube used in combination with adsorption fillers. With the stabilization of water parameters, the ratio of activated carbon and bio-fillers smoothly changes in the direction of decreasing the amount of the first.

Mechanical and chemical filters can be considered as auxiliary before the proper operation of the biological filter. After loading the filter with new biological fillers, it takes up to 2-3 weeks before the filter starts working. During this period, active chemical filtration with coal and frequent water changes are used.

Rinse the filter elements of this filter should be in a bucket with aquarium water, and not under a tap from the tap, so as not to damage the biological bacteria of the filter.

In addition to filtering qualities, filters in Natural Aquarium also create and water flow, that allows you to mix among themselves the various layers of water in the biotope and prevents the appearance of “dead zones” in it. However, it is important to make the flow of water moderate so that it does not interfere with the normal growth and development of many plants.