Quarantine Aquarium

For a quarantine aquarium, any aquarium is suitable – it does not have to be a large aquarium. It may well be an aquarium with a size of 10 liters (I use – 20 liter). You do not need any soil, plants, decorations. What does not look in the interior? So what – he just needed for two weeks. If you are so hasty that you cannot wait two weeks, then with an aquarium, where patience is one of the most important qualities, it will be very difficult for you. Filtering such an aquarium should be predominantly mechanical. Since you will have to sterilize the aquarium and all the equipment after the fish have been quarantined, biological filtration is unlikely to be established. One way out is to use a portion of the filler from the main Fish Tank Filter. Since in quarantine will sit a few fish, but a small part of the filler is enough. Do not put the filler back in the main aquarium – everything must be disinfected. Therefore, do not use fillers that will not carry it, or throw them out. If you are treating fish, all the more so, biology does not need filtering, since the bacteria will most likely be killed by the medicine.

Do not use – such as activated charcoal, etc., in the treatment of fish, because it can absorb drugs. Changing water during quarantine should often – sometimes even every day at 20-30%.

The light in the quarantine tank is not important. He only needs you to observe the behavior of the fish. Overly bright light should be avoided because it inhibits fish. You can put something in an aquarium, such as a half of a flowerpot, to create shelter for fish that need it. The water temperature in quarantine should be, in the treatment of fish, a few degrees above the aquarium. Just raise it slowly – do not spit the fish in the water, the temperature of which differs by several degrees. When quarantining new fish it is not necessary. Use a compressor to saturate the water with air if the filter does not create sufficient circulation.

Quarantine Aquarium

When planting a new fish in a quarantine tank, do not pour water into the tank from the bag in which you brought the fish. You do not need a free collection of little whites that can be in this water. First, equalize the temperature of the water in the bag and the aquarium. Let the bag float for a while swim in the aquarium (of course, if it is clean). Then put the fish in a separate vessel and gradually add water from the aquarium to it, pouring out the original one. Do this several times at intervals of 10-15 minutes. After almost all the aquarium water in the jar, you can catch fish with a net and put them in the aquarium, trying not to get the rest of the trash that could be in such water with the fish.

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It is best to keep the fish in quarantine for about two weeks, carefully watching its behavior. At the same time you will learn that he prefers to eat this fish. If the fish is healthy, then, following the above procedure, it should be carefully planted in the main aquarium, avoiding the ingress of water from the quarantine aquarium.

When treating fish, it should be kept for the entire duration of the treatment and for some time to ensure that the fish has recovered.

After that, it is necessary to disinfect the entire quarantine aquarium, equipment: nets, etc. Bleaching solution is well suited for this purpose. Do not rely on the fact that during the drying all carriers of diseases will die.

A number of bacteria that cause tuberculosis in fish (mycobacterium) can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, never climb into an aquarium if you have a cut on your arm, etc. Disinfect everything thoroughly after an outbreak.

All this is very simple, but following these simple rules you will keep your fish healthy and save yourself the nerves and money.

Quarantine Aquarium