How To Put A Filter In An Aquarium

How to install a filter in the aquarium. Board

Water filters are among the equipment for the aquarium, without which the maintenance of fish is impossible. Filters remove sludge particles from water, if necessary, alter the chemical parameters of water, adjusting its hardness and acidity, remove drugs and products of nitrogen metabolism of fish and other aquatic inhabitants. There are internal and external filters, so consider the installation process of each of them in more detail.

Installing the internal filter in the aquarium

This type of filter is placed inside the aquarium. Internal Fish Tank Filters are airlift and pump action. This equipment is one of the cheapest, but has several disadvantages. For example, the device requires regular weekly cleaning, takes up space in the aquarium and creates a certain noise, but still such filters are considered the most common. When buying a particular model, be sure to specify whether it is suitable for the volume of your aquarium.

How To Put A Filter In An Aquarium

Despite the fact that the design of the internal filter is quite simple, novice aquarists may encounter some difficulties when installing it. This device is installed when the ground is laid in the aquarium, the plants are planted and it is half filled with water. Before connecting to the network, the device must first be assembled and installed in an aquarium.

The internal filter is immersed in water completely, so that from 2 to 4 cm of water remains above it, and it should not touch the bottom of the aquarium. The device is attached to the walls of the aquarium with suction cups. It also comes with a small flexible hose. This is an air supply hose. One end of it is fixed on the corresponding filter hole, and the other end is brought out and fixed on the upper edge of the aquarium wall on a special attachment. For air to be drawn correctly, the hose must be above the water level.

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On the air supply hose or on the innermost filter there is an air supply regulator, the position of which will determine the flow force created by the filter. To begin with, it is recommended to set the regulator to the middle position, and after watching the fish – some of them may like a strong current, and some will on the contrary hide from it.

Remember that you can turn on the filter only when it is completely immersed in water, and before you get it out of the water, you need to disconnect the device from the network. Do not forget that you can not leave the filter turned off in the water, and even more so to turn it on after being idle without prior cleaning.

How To Put A Filter In An Aquarium

Installing an external Fish Tank Filter

In contrast to the internal external filter for the aquarium and its maintenance is much more expensive, but this is offset by the advantages of such a device. Its fillers and filter materials do not need frequent replacement, the device works quietly, especially if it is designed for 40-80 liters, and biological filtering is present in this filter. This type of filters is used only by experienced aquarists, because during the operation of the device it is important to follow a number of rules.

The principle of operation of the external filter is based on the passage of a slow flow of water from the aquarium through a special filter container with a filler and filter material and the return of this water through the outlet hose back to the aquarium. Cleaning of such filters should be done only in the water drained from the aquarium, the complete replacement of the filtering material is carried out only in stages, so that the biological balance in the aquarium is not disturbed.

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When installing this type of filter, be sure to follow the instructions for the device. First you need to collect the filter itself and all of its internal sponges and fillers, while blocking two cranes to which the hoses will be connected. Such a filter is set only significantly lower (not less than 20 cm) water level. The external filter kit will have two hoses for intake and discharge of water. They must be mounted in different ends of the aquarium.

After connecting all the elements, the filter must first be filled with aquarium water using a drift, so that the air in the hoses does not interfere with the operation of the device. To do this, first connect and open the water intake hose and wait until the filter is full. Ensure that no water flows out of the hole for the second hose. When the filter is full, turn off the inlet hose. Then connect the hose to release the water, turn off the valve, fill the hose with water and only then connect it to the outlet in the aquarium. Only after such manipulations open both valves of the filter and connect the device to the electrical network.