Internal Filter For Aquarium As Is

From 800 to 8000 rubles

Internal Filter For Aquarium As Is

Coal does not remove the most toxic substance in aquarium water — ammonia. It is good to keep activated carbon and other fillers in the filter, including ceramics, in separate bags — then they will be.

There is someone bent. 280 rubles

I have such a filter

Chinese rubles 250-300 are the easiest. But this coal in the filter does not need nafig, no sense from it

Is it possible to add activated carbon to the Fish Tank Filter?

It is possible, but not always. If you need to remove the medicine, for example.

Filtration with activated carbon, how to do it. Sveticc at 28.6. Right.

Of course you can, many filters consist of 2 sponge compartments, so instead of one sponge you can safely put coal.

What is the service life of activated carbon in the internal Fish Tank Filter?

Well, sooo depends on the contamination of the aquarium

Dear aquarists, help to do it right! How to replace the activated carbon for the aquarium? How to disinfect the Fish Tank Filter, inventory for the aquarium?

Usually very short, a few hours.

There is a question. Why do fish give activated charcoal?

Activated Carbon In Aquarium – sent to Aquarium Activated carbon is the largest in terms of production substance for the aquarium industry and one of the most effective sorbents at present.

As far as I know, the coal is put in the Fish Tank Filter, and so that they give the fish – I have not heard it.

Fish do not give, but as correctly written Sweet-put in the filter when you need to quickly remove toxic substances.

Put in the filter and not feed them))

Tell me, how to use activated carbon Bio-Chem ZORB for Fish Tank Filter? +

Do not suffer in vain. Activated carbon in the filter with its task of absorbing organic substances dissolved in water, as practice shows, can not cope. There are many reasons for this — in two words you cannot say. Better to really replace the water, the sense will be much more. Good luck!

Granular activated carbon for Fish Tank Filter. As a result of the technological process of activated carbon, it may already contain phosphates.

Dimmed water in the aquarium

Wash the aquarium, clean and change the water

I decided to use the advice to place the activated carbon in the filter. The first question – I took those same activated carbon tablets that are in each first aid kit – is this normal or should I have been buying.

You need to change the water and wash the aquarium.

Do you have a filter? For such a volume, it is already necessary to install a filter, but in the photo I do not see it.

You, obviously, the filter does not work. Or can not cope. For, even if the SCBB “babakhnuli” from overfeeding and overexposure, then a powerful external viewer would have been saved with this explosion.

If there is no filter, buy if there is excellent and still buy catfish and snails.

In my water grows turbid because of the fish! just a friend also had an aquarium. In general, as if the fish breathe water, the water becomes cloudy, the catfish are usually cleaned from an aquarium, but the somas are also fish and they breathe! so you need to have snails (it is desirable that there would be more snails than fish)! By the way, when you change the water, pour out less than half of the water, and if you pour out all the fish die, the water should be left behind.

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And why is activated carbon needed for an aquarium? In h m its feature. Why not put pieces of ordinary coal in the filter? Aquarium coal is literally sintered into granules.

We also have an aquarium, it is necessary to feed less, and at night turn off the light, they also rest. we change the water, and we wash everything once a month, we also defend the water, and the filter should be cleaned once a week, fish. of course, it is necessary when you rinse everything

Internal Filter For Aquarium As Is

HOW MANY BREDA WRITTEN PEOPLE WRITTEN NICHREN! You know – answer, you do not know – shut up, listen to others. (by nichrome not knowing I mean all students).
Try to throw floating plants that catfish can not pull out. It is possible to add a robe, for example. The light in the aquarium should be lit 10-12 hours a day, if there are live plants. Light 24 hours a day should not be, the fish need to rest from the light.
Do you have a filter? If not, then be sure to put it.

I have a watercolor on 30 liters

Should I put an activated carbon filter in an aquarium?

No, it’s no use, but the prices are broken, they bred our brother, in general he came to the conclusion that he is not needed, I have been without him for about two years, the water is clean, complete harmony, but you need to be very careful

In aquarium practice, activated carbon is used both in Fish Tank Filters and for water treatment. In general, do you need to keep coal in the Fish Tank Filter all the time? Rather no than yes. Add a permalink to bookmarks.

Proven Aquarium Water Purification Techniques

How to use activated carbon to clean the aquarium? Category Health and zozh. Activated charcoal, obtained as a result of processing of the shells of walnuts or seeds of various fruits.

Filters: from primitive foam rubber – to biological (using plants such as duckweed, pistis, water amaranth, riccia, etc.).

Clear from what? More in detail would be.
Ask any questions about the aquarium and the maintenance of the fish in the new aquarium forum. We are waiting for your questions. We respond quickly.

Can I use conventional activated carbon tablets (pharmacy) for an Fish Tank Filter?

Even it is necessary, and still it is good to put a tablet of Trikhopol there!

These bacteria live in the ground, in the filter, in the water the smallest number, if there is soil and or a filter in the aquarium. Coal for this you need to use a special aquarium modern activated carbon from a human pharmacy, unfortunately, is not suitable, because

Perfectly fit. But you can do without coal. If the fish are not overfed and the aquarium is not overloaded with inhabitants, the water will always remain clean.

