Proper Aquarium Cleaning

How to clean your own aquarium?

Perhaps, any owner of the aquarium will agree that cleaning the aquarium is a very important, necessary and responsible event. The main goal is to maintain the natural habitat for fish, and, of course, the aesthetic beauty of the aquarium itself. If you are faced with this issue for the first time – do not worry, this is nothing complicated. Simple tips will tell you how to properly clean the aquarium without making the special costs of calling biologists and special tools.

Where to start?

First of all, you should clearly realize that any cleaning is a stress for its inhabitants. Therefore, try not to particularly disturb and not scare the fish with sharp movements.

Wall aquarium

Proper Aquarium Cleaning

Wall scraper

Any cleaning should be recited from cleaning aquarium glasses. From the purity of the glass depends on how we will see the aquarium itself. Small algae constantly appear on the glasses and microorganisms settle there, which makes visibility difficult and makes the aquarium untidy. It is most convenient to clean the walls using special magnetic scrapers for aquariums or ordinary kitchen sponges with magnets inserted into them. Often hand-made fixtures turn out to be better than cheap purchased tools, the main thing for cleaning is to take exactly neodymium magnets
rectangular shape. The cohesive forces of others are just
not enough to effectively clean the walls of the plaque, and a rectangular shape
ensures good contact when cleaning in the corners.

You can cope with this task not only with the help of special tools. Some types of inhabitants, such as antsistrusy or snails, can simply simply eat light pollution. However, there is a drawback in this method: tracks of eaten algae may remain on the walls.

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How to clean the bottom of the aquarium

At the second stage of cleaning we start cleaning the soil. In this section, we will discuss how to clean the soil from the accumulated remnants of food and excreta, because it is at the bottom that all these impurities accumulate. Before you start work, make sure that it is really necessary. To do this, it is enough to tamp down the ground If bubbles begin to rise from the bottom, then it is necessary to clean it.

Proper Aquarium Cleaning

Cleaning the bottom of the aquarium

This procedure of cleaning the aquarium will make it easier and easier for the fish to clean the soil without any pain. It consists of a flexible hose with a diameter of 15 mm and a glass or metal tip that needs to be driven along the bottom, periodically pressing it inwards. Through the tip of the hose will drain water with all the pollution. It is very important to monitor the amount of drained water, its volume should not be more than one fifth of the total volume of the aquarium. This is the amount of water you have to add later.

When cleaning the soil, try not to damage the roots of plants, this can lead to their death. We should not forget that our goal is not only cleaning the aquarium, but also the preservation of all life in it.

We clean water

Water purification will help refresh the water and remove all accumulated harmful substances for fish. In order not to expose the inhabitants of the aquarium to abrupt water changes, it is necessary to partially replace the water 1-2 times a week, and after cleaning the soil 25% of the total volume of the aquarium. Water for substitution should be settled for 2-3 days.

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If the aquarium is not covered, a film may form on the surface of the water. This is also an important process in cleaning. You can remove it using a sheet of paper, the size of the surface of the aquarium. Holding the sheet by the edges, it is necessary to dip it horizontally into the water, and then, slowly, lift it along with this film. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

Cleaning filter

It is very important not to forget about the Fish Tank Filter during complex cleaning of the aquarium. As a rule, the filter elements of the filter are made of foam rubber, and in order to clean them, rinse them thoroughly under running warm water. And the mechanism itself during disassembly can be cleaned with a toothbrush or sponge.

Now you know the best way to clean an aquarium without harming its inhabitants. Needless to say how proper cleaning will prolong life and improve the health of the fish? After all, what could be more beautiful than the happy inhabitants and the happy, bewitched views of their owners.