Internal Filter Systems

Internal filter systems should be divided into: simple internal filter, filter boxes and airlift filters.


AQUAEL (Poland)

It has three lines of internal filters, FAN and UNIFILTER, TURBOFILTER. Ruler Fan performs only mechanical cleaning, fairly cheap and short-lived filters, often can serve aquariums up to 100 liters (the maximum volumes for which these filters are designed, shown on the packages do not correspond to reality). Ruler UNIFILTERcan perform both mechanical and chemical and biological cleaning (older models have a container for fillers). They differ from the previous line with a large amount of filtering material, but they are also short-lived, and they are also not capable of serving the maximum volumes of aquariums for which these filters are designed, shown on the packages. Ruler TURBOFILTER, new generation of filters. It has more powerful and reliable pumps, each model can perform not only mechanical cleaning, but also chemical and biological cleaning (as they are equipped with a special section for the filler). More durable than the previous line, but also not able to serve the maximum volume of aquariums, which are calculated filter data listed on the packaging.

TETRA (Germany)

It has two lines of filters: IN and EasyCrystal. Ruler IN almost complete analogue of the line AQUAEL UNIFILTER. The difference is only in quality, the German filter is more durable. Ruler EasyCristalrepresented by cartridge-type filters. The volume for which this filter is designed, indicated on the package corresponds to reality. Cartridges are not washed, and change every 2-4 weeks depending on the contamination of the aquarium. Cartridges come with coal and without coal. In addition to the mechanical cartridges, there is a biological cartridge. Filters aerate water due to the fact that water flows out of them in the manner of a waterfall.

SERA (Germany)

The line of internal filters is L. It has a total of 2 models L60 and L120. Filter block type, the youngest model has two blocks, the oldest three blocks. It is possible to add more filters to several blocks. The filter performs mechanical, chemical and, in the older model, biological treatment. The filter is quite functional and durable. Equipped with a diffuser and flute.

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JBL (Germany)

The line of internal filters I. Convenient, powerful and functional filter. Block type. Unlike other filters, they are attached to magnets in an aquarium not on suckers, this is a more durable and high-quality type of attachment. Filters are not mounted on the face of the aquarium, but at an angle, the convenience is that the filter fits more compactly into the aquarium and is easier to decorate. Filters in the base set carry out only mechanical cleaning, but the company has a wide range of additional units for chemical and biological cleaning. Included are nozzles: diffuser and flute.

Internal Filter Systems

DENNERLE (Germany)

Launches a line of miniature filters for nano aquariums NanoCleanEcfilter. Filters are mounted on the corner of the aquarium suction cups. Cartridge type filters. Cartridges are changed every 2-3 weeks depending on the contamination of the aquarium. Also, in addition to the cartridges in the older model, there is a coarse sponge. Filters in the basic configuration carry out only mechanical cleaning, but the company has a range of additional sections and substrates for chemical and biological cleaning. Filters are reliable and functional. Used for aquariums up to 60 liters.

FLUVAL (Germany)

The company has long been producing filters from year to year modifying them. The latest generation of the UF filter line differs from other filters in that it can control the discharge of water, directing it either at the bottom, or at the center, or at the top of the aquarium, this contributes to better water circulation in the aquarium. The filter only performs mechanical cleaning. High-quality filters that serve the user for years, easy to use. The volume of the aquarium, which is designed for this filter, indicated on the package corresponds to reality.

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Internal filters are represented by Blucompact Blumodular lines. Ruler Blucompactrepresented by two filters, the older model is used for aquariums up to 50 liters. The junior model performs only mechanical filtration, older and mechanical and partly biological. Ruler Blumodularrepresented by block type filters. One of the most powerful and high-quality filters. Older models are able to serve volumes of 200-250 liters. Perform both mechanical and partially chemical cleaning. Spare units sold separately, allow you to increase the filter, and, therefore, cleaning will be more efficient. Complete with diffuser and flute.

EHEIM (Germany)

Eheim is one of the most professional equipment manufacturers. The filter of its production serve for years. Internal filters are represented by the Pickup, Aquaball and Biopower ranges. Ruler Pickuprepresented by filters that perform mechanical cleaning. The convenience of these filters lies in the fact that the glass with a sponge is removed not by moving down, but by moving it up, which allows you not to wet your hands, and it becomes easier to maintain the filter. The volume of the aquarium, which is designed for this filter, indicated on the package corresponds to reality. Ruler AquaballThese are traditional block filters; they perform only mechanical cleaning. Not able to perform other types of filtration due to design features. One of the most reliable block filters. Ruler Biopowerrepresented by filters that have minimal mechanical filtration and maximum biological filtration. Due to the highly porous substrate, the filter creates a stable biological environment in the aquarium. Designed for aquariums, where there will be minimal contamination by mechanical particles, or it is paired with a good filter that performs purely mechanical filtration.

– Filtering boxes.

Powerful internal cleaning systems designed for efficient maintenance of aquariums up to 400 – 450 liters. Combine both mechanical, and chemical and biological cleaning. It is possible to change the fillers depending on the preference of the user. Often in the filter boxes there is a compartment for temperature controllers. Filter boxes are immersed either completely in the aquarium, or some part remains above the water. The boxes are serviced every 2-4 weeks, depending on the contamination of the aquarium.

Internal Filter Systems


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JUWEL (Germany)

The boxes are represented by the Bioflow line. Powerful and high-quality filter boxes. The user has the ability to install pumps of different power into this package. Filter units are located above each other. The difficulty in installing this filter is that the manufacturer requires sticking it on silicone (the problem is that this is possible only if the aquarium is not flooded, and this type of installation will complicate the dismantling of this unit in the future).


The boxes are represented by the Bluwave line. Powerful units, very easy to maintain. The filtering units are installed in a row, which allows you to remove them without putting your hand in the aquarium. Installation of the filter is very simple, it is mounted on double suction cups. The pump which carries out work of a box is durable and reliable.

– Airlift filters.

They are often used in small aquariums, where larvae or fry of fish or miniature invertebrates and their young are kept, as it is the safest for them. Filters of this type operate on an external compressor. They consist of a sponge and a plastic core. The principle of their work is very simple: Air is supplied to the base of this structure through a narrow pipe under pressure, in the lower part a small pipe goes into a large one, and air rises up through it by flow. Due to the movement of air, there is a uniform absorption of water through a sponge, and therefore filtration. This type of filter is serviced once a week. Such filters are manufactured by sera, eheim and jbl. The filter of the company JBLidet comes with a compressor, the rest of the companies sell a filter, a compressor separately.