How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems

How to install the filter in the aquarium? It depends on its type. Even a beginner fish lover will cope with any kind of fish. We arm with detailed instructions and equip a house for silent, but beloved pets.

How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems

The need for a filter element

Filters are responsible for the mechanical, biological and chemical cleaning of the aquarium. Some systems also saturate water with oxygen, but experts recommend buying separate aerators. The presence of a filter is a prerequisite. The system improves the microclimate of the aquarium and prolongs the life of the fish, especially capricious species.

Which to choose

There are two main types of Fish Tank Filters: external and internal. Determine what is right for you, will help factors such as the size of the aquarium, the number of underwater plants and fish, as well as the budget.

How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems

Internal filter

The internal filter is the simplest design, suitable for small primitive aquariums. Principle of operation: water enters the lower section of the apparatus and exits through the upper one, while simultaneously being saturated with oxygen. Such a device is an attractively affordable price, simple installation and low power consumption.

Among the disadvantages of the internal filter, we note that it takes up space inside the aquarium. Filtering and aeration is carried out by such a system sufficiently only in small tanks.

Another non-obvious minus is associated with the need to frequently remove the filter. In order to remove it, you will have to put your hands in the water. This can lead to infection in the water and infection of its inhabitants.

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External filter systems

The external filter is chosen by professional aquarists: such a system is capable of cleaning large volumes of water from 100 liters. Fillers in this system are combined: these are stones, rings, sponges with biological material. Through the tube, the water from the aquarium enters the machine, is cleaned and returns through another tube.

The filter is placed on the side of the glass, does not take place in the tank, it works not only more efficiently, but also much quieter than the internal structures.

Many stops the bulkiness of the external system. Another device is not affordable for everyone, but the purchase always justifies the money spent. Cleaning of the structure is required infrequently, filter elements are easily replaced with new ones.

How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems


  1. Aquael : a series of indoor structures for water purification in aquariums from 3 to 250 liters. Easy to place and operate, recommended for beginner fish breeders.
  2. Barbus : domestic cleaning systems of domestic production. Barbus filters are inexpensive and attract many buyers.
  3. Fluval from the German company Hagen: expensive external system with low power consumption and silent mode of operation.
  4. Firm Eheim It offers both internal and external devices with complex cleaning for the aquarium, which are trusted all over the world.

How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems

Installation Instructions

Correctly put the filter will turn out even without certain skills. Just follow the instructions for a particular system.

Internal filter rules:

  1. The tank should be at least half full at the time of installation.
  2. Filter parts are assembled in a dry state. Connection of the device is carried out only after full installation.
  3. The internal system is attached to the wall with suction cups or hooks. They should be included.
  4. The depth of the landing filter – a little closer to the surface. The recommended water level above the system is about 2–3 cm. At the same time, the filter should not touch the bottom.
  5. Adjusts the suction tube to the filter. it is sent up and additionally fixed on the glass.
  6. The installed filter can be included in the network. Try to make sure that the wire does not stretch, but hang freely from the outlet. If there is a flow in the water, the installation was carried out correctly.
  7. Using a special regulator to control the flow of water. It is better to put it in the middle position. Watch the fish, are they comfortable? In which case, reduce the flow force. Move the regulator, after disconnecting the device from the outlet.
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The magazine "Miss Clean" recommends removing the idle filter from the tank to avoid poisoning the fish.

How To Put The Filter In The Aquarium Work With External And Internal Cleaning Systems

How to arrange the external Fish Tank Filter, the stages of work:

  1. Unpack and assemble the filter parts in the sequence described in the instructions.
  2. The external filter should be placed 20 cm below the water level in the tank.
  3. The tube for water intake (it has a rounding), lower into the aquarium.
  4. Install the output tube on the opposite side.
  5. Before connecting the device, it is necessary to fill it with aquarium water using self-flowing. If this is not done, the air in the tubes will interfere with the normal operation of the filter. Procedure: first open the tap to fill the water intake tube. Wait for the filter to fill. Then close the inlet hose and open the valve for the exhaust pipe.
  6. Now you can connect the external filter to the network and open both taps.
  7. Read the instructions carefully, since different manufacturers may have nuances associated with both the use and installation of the device.

If the external filter has strong power, you need to put a net on the end of the tube so that the system does not suck in small fish.

If the water does not flow well into the external filter, then you need to clean the air plugs in the pipes. Just turn the device on and off several times. If it does not help, drain all the water and refill the device.

Choose a filtering system in accordance with the needs of the aquarium and do not be afraid of modern designs: instructions will always help you with installation. Also do not forget to regularly clean the filters from the remnants of dirt and organic matter. The purity of the water and the comfort of the fish in it are worth these small efforts.