Making An External Filter For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

Recently, aquariums are gaining more and more popularity. They are placed in houses and apartments as a piece of interior. Everybody has different reviews after such an experience: someone is absolutely delighted and completely satisfied with the execution of such an idea, while others are in a hurry to get rid of the aquarium and swears never to put the aquarium at home again. What is the reason for such different opinions? Let’s figure it out.

Love to watch, love and clean

The first reason aquariums are purchased is spectacular. decoration for any room. Unusual fish, enchanting algae attract the eye and deliver a unique aesthetic pleasure. But if you plan to sit and admire for weeks without doing anything, then the inhabitants of the aquarium will eventually disappear from view, hiding in the muddy and muddy water.. Beautiful appearance, to which you aspired, will be spoiled. Therefore, you need to care for the aquarium no less than a cat or dog. Remember that in the water also live the same living creatures that require care and attention.

At first glance, difficult, right? But with a certain experience it is not difficult at all. Of course, if you have the time and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and include aquarium cases in your list of hobbies. And if not, then you will have to hire a specialist who will come several times a month and, for a certain fee, put this water world in order.

About convenience

Trying to overtake in the originality of your friends and neighbors, try not to get too carried away. Modern designers are already going to extremes to give originality to the aquarium. A homely pond can become part of a wardrobe, coffee table, or even a floor.

Undoubtedly, in the pictures such a design looks very original. But in fact, you run the risk of getting a completely impractical box that will be inconvenient to clean, which will be inconvenient to feed the fish and install purchased or homemade filters for the aquarium. This can occur due to the high walls of the aquarium, due to which your hand will not reach to the bottom. Or because of the installation of an aquarium in a remote place, for example, in a niche.

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Remember that the human hand is not able to bend in all directions. Appearance is a non-essential criterion for choosing a place for the aquarium.

Take into account the climate change in the room in which you place the aquarium. It can significantly increase the humidity of the air. If the humidity in the rooms and without it is high, it is better to refuse to install the aquarium. But for most city dwellers, the problem is completely different – very dry air, especially in winter. In this case, the aquarium will be extremely useful.

Beautiful does not mean expensive

Like any domestic animals, fish in the aquarium require certain costs. But it is not necessary to chase the fashion trends of design. You can take a non-new aquarium, which will save you money. And some necessary attributes can be made with your own hands.

Suppose you have already found and purchased a suitable aquarium. Which step should be next? It is not a good idea to settle tenants in an empty aquarium. They, like you, need at least a minimum of interior and lighting. The main thing – take care of water filtration. Fish life without an Fish Tank Filter is possible only if there is a very large number of living plants in the water. The modern Fish Tank Filter consists of three parts:

  1. Water pumping pump
  2. Cleaning cartridge for filtration.
  3. Fillers in the Fish Tank Filter, additionally purifying water.

The filter must deal with its main tasks:

  • mechanical water cleaning;
  • the elimination of residues of the inhabitants;
  • mixing water;
  • water enrichment with oxygen.

There are two types of filters: internal and external. It is clear that the internal filters noticeably hide the space inside the aquarium and more often the preference is given to external filters. In the external filter it is possible to place a large filtering material, which contributes to a better cleaning of large volumes of water. Inside the device is divided into sections. Above there are mechanical parts, followed by a layer of filler – a biomaterial for the removal of heavy metals and ammonia. The most commonly used coal, ceramic granules in combination with sponges. In more expensive instances, a water heater may be available to maintain a stable temperature.

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How to save on the external filter

  • plastic bottle with a volume of 0.5-1 l;
  • plastic tube, with a diameter of a plastic bottle neck;
  • synthetic winterizer or sponge;
  • a compressor and a hose to it, from which we will make a pump;
  • aquarium pebbles, up to 5 mm in diameter, or other filler.

Plastic bottle is cut into 2 parts so as to obtain different-sized fragments. As a result, we have a bowl with a neck and bottom. Bowl tightly inserted into the bottom. The outer circle of our bowl must have openings through which water will flow into the filter.

Then insert the tube into the neck of the bowl. The tube should sit tight, without gaps and holes. The tube should not touch the bottom of the bottle. If an error is made at this stage, water will not enter the mechanism itself. If you are unable to do this several times already, return to the training video.

Next, take gravel or similar filler and pour it on top of the bowl with a layer of 6 cm. From above we place a piece of padding pad or a large sponge. Install the hose from the aerator in the tube, and fix it. When the mechanism is ready, it must be placed in the aquarium. Then turn on the compressor and the filter will start the cleaning process. In the existing equipment there will be useful microorganisms that recycle ammonia to nitrates, and this will create a useful microbiological environment in water.

What is the principle of the homemade external filter system?

Making An External Filter For The Aquarium With Your Own Hands

You can congratulate you, you built airlift filter for the aquarium with your own hands! Now the air bubbles coming from the compressor will go to the tube, from which they will fall to the top and lower with them the water flow from the filter. Clean and oxygenated water enters the upper compartment of the glass and passes through the gravel. Then the water enters the bowl through the hole, goes down the tube and enters the tank. The synthetic winterizer or sponge here functions as a mechanical filter. This material prevents the silting of the gravel substrate. The cleaning is completed, the aquarium inhabitants are satisfied, and you are pleased with clean clear water.

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Do not forget about safety

The aquarium was bought, the filter was made, the interior for the inhabitants was created, now it’s time to take care of safety. The aquarium consists primarily of glass, a very fragile material. Therefore, narrow corridors and children’s rooms would be a bad place to house an aquarium. Do not forget that the filter is powered by electricity. And the proximity of electricity and water will always be based on risk. Also try to prevent various small objects from entering the water. They can not only disturb the aquarium dwellers, but also cause irreparable damage to them.

Aquaria has long ceased to be a hobby, it is a whole art. A piece of the water world in the house can be a real source of joy and inspiration for you. It is only necessary to remember that the introduction of any unusual element in the interior requires prior deliberation and the aquarium is no exception.