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This is much better than the standard. and water will soften and cleanse

Not like that. Water will be black.

Activate coal is placed in a filter to remove drugs from the water. If you do not have such problems, then why do you need it? You do not need it.

Should I use activated carbon in the external filter of the aquarium or replace it with biological cleaning elements?

If in an aquarium clean water and fish and plants feel fine, then you shouldn’t put everything in it.

When using coal in the filter it is better to keep it in separate bags, because it will be more convenient to pull it out and rinse it. It should be noted that activated carbon can also be used to remove drugs from the aquarium water after treatment.

Watching what akvas. Too little information to advise.

I join Vladimir Mashkin. Add nothing more)

What should not be included in the aquarium during medication

Turn off everything at the time of the procedure as the spread of the drug can be affected by the compressor and the cleaners.

To understand how to properly use activated carbon in an aquarium, let’s another argument for using a specialized aquarium. It is better to keep activated carbon in a filter in a separate mesh bag, so it is not.

Cvet, because drugs are decomposed in the light.

You can not turn on the filter with absorbing filler (activated carbon, for example). Some drugs decompose in the light, but this is not all.

In general, it is better to remove the sick fish immediately into a jar or other aquarium (isolator) so that it does not infect other fish. And then treat already, without connecting any devices

Please tell me whether you can add activated carbon inside the filter aquarium

It is possible, but the pharmacy is not suitable for this.

Fish Tank Filter made of activated carbon – advantages and disadvantages As is known, activated carbon is produced mainly from wood. As a result of its processing by special technology.

My mollies turns the whole day (rotates like a whirligig) and floats to the top with a belly !! and then it turns around again! What is it ??

2. To what extent should the coal be poured into the filter for effective purification? I would not add more coal at all – if there are already sponges. The granular aquarium activated carbon remains neat granules, does not lose its density and does not.

Tell me, how to use activated carbon Bio-Chem ZORB for Fish Tank Filter? +

In the aquarium, the fish got sick, they added medicine to it, now the fish only need air and the filter is not needed.

Can. Sponge does not affect the absorption and destruction of drugs. This refers to the active absorbing filler. Activated carbon, exchangeable resin, etc.

Activated carbon for the aquarium how to properly apply and use for cleansing. Activated carbon is actively used in the aquarium production. Before cleaning the aquarium water with coal, it should be treated with a mechanical filter.

It depends on what drug you poured in, if on the basis of formalin and malachite green, not destroying biofiltration and plants, then the filter can not be turned off.

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Processed aquarium with fish solution tripaflavin-ultra. The manual does not say: how much does it work?

And why all this someone got sick? I hear such streptocid for the first time in general aqua and I have not heard about it

Choosing the right Fish Tank Filter is always a difficult task, thanks to the fact that activated carbon can effectively remove odors and ammonia from water. In addition, the system is quite scalable and allows you to add or remove a filter from the circuit.

2 weeks have passed after the treatment of fish with an antibiotic for dropsy. In Aqua, the balance will not be established and the plants will die.

Fillers for Fish Tank Filters. Activated carbon for and against. The effectiveness of activated carbon in an aquarium depends on many factors. This transparent mixture can be added to the aquarium in small quantities drop by drop.

Well, it’s a long time to think that it is necessary to pour antibiotics into the general aquarium! For this otsadniki there is.

How to care for hippeastrum?

Activated carbon is the largest in terms of production volume for aquariums. Activated carbon and other fillers, including ceramics, can be used to keep activated carbon in the filter. Only registered users can add comments.

Minimum plus10 glass is always cooler

And do not forget to still water it a little in winter. And in the summer I feed my people very plentifully, and they give two or three arrows in the spring. I lived in one green, ugly, small but gave up to ten arrows. Here it is.

How to wash the activated carbon for Fish Tank Filter? +

What are you using for? In the freshwater aquarium, it is useless, activated can not be used.

Activated carbon, activated carbon, carbol material that is obtained from charcoal does not remove the most toxic substance in aquarium water – ammonia. In the filter, activated carbon and other fillers, including ceramics, are well kept in.

Methylene blue for fish

It should be seen should not be dark blue color

In fact, in a properly running aquarium, the role of a natural bottom filter is played by an aquarium soil. 5 Activated carbon is needed only occasionally for emergency water treatment.

It is strange for a friend 1 ml per 50 l =)
specify the instruction with the Internet, maybe you have a typo.

How does this plant fight for a place in the sun? And for a man his "weapon" is dangerous?

Cane. You can make good spears from it. It flies great.

For two days I filtered the aquarium with coal, today I pulled out the coal, the result is simply amazing, the water is crystal-clear. Now think about buying some kind of carbon into the filter?

My fish is sick and she is still very baby, help.

Water needs to be changed no more than once every 2-3 months!

Basic requirements for Fish Tank Filters for aquariums with plants in the style of akvaskei.Ob activated carbon. You can often hear that you can not use activated carbon in herbalists.